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  1. OK, back from the dead. Anyone else have some trigger time behind an Atlas trap? I'm down to either an Atlas or a Promatic. I know that Promatic is a great machine, maybe way better than the Atlas, but there's a lot of ticks against it just comparing apples to apples. The shipping costs are much more, the recycle time is more, the warranty is 1/5 of Atlas (5 years vs. 1). Then there's the issue of Atlas being pretty much an off the shelf trap where the Promatic is not. I know that the Promatic will do a lot better with cold, wet targets, but I don't *think* that I'm going to be leaving
  2. My MD will probably have me in for one much sooner than 50 based on my family history. It's tough to overstress CSE's recommendation. My Dad's polyps turned out to be cancerous, and by then it was too late. He was 66 or 67 when they found the "polyps." Over the next 4 years of treatment for cancer it eventually spread to his liver and elsewhere. It's really a godawful way to die. If you don't do it for yourself, do it so that your kids don't have to watch you literally disintegrate. Some cancers are very treatable. Colon cancer doesn't seem to be one of them.
  3. That has to be the funniest thing I've seen on the internet in years.
  4. I hate ported shotguns. That's why I bought a Beretta. Finding an unported Browning is a real chore. I'm sure it can be done, but the Beretta was about the same price and I didn't have to play Where's Waldo to get it.
  5. Cat Crap. Comes is a little red tub. Find it at your local ski shop. Even Cat Crap has its limits. If you're sweating in 100% humidity, your glasses are pretty much going to fog no matter what. The best solution is to find glasses that sit away from your brow and have a bit smaller lenses that permit air to circulate. Not the current fashion, but air movement is what keeps the fog down.
  6. j1b

    I second what Merlin said.

  7. Best grip product on the market, bar none!

  8. What's the best, portable, 12VDC clay target thrower out there? Looking to pick up one or two to go set my own sporting clays on some BLM land.
  9. Thanks! Apparently the internal resistance of the battery is enough of a current limiter. One of these days, I'm a gonna have me a C-More with a pulse-modulated LED with a CR-123 battery so that I can just leave the sucker on a la Aimpoint. It'd be interesting to know how the dot modules and lenses are manufactured.
  10. Shred, Can you post the top and bottom sides of the PCB? I've always had this yen for a metal C-More for carry that was more compact like Flex is describing. Making the PCB would be a no-brainer if it's as dirt simple as it appears to be from the photo. Thx, E
  11. Thank you Brian! I read and enjoy (and sometimes understand) them every day. I post them on the message board on the entry to my cubicle. I think the VP appreciates them...not sure about anyone else.
  12. Well...I didn't want to be greedy. Personally, I was hoping for a medal for "Most Wanton Waste of Perfectly Good Ammunition." Seriously, should more than a handful of people a year be eligible to win a President's Medal? If you're going to be honored by the USPSA President, should it be awarded at the discretion of the President for some type of very meritorious performance - shooting or otherwise?
  13. Don't forget to give out prizes for: - Shortest Split Time - The Power Factor Floor Limbo Contest - Highest Power Factor - with separate awards for each caliber used in each division. - Most Bungled Reload - separated out by Division and mean earth orbital elevation. - Miss Congeniality and... - Most spectacular Death Jam From Hell
  14. Man...that's no joke...I got a couple extra miles a gallon after I hauled all the full ammo cans out of my Subaru.
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