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  1. You can just install it in the reverse order. Put down the front, then put the rear on top. Tack down the tabs with super glue or the black CA that I sell. It won't budge until you peel it off. I was planning on modifying the G17/22/34 backstraps soon anyway, so what I'll do on the next run is make the tabs as long as the G21 so that the "reverse option" is more solid. Good feedback! Thank you!
  2. Thanks! Pretty much mirrors exactly what I had heard. Hope y'all get to stay home now. P.S. Steve, You ain't kidding. I knew that we unofficially had a new service pistol when all the orders with a sandbox APO came in.
  3. No offense taken at all. They're not offering what I'm offering, which is basically sweat equity, engineering services, and the guarantee that you either get three solid grip jobs for your money, no excuses. If someone ever actually produced a product equivalent to TruGrip, I'm just betting it would retail for the the same as TruGrip. I don't worry too much about people cutting out their own grips either. That's how I got started. Hopefully one of them will have a better idea and we'll all be rid of stick-on sandpaper forever. I'd really like to see it. Maybe when I get caught up with
  4. I won't go into too much detail as to what prompted the question, but I was curious as to whether it was kosher for members of the military to bring personally-owned weapons with them to Iraq or Afghanistan. My understanding up until now was that it was an absolute no-no, at least for enlisted personnel. Does this policy vary by branch of service? I would like to reserve replies to the question for members who have actually gone to the big 3-Gun Uninvitational and are familiar with the policies. This is not meant to be the start of a debate. Thanks!!
  5. Food for thought before opening ANYTHING where you have to pay back The Man®: Let's say your sugar daddy gives you $4M, 0 down, 7% interest, and would like to see his money back over a very long 10 years. (I would never hand anyone that kind of ching and get my money back in more than 5, but that's just me, and I don't have that kind of ching anyway.) Monthly Payment = $46,174 Which means in order to keep The Man® from totally bumming out your mojo, you need to NET $1539.13 each and every day - assuming The Man®'s calendar only has 30 day months. That's a lot.
  6. Scott, Sorry to be such a pessimist, but LOTS of people have tried and LOTS of people have gone under. Unless I had guaranteed, money-in-the-bank, signed-in-blood contracts from Big Gumbint (read not local, but state or better) for facilities rental ... ... and ... I was guaranteed to get all my money out within the first couple of years, there would be simply no way I'd throw huge dinero at an indoor range. I also am not buying the "Yuppers, we're all just rolling in the dough" anecdotal evidence. From what I've seen locally (where there is a DIRE shortage of shooting facilities for law
  7. Scott, Indoor ranges are not good investments. Most of them struggle, fail, get re-financed, then flounder on. If your acquaintance doing this on a philanthropic basis, fine. But as a great way to invest $1M, he/she would do MUCH better with an S&P 500 index fund. E
  8. For the love of all that is good and holy, please don't buy an Orek. :hurl:
  9. Human health was the only danger I was concerned with. I did not want to see my neighbor's children have to go in for the rabies series. That is absolute misery. I'm fairly certain after doing some googling that some homogenius is releasing this (these?) pigs to support some type of hunting operation. There's a YouTube video of some Great White-Trash Hunters®© valiantly stalking and shooting a tame, curly-tailed farm pig with a 454 Casull. I don't have words to describe how pathetic I think it all is. The territory shown in the video could very well be within a 10 mile radius of where
  10. Well, I stand corrected. That is absolutely phenomenal performance to get rock solid signal in a trunk. I'm going to have to hassle Trimble over the junk they've been sending me.
  11. I washed my hands after carrying it by the legs. (no time to get gloves, just enough to grab the rifle and haul ass). I didn't let any blood contact me as it did appear to be rabid. Hope I live to see the Baja 1000....
  12. Done. Called 911 before and after. If they want it, they can bring a shovel.
  13. Maybe 1 to 2 inches on the tusks. I've looked through a bunch of pictures on the web now, and it really *looks* like a boar. Domestic pigs look rather different and don't have that mane of bristle on the back. I guess farmers cut the tusks of pigs, so even if this was someone's pig at one time, it had been on its own for a while...?
  14. Do domesticated pigs have tusks? Background: I just shot a small (100 lb) pig/boar that appeared to be rabid in my neighbor's back yard. I found it in my backyard and had to do a triple take because I've never seen a loose pig in my life here. Swine just aren't raised in this part of the country. My neighbors are from Hawaii and were certain that it was a boar and were as concerned as I was. So I did the Daniel Day Lewis after it with my 30-30 and killed it. I know zip about pigs, but I thought that domesticated pigs did not have tusks generally. I do not have pictures and would
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