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  1. Umm....well.....yeah, that would totally work.
  2. We have been working feverishly in our labs to counter the 2-Gun infection and have come up with a very effective therapeutic system to help as we struggle to find a vaccine. It consists of a set of dumbbells shaped like shotgun shells, to strengthen the upper body. A set of ankle weights filled with buckshot to strengthen weakening legs. A set of decals that makes your scope appear to be iron sights when you look through it (fits most LPVS except for really cheap ones cause to see through some of those is pretty "tough"). A bottle of male enhancement pills and a picture of He-Man with a shotgun in his hands, his rifle slung....iron sighted of course, his pistol hot and holstered, with over 50 rounds of shotgun ammo in all sorts of carriers for insparation.
  3. A great big THANK YOU to the folks who put on/worked/R.O.ed/fixed, supported the 2020 SMM3-G Match!!! It was a great match, the stages were fantastic, the weather great! I had a blast! They put on a great match while also being very mindful of today's challenges! I hope the people who shot the new 2-gun division a speedy recovery from what ever malady makes a 3-gunner atrophy and weaken, and I know there will soon be a cure....hang in there! A big shout out to Federal Premium ammunition who put lots and lots of certificates for cases of ammo on the prize table....who knew that prize would be better than EXXON stock, and of course the penultimate THANK YOU to Frank and the guys at Patriot Ordnance Factory, the main match sponsor!!!!
  4. In general I agree with the man from Texas, but Hornady is a real responsive company. Now I got no dog here as I am a Federal Sponsored shooter, but I have never known Hornady to back down from a mistake....if there is one. I do know I had a bolt that was loose on spec. and certain brands of ammo would do exactly what is pictured. It got so bad with xxxxxxxx ammo that those little pieces would fill up the bolt under the extractor and it would start all sorts of trouble. Got a new bolt and firing pin and all was well. Don't forget they test this stuff for standard carrier weight and buffers, and a lot of us sure strech that envelope. I am NOT saying anyone is at fault here, but Hornady is a "stand up" company, that is for sure and for certain!
  5. I would really like to, but it is the exact time as SMM3-G, and always has been right around that time frame. Just can't get to both, although I would like to!
  6. Who is "the Beard"? USPSA has moved the match all over, it has very seldom had a dedicated 3-gun staff. SMM3-G in the same place since 1996, dedicated staff, still has approximately the same rule set since 1999. Still has great stages.
  7. Not to be "that guy", but I am going to be that guy, but 3-gun had been going on for well over 20 years before 3 Gun Nation came along. Some folks liked it, a lot didn't, and I for one consider it the start of the down turn of 3-gun sports. I can attest that 3 Gun Nation is NOT the 3-Gun of old.
  8. Some how your mount is not sitting correctly on your reciever. I ran into this once with an Armalite mount very similar to yours. I had to take off the clamp parts under the screws to finally see where it was off. In my case one of the cross bolts that hold the mount screws was not fitting into the picatiny rail on the upper, but it felt like it was fitting correctly.
  9. Your dealer probably won't do much, but Springfield is pretty good about things. Down side is you have to ship them the rifle. If you decide to go the G.I. rod route check Fulton Armory for the op rod. Also the C.M.P. sometimes has M-14 parts. I wouldn't hesitate to get a G.I. rod and just drop it in and run it. B.T.W. you want to grease the heck out of the roller on the bolt and the slot it rides in.
  10. Probably a welded op rod. Hot ammo usually won't cause an op rod to jump out of its track. A bent rod will, or a cracked rod will. The newer rifles (from a out 2005 on) have a commercial op rod that is made in two pieces and then welded together. They can crack and break. They are not very good, and seldom are really square or fit well. Finding a "new" G.I. rod and getting it fit properly will fix it. If not send it back to Springfield. It will still be a two piece rod, but at least they will make sure it won't jump track.
  11. Full sized rifle or 16" barrel? Have you taken it apart? If so do you know if you have a welded op rod (newer rifles) or a forged one piece?
  12. If used, about when was it made?
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