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  1. Wanna change the ejection pattern??? Change the ejector spring! That damn B.S. chart is that! There is so much that goes into where any particular rifle throws brass that it ain't even funny! I.E. change the recoil spring.....not one is the same! Fresh gas rings will throw brass differently than old! Suppressed, non suppressed...etc. ect. The real questions are do they all extract/eject with no problem??? I.E. reliable!!! Are the rims getting torn up from premature unlocking??? If not run the snot out of it and be happy!!!! (And that is just a tiny short list of what will change "ejection patterns"!!!!! Complete .B.S.!!!
  2. Yes I do, as a duty comp! Does it bounce around more than a SJC.....yes a bit, but dampening wise I'd say around 85-90% of a true 3-gun comp, like SJC, Rolling Thunder, J.P. etc. BUT we ask a whole bunch more out of a duty comp! Side blast? Try shooting your "fill in the blank" duty comp that vents to the side a la Lantac, BMC, right next to someone else and they will get a real good winding, sometimes watery eyes and blast gasses that can burn.....all bad things to do to your backup! Try shooting any side vented comps under an old car or in a dusty environment and you will create your own sandstorm which at the least cuts you vision, at worst gets crap in you eyes! Also not good in a dynamic environment. Try this little experiment with a side vented comp get the side ports on one side real close to a hard object...like say an inch or less away and try to group your rifle on a target, you will find out pretty quickly that you get a nice horizontal dispersion from your zero. I have seen this be enough to miss a target at 100 yards. Also not so good. BUT the MZLMAX passed all these test with flying colors! Very low dust signature...less than an A2 flash suppressor. Fired under a very dirty truck....no sand storm. No visible dispersion from one side being blocked. Almost no side blast....and the guys next to you really enjoy that. I can't speak to the 30 Cal ones, I've only tested one on 5.56x45mm rifles/carbines, and one now is on my teaching carbine. The other thing I noticed is it is a very neutral comp when fired from right or left shoulder, and or horizontal at least for my physiology.....but several other shooter experienced the same thing.
  3. I'm I'm pretty sure ol R.T. mentioned the Lantac is compatible with his suppressor so I'm thinking he will stay with it. As it stands....having tried a bunch, is for a duty type brake the MZLMAX is far superior to the other duty type brakes......but it doesn't mount a can!
  4. The more you choke buckshot the worse the pattern, braked or not! L.M. is the start of being too much for by buckshot.
  5. I'm told I do it all wrong, more push pull than "King Kong" grip squeezer. I have notice that the grip squeezer thingys became very popular around here after a few Vogel classes rolled through, and you could here springs squeaking night and day! Some of the guys became better shooters, some didn't. The guys that did swear by the "springs", except almost all of them spent more time practicing and shooting.....I know because I didn't used to see them except on match day, and then I saw them a lot on non match days. Now I am the first to say consistency in gripping is great, but how many of the spring kings get beat by the top women shooters, who don't even have a third of the hand strength? Well quite a lot from what I have seen in the results. Hmmm...... Maybe time behind the gun and consistency is important. Maybe the word "grip" brings to mind different things to different folks, and we all might be saying about the same thing just saying it in our paradigm. I have noticed one thing though. The tighter the gun is squeezed, crushed, smashed like a beer can, the more it induces trigger slap, which is fine as long as nothing moves, but it also hinders fine finger motion and "feel" of the trigger hurting long range performance, in the 30-75 yard range
  6. Best reply of the month Mr. Rigby
  7. By far the best duty/work rifle comp available. I have tried almost all of the ones listed and recommended, and I have just recently tried this one, and hands down it is the best one made. Complete flash suppression, all blast directed out the front, actually quieter behind the rifle than a standard A2, and I would say about 90% of compensation of a Rolling Thunder or J.P. 3 chambered comp!.....I don't have any connection with them at all, but this device is now what sits on my teaching rifle! https://www.ng2defense.com/products/mzlmax-afd-muzzle-manager
  8. U.S. standard team, and Swedish standard team, just in case everyone thought this match was just for guys with scopes!
  9. Are you shooting IPSC rifle matches, or are you shooting U.S. style 3-gun? Big difference in those two.
  10. Uhm, you do know the AARP is way anti- gun, you will be waiting a long time for a reply. Must have been a gap in your memory.......like the ones in you fault line.
  11. All that aside....that was a DAMN fast quad with gloves on no less!!!
  12. Wow, must never happen.....except that one time at band camp! Saw it once, I was co-R.M. had an R.O. roach one into a barrel. Claimed it was the shooters fault because the safety wasn't on. I asked him WHY did he pull the trigger? He said he did that on all the guns to make sure the safety was on. Told him to leave, don't come back ...ever! But I still see his name occasionally at bigger matches as an R.O. No excuses for that stuff! But he's still out there......and a "certified" USPSA R.O. to boot! BTW my shoulder is just now feeling good and fix those F-ing fault lines you slacker!
  13. Tomahawk, sharp knife and 30 rounds of ammo .......man we have come a far piece!
  14. I'll tell you what killed he-man was iron sights. No one shoots iron sights any longer. We made it iron sights because there really is no good way to scope many of the 308 combat rifles and we didn't want it to become an AR-10 only class for all intents and purposes. At the time the only reliable AR-10 was the SR-25....EXPENSIVE! Any way as more folks got into 3-Gun they didn't come from an iron sight background. So less and less shot it, same with limited. I allowed red dots into limited and it caught on and sort of saved the division, but who really wanted to shoot a red dot on a 308..... And we were right back to AR-10 only as it is just as hard to put a red dot on say an M-14/FAL/HK-91 etc. as it is a scope. Yuck !!!! Think I'm wrong? IPSC world rifle championships are coming up, we have like 47 Americans going, we have an open team, an open senior team, we have a ladies open team, we have a bunch of individuals in open and open lady, both senior and younger, we have super senior open shooters, BUT!! We only have 4 guys who are shooting limited/standard. Overseas limited is irons only. All 4 make up the U.S. team in standard. We don't have ANY Individuals in standard and our U.S. standard team is made up of 2 super seniors(60 and older) 1 senior (50 and older) and one line younger guy who is now stuck with the old geezers. Yep irons baby!
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