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  1. kurtm

    Muzzel break

    That is going to be one real loud biotch! And I pitty the guy who goes prone with that thing in the dirt, he will be sandblasted and seared! Since the hook thing has already been mentioned I'll skip that, but I will say you will never need a can opener or bottle opener with that thing......only if you can get it out of your bag!😉
  2. kurtm

    Auto loading M2

    Thailand, not Japan.
  3. kurtm

    Benelli M2 spring replacement?

    I like to change my main spring about every 25-30,000 rounds. I don't think I have ever changed the hammer/ trigger. I have replaced the lifter spring twice, and the shell cut off lever spring once. I have gone through quite a few mag springs, but never an inertia spring. I've got just a hair over 350,000 on this M1 so far, and it is still running!
  4. kurtm

    Benelli lubricant?

    All joking aside, I have run about 1400 through my old M1 and while I have always kept the rails wet with what ever oil came in shooters bags, I never noticed any undue wear, and it still runs like a charm.......oh my bad......that 1400 CASES of shells. If you want to use grease feel free. As long as it has some form of lube you won't wear one out.....I know, I have really been trying. As an aside, ALWAYS use an extreme pressure grease on the cam pin and cam pin slot, the rest just oil/ grease with whatever. Keep it wet!!!
  5. kurtm

    Side Saddle for Benelli M2

    Jeff was/is quite a bit faster than that, and he was in the 5.5- 6 second range for 8 for the good old turn and burn. A close second for this was The two Bennys, Hill and Cooley. I miss me some Jeff Cramblit!!!!
  6. kurtm

    Side Saddle for Benelli M2

    Good choice! Even when they were in vogue I always thought they were like putting gas cans on the sides of a Ferarri!
  7. kurtm

    Benelli Shell Lifters...why?

    The Benelli Nova's do have a v notch, maybe it's just an 870 thing!
  8. kurtm

    Benelli M1 vs M2

    No I did not. I built a gun for them to "blue print", and like usual they didn't want to really do what needed to be done. After I sent it to them I never heard another word from them. Yes the trigger guard sucks and the one they sent me needed lots of Dremel work to make it not hurt you.....but they may have changed that.....I don't know, because after we stopped talking I lost all interest.
  9. kurtm

    Benelli lubricant?

    I'm thinking extra virgin olive oil!!!!
  10. kurtm

    M3k crappy

    Long ago, I tried that very thing on a M1 Benelli. I made that thing so "nice" there was no way it wouldn't go into battery. Life was grand.......so I thought. I was plagued by intermittent bolt out of battery clicks, about 1 in 30 rounds. I made that cam slot nice and smooth and did away with the entire shelf area till it looked more like the cam surface on an M-14....... and still the dreaded Benelli click, very intermittent and very frustrating. Then I filmed the damn thing in very slow mo. What I had done was actually causing the problem. That shelf is there to keep the inertia spring from compressing when the bolt is shoved forward by the recoil spring. When I viewed the video I saw the bolt and carrier bouncing back well over half way, because the shelf area was gone. A new bolt carrier,......which was VERY hard to find in Benellies infancy, cured it! Then I had to re-do all the cool stuff to it that I had done to the one I ruined. This was in 1998. I'm not a smart guy, but I do catch on.... especially when the lesson comes with a very heafty price tag! I am very glad that what you did worked out! Nothing screams success quite like success......but if you have an intermittent Click it will give you a place to start looking. The only reason I even brought it up was that if your like me, a little is good, so a lot must be better.......and it got real expensive. I wasn't calling down your work, but kind of using you as a warning g for others that like me would hog the hell out of it!!!
  11. kurtm

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Sorry Woody, I just now saw your post on the fly cut. Take a Dremel with a cut off wheel and extend the cut all the way out the front to the depth of the deepest part of the fly cut. BTW this will also allow you to load the tube when the bolt is out of battery, like when it is flagged, or in the rare instance the bolt didn't close all the way.
  12. R.O.s remove the flag as you work the action, they hold on to it while shooting, and they insert it after the unload and show clear while you lower the bolt.
  13. Oh yeah! The flagging really sent the R.O.s into uncharted territory! Having shot a lot over seas where flagging is well coreographed, it sure was painful to watch the R.O.s try to deal with this. I watched an unload and show clear last 3.25 minutes while the shooter and R.O. checked their pockets to see where the flag might have ended up....yes I timed it!!! I hate flags, BUT if you are going to use them have a system in place....and YES!!! Saturday was better!! On another note the 1/2 day format killed my knees. They both swelled up like footballs because there was no time to sit down and rest, nor load magazines, take care of gear etc. Works great for a 1/3 gun match, but for 3-gun it sucks on ice!! Best Smm3-G in a few years and the stages were GREAT! I had a blast and was fortunate to also shoot on lucky 13
  14. kurtm

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    It is hard to fix stuff over the internet for sure. My terms may not be your term. It is possible we are saying the same thing, or we are way off. Who knows? Sorry it didn't work out. I wasn't the only one who thought it had been opened up too much, so maybe it is the angle of the video. I leave you with one last thought, try a different magazine follower, like a Nordic or something other than the Stoeger one, if you haven't already.