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  1. Used M1 Benelli $500.00 , recoil pad fit and ready to go $80.00, Welded lifter $50.00, Mag tube $80.00. No Frankengun about it. All genuine Benelli except for the tube. No matter what you buy it needs a mag tube, and there ain't one made by the gun maker!
  2. No need to thank me, it's all part of the quality service you have come to expect!
  3. Does magazine fit gauge? Yes! No need to count, concentrate on safety. No it doesn't.....open! no need to count concentrate on safety. Does 4x scope indicate limited...no....open....R.O. can centrate on safety......does x equipment fit in 4x2, 4x4, 15x80 division....don't know, need to stop a look it up, not thinking safety. Five guys saying snap on mag pouch put him in 3x2....or what ever....distraction for R.O. , and to be fair, NO, you never said UML, I just took it that way. I guess it is because the matches I attend (non UML) don't seem to have that problem while the two I did (UML), I wanted to take several range lawyers gunny sack swimming. UML is non existent in my area, and I'm happy! As for making a course of fire that requires an R.O. to count round to insure compliance.....that is a very lazy stage designer, but that is a very different topic. Sorry to interject guys....carry on!
  4. Another way to go would be find a used M1, add a kick eze recoil pad, welded lifter, and a tube and go facing. I've seen used ones go for around 450-500 and it's really hard to wear one out. I've been trying for quite a while and haven't got it done yet.
  5. Hmmm, and just a post or two above you were complaining about all the range lawyering in UML. Any rule set that has the R.O. counting rounds, inspecting equipment, getting 5 guys yammering away about this or that little detail is distracted from his real job of trying to maintain safety, and keep the match flowing. This leads to an atmosphere of contention instead of competition, and therefore isn't fun to me. You asked for opinions and those are mine, helpful or not. I'm sorry your stuck in an area that has only UML to offer, but once again that is just my opinion.
  6. I'm, hey triple T I'm pretty sure that in a round about way I was backing your statement. Ain't hardly any M4s in 3-gun, and I've seen hundreds of shotguns over the years.
  7. My #1 favorite.....any match that doesn't run UML. My #1 pet peev, any match that does!
  8. Here is an example. Lots of places to get them try to stay in the 320 to 400 grit range. https://www.amazon.com/Square-Abrasive-File-Sharpening-Stones/dp/B000TKD07G#
  9. I'm betting that of those "thousands" you have seen the same shotgun several times, so maybe hundreds in reality? I saw 5 M4s at one single match, but I saw them at 6 of 10 stages so did I see 30 M4s? No, but I was squaded with the USMC 3-Gun team. Come to think of it, that's the only 30 M4s I've ever seen at a 3-gun match!
  10. Remedy, take a very thin stone and knock just the sharp corner off the locking shoulders on the right side. Brownells sells them. Net gain: a cool new whet stone you can use in all sorts of ways, and the pride of taking care of something that bothered you. Net loss: cost of said specialty stone, and the calories burnt stoning off the sharp shoulders. Practical gain: just about 0% Practical loss: just about 0%
  11. I have run a stretch barrel since 1999.......20" with rifle gas! Nice and soft, great velocity, very reliable.
  12. Marks are from extraction. Ejector pushing hard to right. Right locking shoulders, in extension, are nice and sharp. Case clears chamber and neck is forced to the right and pulled past sharp locking shoulders. Don't believe? Just line the marks up with the locking shoulders in the extension.
  13. I'm with Mark on this! These are GREAT shotguns. I have played with a few now and can say they are in general leaps and bounds better than almost any platform to start from. Easy to work on, low recoil impulse, in general pattern and shoot slugs well, and damn easy to give it a good trigger. Lots of room to butcher up the receiver if you want (I don't think it needs much).... I think the V3 is the cat's meow....or tits.....or what ever
  14. I didn't hear anything about age.......but then again I am getting hard of hearing after all these years. The winner of who did what? As for a recession, all things ebb and flow, and the simple truth is when prize tables "contracted" due to slowing in the market, 3-gun started recessing. But never fear all the big matches that are worth going to still fill to the brim......now get off my lawn you damn kids!!!
  15. Ah, a true case of righty tightly, lefty loosey.
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