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  1. The main thing is LEO Shotguns aren't set up.... They are stock. 3-gun Shotguns aren't necessarily set up as much as ground and filed on!
  2. Limb saver pads are a go to for M1 Benellis. Brownells sell pre fit limb savers that will pretty much screw right on to your gun. BTW the comfort tech stock won't fit an M1 it is for the m2, so save your $$
  3. There really is no perhaps, they make them ALL that way. The "flair" is specifically engineered and produced that way on all their semi auto shotguns.
  4. Yes, Benelli does "flair" the choke section to allow for the diameter of the screw in choke. That way they don't have to make thick barrels like Remington used to do.
  5. If it's round you can run it 6, you can run it at 12, you can be devine and run it at 9, you can cant it to 3, oh gee! With the rail section down, you won't have to frown! If it is circular it is clear, no matter what it is near, the gas block it clears! No matter how it spins you win!
  6. J.P. enterprises original Cooley brake, or a Rolling Thunder from Triangle. Now take this for what it is worth.. Rene Peltokoski...the current world rifle champion and I agree! As long as you are used to what ever you are using, it doesn't matter what you use!!!! In the immortal words of my amigo Jake Kempton....R.I.P. if it is at the end of the barrel on a 223 and it has fairly large holes it is going to work! To be honest I can make almost any neutral brake work form a Michulek to a Lantak in less than 500 rounds by adjusting my hand position in off hand......the rest doesn't even matter as the carbine is rested or braced! My preference is a Roller! But I can easily get by with anything! I do however detest some of these things as they are way too blasty for the return you get.
  7. The "gas" isn't a gas is what I am saying. It is gas with solids, particulates, and liquids all flowing together, made up of all sorts of chemical compounds. So looking at perceived "gas" charts based on a pure gas.....not a plasma, don't give an accurate rendition of what is happening......and yes pig tails help, but once again, with feeling, the closer you are to the chamber with your "gas" port, the higher your "gas" velocity, the more violent/faster the carrier reacts.
  8. Gas, in this case, is quite a misnomer. The "gas" from a modern propellant acts more like a plasma. Which at higher pressures is not very compressible. Constricting a plasma increases it's velocity.....much like the garden hose analogy, but does not drop the volume like it would if it were a "gas". It still effects volume to some degree, but what you are doing in reality is increasing the velocity of the plasma in the same space as before i.e. gas tube volume, bolt carrier volume, etc. More plasma velocity equals quicker carrier reaction. Yes you can constrict the plasma to a point that it doesn't have the volume to operate in the gas tube and carrier, but if it is constricted to the point it just nearly operates it will operate faster the closer you are to the peak pressure found at the chamber. The longer the gas tube the more you slow the plasma collum due to friction of the tubing and the volume of the tubing....this slowing the velocity of the plasma hitting the carrier.....less velocity = less violent carrier motion, but hey graphs and theoretics based on a true gas make for great table talk even when it really doesn't apply to the topic at hand.
  9. Maybe the laws of physics has some input on this. Calling Mr. Boyle?
  10. Restriction does not decrease pressure. The closer you are to the chamber the higher the pressure.
  11. Shadow great! Bullets forward for me.
  12. Im saying that they are spotty right out of the box. Some are great some are not without some work. The box, however, is of a very consitsent size and capacity. The graphics are very precisely placed it closes every time and opens easily. The springs never wear out because it doesn't need them and you don't have to cut, polish, nor port, to use it to hold the originalc contents......yeah......the box.
  13. This might be a good question to ask proof research.
  14. Stoeger M3K Freedom or FN SLP Competition - which is more reliable out of the box?..... ... . . The Box!
  15. Hmmmm, how used??? My M1 is up to 378,000 rounds and still running great! I don't think I'd buy a used one with over 297,000 rounds on it. I want to break it in myself!
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