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  1. kurtm


    Cause the interweb said so!
  2. kurtm

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Hey buddy! You know the rifle groups, you know you can group it to test the zero. You don't need an 8x, take that money and buy more of that great Federal ammo and practice, get off the bench, learn field positions, shoot a lot of off hand, and in general just shoot as much as you can...(I know you don't have much time). A little all the time is much better a than a lot every once in great while. In no time you will be doing great!
  3. kurtm

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Many a match has been won with a rifle/ammo combo that only is capable of 2 M.O.A. If your under that, and it is reliable, and the best part is that it is cheaper too, you win!!! On a side note, I really can't figure out why anyone would say Federal A.E. is junk! For the last 5 years I have used the 55 grian A.E. ball ammo for most every match I have shot, and I am not unhappy with it's performance or consistency. Now I will tell you I some times us their 55 grain ballistic tip load for real long range stuff, like Rocky Mountain 3-Gun where it goes out to 600 or so, but I'm happy with the A.E. out to the 400 yard range. It is good stuff!
  4. kurtm

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    That should drop right onto your lower. I doubt you will need to change the buffer or spring, as a J.P. 15 didn't use any fancy stuff and are fairly stock as to recoil assembly.
  5. kurtm

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    I would say significantly smaller the the significant part you mention, but still very significant in the fact it was broke!
  6. kurtm

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Thanks Mr. Rose!!! I had been told it was a 3000, but to honest I didn't look. When I found that problem I was done with it! Sorry to seem like I was bagging on the 3000! On a very positive note, they sent it back and in 2 weeks got a brand new barrel back, no questions asked! Good customer service! While we are at it, I got a bunch of Benelli parts I just don't need. Shoot me you phone # and we can chat about it! Thanks !
  7. kurtm

    "Benelli Click" Cause?

    The inertia spring isn't really in contact with the bolt or carrier when it closes. Take you shotgun and shake it front to back and you will hear the spring rattle back and forth. The only time it comes in contact with the bolt and carrier is upon recoil where the bolt carrier compresses the spring Wich shoves the carrier back causing it to cycle. a heavier main spring DOES NOT help this situation. Mainly keeping the cam pin and cam slot well greased and the locking lug recesses well oiled and clean is the cure.
  8. kurtm

    CZ-USA Model 712 Utility

    I have a set of "coils by Kirk" springs for a 712 if anyone is interested. Standard and 2-3 steps lighter so you can run light loads. P. m. Me if interested.
  9. kurtm

    Benelli lubricant?

    The lighter the oil, the more often you got to use it, but any oil is better than no oil, but I don't feel that it is up to the task on the cam pin and slot. I use Neco moly paste, or any good Extreem Pressure grease BTW the Benelli oil works great in in-line drip oilers for air tools, it has a very low viscosity!
  10. kurtm

    18" or 16"?

    I've run 20" barrels like forever and they are in no way a handicap! All 556X45MM has going for it is velocity, might as well get what you can!!!!
  11. Has anyone seen a refund from this match yet???
  12. kurtm

    Bullet choice for 200-500yd stages

    I have always used 55 grain bullets. I like the Sierra and Nozler ballistic tips. I've never seen the use of a heavy bullet for what we do. Maybe I don't know much about wind and what it does to a "low B.C." bullet, but I seldom can't hit targets out to 600+ in any condition and that is using real iron sights. With an optic where you can see exactly where your holding off, I couldn't imagine needing anything heavy!
  13. kurtm

    Limited Irons Build Help

    Criterion makes a great 20" medium contour barrel. Yes the extra 2" of sight radius really helps. Don't go cheap on the front sight, get the J.P. and don't look back. The Yankee Hill sight works OK, but is real prone to snagging on stuff. The longer the sight radius the better, EVERY TIME! Don't worry about the weight after all it will still weigh much less than anything with those funny tubes with glass in them that folks seem to think they need to hit something.
  14. kurtm

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Significant would be a good word Mark!