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  1. I haven't tried the marker paint yet but I will. So far the Rustoleum UC2 was the best I had found. Yes it costs more than the cheap but I really think we save money using it and for smaller matches without dedicated RO crews I think it's the way to go. I'm not sure if it was his idea or what, but Sam Keen taught me a painting trick at a 3-gun match he was running that I felt worked really well for bigger matches with dedicated RO's. He had a bunch of cheap plastic paint trays, some paint pads, and and a gallon of white paint. We diluted the paint a bit to make it go farther and dry fas
  2. Wait! Could those be? The elusive Federal pistol primers in their natural habitat? They were once thought to be extinct. Where was this picture taken? I must mount an expedition to capture them.
  3. First, let me say that I think the idea of USPSA awarding the President's medals to top shooters at the larger matches is a really great idea. They are quite attractive and anyone who earns one should feel justified pride in displaying them. My question has to do with the distribution policy for awarding them. Match Directors at Level III/Area matches are sent a packet containing (unless they ask for fewer) 23 President's medals. These are to be distributed as follows: Match Winner Limited: 1st M, 1st A, 1st B, 1st C, 1st D, High Lady, High Junior, High Senior, High SSenior Open: 1st M
  4. I'm voting oak but regardless, $50 for a solid wood bench is a great find. Congrats. Oh, and Lynn, I'm sending a new shooter your way. Take good care of her.
  5. I guess I'm not much of a "thinker" when it comes to my favorites. I've read plenty of good classics but my true favorites tend to be strictly entertainment. I also tend to pick an author that I like and read everything I can get my hands on by that author. Louis L'amour - all W.E.B. Griffin - all John Sandford - Prey Series Dan Brown - most though I agree that Fortress and Deception Point are a little weak J.R.R. Tolkien - all Tom Clancy - most of the Ryan series but very few of his "co-authored" work Clive Cussler - although I do wish his hero's had a little more depth to their char
  6. This one is kind of tricky. We had a shooter this weekend who holstered his gun and then, when he reached down to engage the locking lever on his holster, bumped the gun and it fell out. It all happened very quickly and made for a tough call for the RO. It's easy enough to tell if a gun is in a holster with a Fobus or something like that but when you're talking about a Limcat, who's to say? Seems like it would be better if the official end of the COF came a little earlier or a little later.
  7. Flex, I love this idea. For starters, I'd break it down into local match ideas and big (State Sectional and Up) match ideas. John
  8. I can turn my powder adjustment screw by hand but it sticks a bit and makes it hard to make fine adjustments and I hate pulling out the bench wrench so I went to Home Depot today looking for a knob like the one Flex showed to give me a bit more leverage. I couldn't find one ready made so I bought a couple components to make one of my own. I haven't gotten to try it yet but I think a round wooden drawer pull knob drilled out to accommodate an old cheap socket glued into it will work like a champ. Besides, I'm a better carpenter than machinist and I like the idea of having a little bit of w
  9. I was having problems with the spent primer chute sticking open when it was supposed to be closed allowing primers to fall straight through. I changed the pivot pin to a thinner straight pin and added a small refrigerator magnet (the size of a peppermint) to the back side of the chute for added weight. Seems to work well.
  10. Ha ha, thanks. The only hard part was air brushing all the tourists out of the room. After seeing Nolan and Jeepers' actual setups, posting my real reloading bench would have been like submitting pictures of a camper trailer to architectural digest. Maybe we need a separate thread for "worst setups" where the less fortunates like myself will feel more comfortable sharing their pics. My personal library/computer lab/office/trophy hall/storage/reloading/dark room is pretty good but I'm sure there are some really nice ones out there. Anyone loading on a fold up table? Walking into a non-
  11. Here's my 550B. It's kinda hard to see in this pic because the lighting in my shop is slightly yellow. I'm gonna hang a couple fluorescent shop lights I bought at Walmart this weekend to brighten things up a bit. Still need to get me some a them Akro bins. John
  12. Dillon makes great reloading products. They're simple, efficient, and intuitive. Unfortunately, the Dillon website is anything but. Nik is right, if Dillon had you working their site for them their online sales would double. I'm forwarding this thread to a friend of mine who just bought a 550 and is trying to decide what he needs to get going. This will help him out a lot. I did notice one little thing in the Strong Mount section you may want to correct. The new footprint with the mount is over ten inches, not ten square inches. It's a very small point but I was reading all the
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