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Can I send you payment via PayPal from my Nigerian account? An over seas friend said that he is putting 30 million in my account next week.

Beat me to it.

If anyone is interested I have the 50-70 Sharps bullet that Billy Dixon used to shoot Sub Chief Two Dogs Yowling at 1538 yards. I that been in my family for 8 generations passed down from my Great x 6 Grandfather. He acquired it (traded a map to The Lost Dutchman mine) from a Irish whiskey peddler who traded the unfortunate 3rd wife of Two Dogs Yowling (Smelly Possum) a bottle of snake bite remedy for the historic chunk of lead. As I am a member of this Forum I feel I should offer it here for bids before I post this on E Bay....

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Merlin, merlin, merlin, always research your information first.................it was a 50-90 that Billy Dixon fired. your relatives??? have obviously purchased a forgery. perhaps you can trade it for the 1911 holster that Billy the Kid had owned?


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