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  1. It has nothing to do with PF. It has to do (probably) with equipment. Non bushing gun, illegal placement of equipment or illegal holster (drop offset comes to mind). The same things that get you bumped to open at any match.
  2. Carry 6 on the belt. Only once, when i was a brand new shooter, did I need all 6 (bad stage management on my part). Its been years since I went to number 5 since.
  3. Even reload practice is allowed by that sentence. After all isn't reload practice part of your dry fire routine?
  4. One per shot is the procedural, no need to add another Procedural for failure to follow the stage . 10 shots from the incorrect mag, 10 procedurals. The RO should not have started the shooter until he complied with the stage description and removed the mag from his belt. Doug Hey Doug, I don't see how the shooter didn't comply with the stage description and the RO "not starting him". He can have anything on his person including mags at any time. As long as they are properly placed (hello bump to open) and not used (complying with WSB), who cares. It's his risk. As to the penalties, a well written WSB would remove this problem. Having said the above, my opinion is 1 per shot, but because the WSB doesnt say, and the rulebook is ambiguous... hello RM/MD arb committee.
  5. I love my simonich gunner grips. They are as very aggressive, light (always a concern with SS guns) and sturdy enough to use to mount the techwell magwell.
  6. Youngeyes, Awesome, thanks for the guidance. Will try this evening.
  7. Apparently my "search fu" is very weak. I am getting brass hanging up at the Casefeed arm Bushing on my 650. The brass is staying in/hanging up in the bushing itself and not dropping down. I have tried cleaning the bushing and then putting lube in it with not much result. Any advice?
  8. As a dedicated Federal primer guy, fold the tabs out of the way and use this: http://www.midwayusa.com/Product/466211/rcbs-primer-turning-tray It is bigger than the Fed box.
  9. Spartan, (comes with FO sights, and adjustable rear). Add a Techwell and 8 Tripp mags. Under a grand or right at a grand.
  10. Why in the world would you want to do this? Wait, we have to reduce rounds so that the current shortages are not affecting everyone... When did we become the handholding namby pamby sport? Keeping round counts up does the following: Separates the good matches from the not so good (by attendance). If your match attendance drops off, maybe its time to look at what is going on very carefully. The smart folks shop with their feet. Just because you failed to plan (does anyone not remember 2008?), doesnt make it everyone's problem. It's about choices we make in life. Now for the economics... You still pay for the gas, etc. to get to said match, and you still pay the full match fee. After all you dont see the clubs that are proposing these reduced round count matches, offering to reduce match fees or the home club accepting reduced fees to rent the range. So what is the cost savings? If your going to a match to stand around for 8 hours and shoot for (at most) 3 minutes and get a 40-50% reduction in rounds fired. Rest assured, the smart folks will pass on that match.
  11. I would disagree that you have too much weight on your right foot, you are leaning too far to the left... Additionally, you should be wearing shorts so that you are more aerodynamic. The wife says you look bloated, is it THAT time...
  12. here is a thread for you that has the info you seek. Also, Quantico has a match (second sunday). http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=148357&hl=
  13. The wife will be in Midland in April and would like to shoot a match out that way. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  14. The SC bag is a great bag. Absolutely the best made bag out there especially at that price point. However, you will fill it and determine that half to two thirds of what you have is just weight to lug around. My wife and I shoot with one of the i-Shot shotgunner bag's. Two different calibers, 2 sets of mags, small tool kit and all the accessories (drinks and snacks) that both of us need. It is small and forces you to not carry your tool bench. The second bag is in the car for guns.
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