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  1. I learned to stop posting so much on here, and GO DO,!!!!! And now I'm gone again,...................
  2. 6-8" hi at what distance??? 3-4 inches right, do you have a rear sight in place??? most all of us shoot low recoil slugs, not full power slugs. the Rem mananged recoil shoots good out of my 1301. Trapr
  3. that particular clamp is notorious for movement. trapr
  4. jrbet83, I am aware of some upside down2/4 loaders that are removing more of the front of the loading port and smoothing the transition into the fore end, so as to ease the sharp rise from the front of the loading port to the fore end. Trapr
  5. stop hitting the bolt release, is the easiest answer!!! the RNT bolt drop paddle is the next easiest, its made for Benelli's but fits the 1301's as well, it makes the button a bit more streamline and lower profile. you can see a pic of it on the Red Neck Tactical FB page. If you can't find it text me and I'll forward you a pic. 5124965386. trapr
  6. I prefer 1/2" shorter than I would normally on a SG used for hunting or other shooting sports, due to us having to rapidly throw the gun to our shoulder and hit stuff, having it a bit shorter allows for a more snag free jump to the shoulder. trapr
  7. An easy way (or at least to me)to look at DRAM, is to think about it as you would Hit Factor on a stage, it is the balance between payload weight and powder charge, decrease one and you have to increase the other to keep the DRAM equal. much the same way you can figure a needed HF for a stage by playing with points or speed to get to the same value. DRAM value, is an easy way to determine what loads YOUR gun runs reliably with you driving it.
  8. I had to shoot some of my old standard loads for my Benelli at the M3G match the other day and the first sg rounds had me bouncig all over the place, I apparently had gotten used to the 2.5 dram stuff and switching to 3.25 dram stuff was noticeable. Trapr
  9. REm STS 1 1/8oz at 1050 runs really well in mine, it is a 2.5 dram load and takes full size poppers over out to 25 yards. it is my favorite load to use. Trapr
  10. Wynn, folks have the target, if you just require the 2 hits why not just have 2 plates and no spinner?!?!?! If the spinner has to be used as a target, for whatever reason??? folks want competitors to "spin it" but then they don't want you to use buck or slugs or whatever. So if you're going to stipulate what ammo, then just stipulate a hit on each plate with a spin, then everyone has to wait, the required??? amount of time for the second plate to present itself for the spinner to rotate, instead of stop the rotation. Which brings an interesting physics problem up, MD/RM's don't want us using
  11. This thought hit me the other day,...........you have two plates on this thing,you could just require the competitor to hit each plate AND cause it to fully rotate. this would eliminate the gaming or use of "special" ammo to get it to rotate because you need to rotate it and you need to hit each plate, not just ONE, simple painting of each plate during reset would confirm the required hits??? oh wait, I just said we need to paint steel for each shooter,.......................nevermind that'll never work!?!?!?!?!? Trapr
  12. if you just want one more round then get a +1 added to your extension, the NEED for loading one on the carrier is no longer legitimate as the vast majority of matches have no restrictions on tube length, and require only a set amount of rounds at the start. The whole loading the carrier thing is a dinosaur left over from the days of rules stating mag tubes can only extend 1" beyond the barrel, and barrels could only be 22" max. Trapr
  13. I'm looking at using a trigger pull gauge to determine the effort to get the arm to start rotating, and bring it to horizontal, simple effect and repeatable. trapr
  14. co-exprs I'm not real good at subtle hints so if I don't want a target at a match, I'll tell you straight up. While I don't like the target (spinner) for reasons previously stated, I don't have an issue shooting them and dealing with problem, provided the proper steps are taken to ensure reliability. I would categorize PPSG and HPSC and a lot of the other PSG matches as regional matches and not true major's, as such a bit of leeway in stage design and target useage is given, because lets face it we're trying to make this stuff FUN first, and truly competitive second. When a match reaches w
  15. Ok we seem to have gotten off topic, I wasn't asking if you liked the target or not. The question is how can it be "calibrated" or rendered more consistent. Brian the steps you take for a spinner in a match are to be commended, this is the type of forethought and behavior that a good RM/MD has. I would like to think that others do the same, after speaking with MarkP, I think he does an admirable job as well. But perhaps WE can all learn something from each others methods and take steps to keep the target more consistent in operation. As for USPSA and non-USPSA, I think that division is cr
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