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  1. He speaks the truth,.......I had to use nutragena hand cream on a gun once!!! It worked just fine. Some lube is better than no lube. Trapr
  2. No,interchangeability, it's a bunch of linkages, so all I do is polish all the links. However, I know c-rums does Benelli trigger jobs just don't know if nova is on the list. Trapr
  3. AR,used it out to 415yds. If you want to discuss it email me, as I am rarely on here anymore. Trapr
  4. Yes, that Shield site has multiple reticles in it, you can choose between the circle dot w 65 moa circle or the BDC reticle.
  5. As to placement and speed, you're in an undiscovered country!!! I've never heard of anyone doing it, but if it winds up being faster then you can lay claim to being the innovator. I've got 7 or 8 shotguns with the sight mounted rearward, and have never noticed the rear sight unless I wanted to use it, so as for it being obstructive??????? Trapr
  6. XS makes different height sights, if you need to file the sight to the proper height, just need to know which height sight to start with, so you dont wind up with a taller sight than you need that has a very DEEP notch in it. measure your mid bead, and add, either .05 (XS recommended dovetail depth), or .075 which is my recommended dovetail depth. if youre going to file a notch then take that into consideration as well. sight heights are, .100, .120, .150, .170 this measurement is from the base of the sight to the top of the shallow V. my guess is .120 or .150 should work just fine, as .150 i
  7. sight radius makes for more accuracy. so having it closer to the front would kinda negate the basic reasoning for having one. that ol pat kelley sure has lots of good info to share, being around for so long you pick up a lot from other shooters. trapr
  8. XS sights shotgun rear sight in the rib is a nice clean installation.
  9. Apparently so, accidentally I assume. I have them saved on my phone and will post here. You can see from the reflected light how more and less sharp the extractor cut edges are, more light equals less sharp
  10. By far the most impressive hand stop/barricade brace was the RNT porcupine and hedgehog. Sadly they were banned from competition before they could be mass produced.
  11. 24", yes use a clamp, especially if you are less than gentle throwing it into dump barrels or boxes, yes the LOP can be shortened, yes the fore end can be shortened. Now im quite sure others will completely disagree with me, and I can't blame them I only have 8+ years on the platform, so im a relative newby to this sort of stuff. Trapr
  12. Sorry, again flooding has kept me busy. Yes, I played with the prototype and easily got hits out to 400yds, using the first drop dot. I never needed to put the second drop dot to use with my zero. It is a really cool sight, that seems up to the treatment that we tend to give stuff. Here is a pic of my 400 yard hits, low on the plate, and a 100 yd group on the orange square. The plate is a roughly 4 moa, 12x18, 5 hits. Trapr
  13. Sorry, bmiller I've been busy w work, matches, and practice. They make the Jpoint sight for JP, so they do ship to the U.S., Here is all the sub tends for the 3 dot/ BDC reticle Shield site, Ballistic data/trajectory Main 2.6 moa dot-250 zero, 200 top of dot, 300 bottom of dot. First drop-1.3 moa dot, center is 6moa from top of main dot Second drop-1.3moa, 4moa from center of first drop Reticle top/btm-10.65moa Reticle ctr/ctr, all dots-8.7moa Main/first drop top/btm-6.65moa First drop/second drop top/btm-5.3moa Main top/first drop ctr-6moa Main ctr/first drop ctr-4.7moa First
  14. Shieldpsd.com the original maker of the minisight, and current maker the optical sight used by UK SAS. makes a BDC 3 vert dot sight. that works with both 308/150gr and 223/62gr at milspec velocity. the reticle was designed by multigunners to be user friendly with all the popular loads we use in rifles. Trapr
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