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  1. Lol, yeah but when your expecting 1059 fps and get 1500....
  2. When they find a open 9 round they will stop picking up and shooting others Ammo. If it hits the dirt it's dead. When I shoot open or my wife does we try to find the jacked out round so somebody doesn't shoot it but it doesn't always happen.
  3. Depends on the ffl. 20-40 usually for me.
  4. They probably didnt use the word jerk lol
  5. You know what never mind. I've said my piece and you keep proving my point. Have a good one.
  6. Oh I did. Your welcome...kid.So you just had to ignore the fact I tried to make amends and go keyboard - commando anyway. Well played.Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk Keyboard....no I earned my knowledge of the CZ. I didn't listen to hearsay and stories. Am I fan boy yes...but they earned it. How ever you tried to clarify your first post you still came in saying to not buy that via second hand knowledge. Not having a clue if say they were feeding it wolf or bubba joes reloads. You can sit there and be pissy if you like but I'm gonna call it how I see it.
  7. Oh I did. Your welcome...kid.
  8. Would you mill the slide, for weight reduction, could look and be very cool You don't want this. You are better off buying a stock TS and upgrading it. I have met several owners of these, and they ALL had to send them back because of ejection issues. They apparently run good after they got them back months and months later, but spending that kind of money on a gun that doesn't run like clockwork is insane. Sorry if I come off a little blunt but you come into a CZ picture thread and poop on one of the best CZ shoops in the country? That's like going to a mustang forum and saying don't buy
  9. Yes and sarge was asking about the leaving the range part. Read the words and gain the meaning.
  10. A DQ does not mean you have to leave the range, just that you can't compete in that match anymore.
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