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  1. Follow up question(s) please: I have had good success with no set back. I am reloading FGMM brass in 308, with 175 SMK projectiles. I have been using a neck bushing size .334. I am not sure if this is providing to much neck tension. I have bushings in 335, 336 and 337. Will to much neck tension cause grouping problems? What would be your recommendation.
  2. I am looking to upgrade the trigger and sights on my stock M&P 22 full size. Any recommendations? I am in AZ and would like to keep it local. Thanks
  3. I have a thousand or so 9mm with military crimps (Nato symbol). Do I need a special swaging arm, or can I use the 223 arm? Thanks
  4. I use a Redding type S match die set, the full length resizing set. I use FGMM brass only with Sierra 175 grain SMK projectiles. The neck tension bushing is a 334 size, and the finished ammo comes out to 337. I seat 175 SMK's to 2.800. Case gauges 100%, goes into the chamber no issues. Would you think I need to do any type of crimp if I am running these loads in an AR-10 platform? This method holds the bullet really well. Thanks
  5. I built my bench and just put the extra projectiles on the bottom shelf.
  6. What is the fb page called. I did a search, but only one page comes up for me. Thanks
  7. Great to deal with! Thanks

  8. just checked out midway they are 19.99 for 10 boxes any chance you can let them 14 boxes go for 25 shipped?



  9. Jerry,

    The book arrived....Thanks.


  10. One of the "Real" good guys!

  11. Brain, 9mm = Vihtavuori N320 40 = Vihtavuori N320 45 = Clays JS
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