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  1. I have had a JP low mass carrier in the polished stainless steel for awhile and would like to upgrade an AR. Currently I use a semi auto BCG with the red Sprinco spring and a Spikes ST-T2 buffer. Would you advise changing out the spring and buffer? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys, I go to PT in the next week, I will bring up your suggestions.
  3. Over the past 5 years, I have suffered from bones touching in the thumb joint. This caused a lot of pain. I recently had surgery where they removed some arthitis from the bone ends of my thumb joint, They did a tendon transfer from the wrist into the thumb joint. The good news is it removed the pain. After a few months of recovery, I can move the thumb pretty well, but have no strength in the right hand. Being a lofty "C" class shooter, I don't plan on burning down any area championships. I would like to start over after the other hand gets fixed. Any advice getting started again? After rehab, the physician says go at it until it hurts... I thought about shooting steel challenge with a 22, then production with a 9mm, then back to the 40. It might take awhile. Thanks JS
  4. I posted this over at Nordic, but thought maybe someone else can assist. I have an older Nordic set for my 22. I want to take off the larger froegrip abd put a barrel nut on it so I put a different fore grip/rail I am trying to separate the threaded portion off of the u-shaped part. I have tried a strap wrench, no luck. Any advice? Can I just buy the u-shaped part from you? Thanks Jerry Snyder
  5. I am looking for a AOL, for this load in .223. 69 grain SMK 25 grains of Varget Winchester Small rifle primers Mixed 223 brass. Thanks
  6. Great to deal with! Thanks

  7. Signed up and Hotel reservation made. Nice and easy. Thanks Jerry Snyder
  8. Robert Porter and Steve did an outstanding job. Bob - just a suggestion for next year.... Viking theme.....turkey drumsticks for lunch, blonde wigs for the RO's... Weather was 75 degrees warmer than last year, and it was a dry heat.... RO's rocked. Stages were interesting and fast. Certainly did not hear one complaint about to many no shoots. Thanks to Squad #17, Master Class tapers and steel setters. GM's in friendships. Grayson Lee - 12 year old junior kicked our butts shooting limited - Congrats. See you next year... Jerry Snyder
  9. App sent in with $$$ for T-Shirt - So I can say been there, done that and bought the t-shirt..... Motel reservation made See you there. Jimmy or Artie = No L-10 division? Thanks Jerry
  10. Put me down for two Nikon Monarchs.... Jerry
  11. I just started to shoot production and want to use up a bunch of Zero 9mm 147 JHP's I got sitting around. What is the max length for a MP 9mm Mag and what is a good AOL for the chamber? Thanks Jerry
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