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Todd Jarrett At Work


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Sir Walter Gun Club, Raleigh-Durham NC

When I get back, you can bet that I'll be there at every match.

Todd's always Mr. Smooth for everything he does. I like his aggressiveness on transitions, getting into and out of positions.


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I just watched the video several times....again :surprise:

His recoil management it excellent. He must have incredibly strong forearms. His gun doesn't seem to rise off the sights at all. Almost like an open gun.

He's smooth..


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When I trained with Todd I already had my "M" card and petitioned USPSA to let me start over at "D". I felt the same way training with the "Burner"; they know sooooooooo much and have a very similar, scientific approach to things.

TJ also has the nicest reloads and flattest gun out there. LIKE an Open gun? I haven't seen that many open guns that flat. And you ever try to reload a PARA? Use a sundial if you're timing me.

That guys the shizzle....

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