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  1. Should they be given exemptions to rules regarding rounds per stage or shooting positions? I think they should, curious if anyone thinks
  2. Ever notice you dont see people jumping into ammobot discussions to hijack it for Mark7? Guess ammobot needs all the help it can get to make up for falling so far behind the curve.
  3. Quality costs, lots of people want Infinitys but settle for a lower quality STI because they don't want to spend the extra$. When compared properly to items in the same world 4k is rather cheap start to become properly automated.
  4. To the op, Dillon isn't made for automation. Mark 7 created a great way to upgrade it and a few other scrubs followed suit. The automation showed some flaws in the 1050 design which the Mark 7 presses have addressed. So do you want a press that was designed and manufactured to be automated or do you want a press that has been adapted to automation?
  5. Mark forgot to add that ammobot also has the most paid shills
  6. Real classy immortalarms, if anyone did that on a post about your junky Dillon ad on you would throw a temper tantrum.
  7. So we are going to leave an obvious troll account active?
  8. Kiss that warranty good bye if you open up the holes
  9. I'm getting the impression he doesn't actually have an order and is just trying to discredit the company in behalf of a competitor
  10. Kind of hard to beat the Evo and the expandability it offers
  11. Thanks to VZ and Crimson Trace my single stacks have some new grips :-D
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