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  1. Shot this one yesterday in production, ended up with a 10.15 HF even with a miss. I have a feeling this one is gonna eventually have a ridiculously high HF like can you count.
  2. Shot this Saturday in a classifier match. A Production: 54 points in 6.45 for a 8.37 HF (CMCALC says 86.58%)
  3. Ran this one today. 5.23 avg, A Production. Sending PM for part 2
  4. Thats how tired I was last night....should have done that first.
  5. pm me your email, I'll send you a copy.
  6. You tell your wife your going to buy christmas presents for her and the kids....and you go to the gun shop to try out the 2 new guns your gonna buy in two weeks. (ya...thats what I did today)
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