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  1. Thanks for the info. What other powders did you try before you settled on HS6? Yes I reload. I have Longshot on hand and tried it today. A "data point" for future people having or thinking about this type of set-up, I tried today: 4.0 gr Titegroup 124 FMJ Precision Delta (Below max book) (Primers looked acceptable) 6.5 gr Longshot 100 plated Berry's (Max book) (Primers looked acceptable) 6.0 gr Longshot 115 FMJ Armscor (Max book) (Primers looked acceptable) Factory: Maxxtech 115, Blazer Brass 115, Remington brown box practice 115, Aquila 147 and Geco
  2. If you are running a one chamber aluminum compensator with a 9MM Glock, what is your preferred loading (bullet, powder, case, COAL, crimp, etc.)? With this load 1) what springs are you running, 2) are you using a lightened slide and 3) are you running an optic on the slide? My current set-up has the ZEV Technologies PRO Compensator V2 9mm Aluminum, 11 lb ISMI RS, 2 lb Zev FP and a Johny Glock trigger (don't know what trigger spring he used). It is short stroking with some factory ammo. Thanks.
  3. For those that run the 2lb Zev spring, how often do you replace it? I got some Zev 2lb springs from Midway today. I swapped it out and the trigger safety still works. Had a 4lb Wolff on it before hand. Pistol has a Johny Glock "drop in" competition trigger kit (drop in as I just ordered it. Did not talk to him). Pistol currently has the stock striker. Using my Lyman battery powered scale, with the 4 lb Wolf I got: 3lb 12 oz 3 12 3 7 3 10 With the 2 lb Zev spring: 3lb 4.9oz 2 15.5 3 2.6 3 1.7 2 14.4
  4. Shopping around I see these firing pin springs: 2 or 3 lb Zev springs 4, 4.5 , 5 lb Wolff Springs Glock Factory Using the Zev striker: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/886920/zev-technologies-skeletonized-ultra-light-firing-pin-glock-9mm-luger-357-sig-40-s-and-w-45-gap-all-generations-stainless-steel or other lightened/extended striker what was the lowest strength spring (or modified spring) were you able to get "100%" reliability using: Fed Small Pistol (Minor) Winchester Small Pistol (2nd choice for min
  5. I have a Gen 3 Midway optic slide for a G17. I have Gen 3 G22 (.40) and a Gen 3 G37 (45 GAP) that I rarely use. I want to use one of them to run the G17 slide. Other than the ejector with housing and of course mags... what else would I need to do? Thanks.
  6. I have an LCR with covered hammer that I'm shooting for fun. Generally for a lower A zone target I just try to pull through on the trigger until it breaks. For upper AB or for groups I try to pull on the trigger "fast" until the pawl(?) goes into the notch on the cylinder. From there the I fine tune the trigger press and sight alignment until it breaks. I'm finding that under time/stress I can't do this consistently. For the most part I just blow through that cylinder click and I have bigger groups. So what's your technique for a body shot?
  7. I talked to a guy at Decot. From what is on their website and from what you guys are saying he eventually just recommended single vision lenses with the non-dominant set for far and the dominant eye set for a "soft" focus. Meaning if your reading adjustment is +100 they would just do a +50. Or something like that. Anyways why would you not use this set-up for every day? Thanks.
  8. I got one of these Midway slides: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/754435/swenson-slide-with-vortex-venom-burris-fastfire-3-red-dot-sight-cut-glock-17-gen-3-9mm-luger-stainless-steel-melonite It says the cut is compatible with FF3s and Vortex Venom. To be used for Open (mostly 3 gun Open). So maybe minor 9. Maybe not. Pistol will be dumped/grounded into a box/table frequently. Can you guys recommend the "best" optic for this slide cut and application? Thanks.
  9. I have conventional progressives: top=far, middle=intermediate, bottom=reading/near. Went to my local Optometrist to try to get glasses that have near/reading on the top 1/3 of the glasses and the rest far. The office guy said they couldn't do it that way. Anybody know of any online vendors that can do top 1/3 reading/near on the top of the glasses? Or any shop that can do it in Southern Kaliforniastan? Current set-up is of course blurry with irons. I don't tilt my head backwards (so the reading portion of the glasses is being used) when I shoot a pistol.
  10. Thanks for the info. I actually have a full Open gun. A 2011 that I rarely use. If I shoot matches, it is usually 3 Gun in TO/Tactical where I use a G34. Glocks are just easier for me to use in 3 Gun --- there's no manual safety to worry about when dumping the pistol into a dump box. And usually Major is not rewarded in 3 Gun. Anyways I'm getting older and thinking of transitioning into Open and doing CO when I enter pistol only matches. This stop gap of using my CO gun for 3G Open is just to dabble to make sure I want to move to Open. Anyway
  11. I have a Carry Optic top end using a Brownells slide and RMR. G17 Gen 3. On occasion I want to shoot minor Open with the Glock. I want to use my Production/CO load (147 w/Titegroup) with this Open set up. I want to be able to fairly quickly convert the top end from CO to Open and vice-versa. What kind of barrel and compensator set-up would you guys recommend? Have you used it? Does it work with a typical minor 9MM load @ 130 PF? Does it make a marked difference? Thanks.
  12. Local club that I want to join requires NRA membership for I believe insurance purposes. I'm an NRA member. I don't remember ever getting a packet with a membership card or anything like that. I get the American Hunter magazine. Is it reasonable to expect them to believe that I am an NRA member if I bring the magazine with the address label? Is my membership # on the address label like it is with the USPSA Magazine? Thanks.
  13. Looking for shooting pants that will fit a 3" W cell phone in the front accessory pockets. I don't want to carry the phone with my keys/coins/wallet in the main front pockets. Have about 8 5.11 Taclites. They can't take the new cell phone in the front accessory pockets. Want something like the Taclites: 1) light weight but strong build, 2) discrete enough for work, 3) good for shooting, 4) cool enough for desert shooting, 5) etc. What would you guys recommend? Thanks.
  14. Reading through this forum... Bought a 75 SP-01 and I'm currently on my 10 day. Want to set-it up for Production. Got a couple of questions: 10 round magazines... where is the best place to get them? I'm seeing $42 at Midway for factor 10 rounders. Currently live in a 10 round state. Any better prices? Any other good 10 round options other than factory? What bullet weight do you guys prefer for this gun? 115? 124? 165's? What recoil spring weight? Or is the stock one the one you are using? Hammer spring weight? Brand? Look
  15. A lot of people shoot Glocks in TI/TO. So looking to have.. "designating slide mounted optics on striker fired pistols only, everybody knows 2011's are a big advantage over Glocks, M&P's etc." isn't going to work. And in any case CO is basically a Production pistol with a slide mounted optic with full cap mags. Can't have a 2011 in CO to begin with.
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