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  1. It does? I must be gripping the gun wrong. I was going to talk to ya about that... JT
  2. That shit isn't any fun, I haven't got left downrange, but have had a shooter slow up on seeing I was going to get overrun. I clearly interfered with his run and before calling out the time or scoring offered him a reshoot and a thank you for not running me down of leaving me downrange. JT
  3. Getting a quote today, should know something very soon... JT
  4. I have one on my backup gun I can get you... They are going into production soon, hoping to have them out in a couple weeks. JT
  5. I'm heading in today to talk to a new shop to get them made... been getting more calls and emails than I can count. They should be done in a couple weeks... I'll know more tonight.
  6. Nah, already as high as I can go, but it might get me back shooting at the GM level. I think with what little shooting I've been doing I'm probably closer to A class now. JT
  7. Like this? I think I saw you make that move at A5.
  8. JThompson


    Holy thread resurrection Batman. lol I guess someone is using the search function. JT
  9. ...and from Appendix A3: Based on that I would propose that an RO getting downrange of a competitor is the ROs fault and he should offer a reshoot, BUT...if the competitor sweeps the RO with his gun, I feel that is the fault of the competitor. Even though I realize that DQ could likely be overturned if arbitrated, I would still issue it and let the RM / arb committee argue the discrepancy in the wording of 10.5.5 and the definition of sweeping in Appendix A3. Since DQs have to be supported by rule, what "rule" would you cite? Sanity check here... I agree that in this case there should be no DQ, but I did not say that, what I said was to regroup and then make your decision and here's why. If an RO falls or otherwise is out of position, they may not even be aware of it and if they are they might not be able to get the words out, I hope that is not the case and if that happens someone else would yell and I think in most cases it would not be a problem ,someone would yell, but there are cases where only one RO and none of the other shooters can even see the shooter or the RO. Happens with certain stages. At that point, if a shooter knows he's getting uprange and continues on uprange of the RO or God forbid, still engages targets, that guy is getting a DQ from my ass and he can fight it out in arb. There comes a time when the preservation of human takes precedence and if this person thinks engaging targets or leaving my ass downrange is acceptable then he needs an attitude adjustment in my book. We live by the rules here, but let's not die for/by them... If a guy/lady is willing to leave a human being downrange and continue their progress uprange then I will DQ for UGH. If a shooter thinks this game of ours is more important than a life we have definitely gone down the rabbit hole. That being said, I have never seen a shooter that knew and didn't stop themselves. JT
  10. STOP! Then USC followed by what the hell was that about and then make your decision on how to proceed. The bottom line is you can not allow a shooter to be up-range of you, or anyone and this is YOUR responsibility as an RO. The RO is responsible for the safety of everyone on the range, do not forget to include yourself in that equation. JT
  11. I know, but my point is, if it's a battle trying to get some scorekeepers to do something as basic as totaling up, or checking totals, how much more trouble will it be to get them to move to a new system completely. No offense to anyone here, but shooters can be a right lot of whiners sometimes. I'm rather interested in hearing the downside stories just to have some idea as to what I could be letting myself in for if I try this next year. Has anyone tried and failed? Has anyone run into some major problems? Overheat issues, if they are in a hot place with hardly any shade they will overheat and turn off. (Ipod) Also, if you use the battery pack with them you need to turn it on from the start and not wait until the battery is low on the pod. Charging created heat and the combo of charging and hot weather or direct sunlight can make it worse. Moisture, if you get rain or a very very humid day the can and will shut down for moisture. Adding last minute shooters, you need policy for squad changes and last minute entry as if you add them on the Ipad and then they do it on the pod you have reeentry and or scores being done on the same guy in two places. If the pod does not travel with the squad then every pod needs to be updated with the changed squad people or you have the guy that moved on the wrong squad and not on the right squad. No backup paper or way to print each shooter. If I have to write down all the hits at the end why not just d the damn scoresheet and be done with it. And the biggest one of all, A lot of the CRO/RO do not like it and might even refuse to work for you at a major. Also, you can get a lot of passive aggressive resistance which can make everyone's day longer. The ROs feel that you are putting more work on them, or moving the work form the stats office to the ROs and they resent it. (Debate if ya want, but it's true) There are many more little idios that can bite you in the ass too, suffice it to say that unless the battery issues, overheat, moisture and printing issues are dealt with, I would never use them at a major again. Hell, I didn't want to use it for this time, but was outvoted on it. That said, I did my best to make it work including some damned cool chests and two pods, keeping one in a cooler and swapping them out to make sure they didn't overheat. There were a lot of little things that added up to a pain in the ass, many of them could have been avoided with better forethought on our part, but not having the experience with them beforehand is not the way to go. If you are going to use these for a big match you better damn sure use them for a BUNCH of smaller ones and get things running smooth and good policies in place to deal with it when things go sideways. One must have is ample paper scoresheets for when something goes wrong, you need to have a way to keep the squads moving while your stats people figure out what's gone wrong. If you a have eleven stages, you should have a MIN of 16 devices. If you want to hear more, call me and I will fill you in on the rest.... JT
  12. I have an early version of it and I was getting that sticking stuff and just put my Dillon funnel back in and no more issues. I get the odd bullet tip once in awhile because I just don't bell my 9mm much as the brass last a lot longer when you don't bell as much. fyi JT
  13. Micah, You're have the man you used to be. You look marvelous my friend! JT
  14. You're still a bagger! lol. I told ya you were M buddy. Great work there. If I had to send you off to work on something it would be footwork . I don't want to take anything away from you though, you really shot awesome. He just got the A class guys, you almost got spanked by a B class. lol JT
  15. Don't forget other factors, some people double pug, some don't hear well, some might not speak English. The first thing you should say to a shooter is Make ready... period. Now, I know it's up to them to make sure of the command, but we can save a lot of misunderstandings by issuing the MR as our first utterance. JT
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