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  1. I also enjoyed meeting and talking with you. Thanks for your efforts at A5!!


  2. Jim, Awesome finally meeting you. Sharing a few drinks. A few stories, and a new nick name. LoL Signed, EI!

  3. Ok, I was a little further behind than I thought but now we both have a GM card. Sweet! JT
  4. I was in Florida for a time and then here trying to get caught up on work. I'm spending a great deal of time getting a new website off the ground.

  5. Hey man, where've you been hiding?

  6. Jason,

    I do have some of you, KC and Manny. I've just been so damn busy since I got back. We voted in a new board at the club and I've been working on a new website which has taken all my time.

  7. Jim,

    Do you have by chance any video of me at the Nok Down match?



  8. Ya ya... bite me!

  9. hey jim did you know your older then me !!!!

  10. My eyes aren't very good fellas, but I am considering going to limited minor. That glass wrist of mine sure doesn't like major loads. JT
  11. Team Amish can you enlighten us on your impresson of N350? I have a bunch of it but didn't think it would be much good in 9 major. Cocobolo, just read your post. Nice chatting with you again in Vegas, by the way. The chronoing seemed to say it's really consistent, also not temp. sensitive. Plus, it's clean. I felt it had quite a kick to it but tracked very nice straight up and down. A little more gas at lower velocities would be nice. In the mean time I've tried a couple other powders - cheaper ones - but may go back to n350. HS-6 tracks the same for me but without the kick. The 170
  12. There's a lot of great info here, there is also a lot of waste.... IF you are going to post a load it's useless to do so without a OAL. Please remember this when posting a load. Not only is it incomplete, but a newb might not know that X load with Y OAL is fine, but X load with Y-.040 could go kaboom! JT
  13. Snatched up a buddies Glock (never shot one before) with his rig.... way wrong holster position for me... anyway, shot it in 3.2 with two charlies. Hey, at least it wasn't total embarrassment. The eyes just won't let me see faster. The big issue was trying to get to the gun. The first shot was like 1.58. I have it down to about 1 to 1.18 with the Open. JT
  14. That's a good run bro... Anything under 3 is not bad. When you have that few points accuracy is right up there with speed. Be careful you don't swap one for the other. JT Thanks JT. You are right about the accuracy, it seems that if I had 1 more point I would have made the GM score. Ya, at that pace, 1 point is about .35 hit factor, so if you had shot it clean, you would have had about 13.4 HF and had 100%. JT
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