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  1. Nice looking pistola. And a hell of a deal.
  2. One thing to note, you may have to tune the follower and base pad to get the additional rounds one would expect (3-5 rounds). I just received a new order of the extended base pads after I wrote my first comment. I will have to do the tuning to get 20 rounds, and the one I had previously fitted is holding 21 rounds. The Dawson extended base pads without tuning are holding 18 rounds currently with no modifications.
  3. The trick here is to order either the Dawson additional round base pads, or the non-additional round base pads. You can order Armscor .40 mags from Grecote and just open up the mag catch opening. They work perfect for me. And will give you around 20 rounds re-loadable. Magazines: http://www.gregcotellc.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=160&products_id=1612 (note the instructions to get these to fit in your Para) Extended Capacity Mag Pad: http://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80000060-1388517801 Extended length Base Pad: http://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80000067-1388517802
  4. That all depends on the magazines used. My 14-45 magazines measure 130mm with the base pads. With the ones that do not add capacity I am at 123mm
  5. Yes, for pistols with magwells, I suggest you use either of these. Depending on your use. https://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80000060-1388517801 (adds a couple rounds) https://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80000067-1388517802 (Does not add rounds)
  6. Wouldn't be able to provide a link to those Canadian magazines would you?
  7. So far I have one of the ACT magazines fit to run in the pistol. I did have to enlarge the magazine catch on the magazine to make it work, and add a Dawson base pad. Thanks Flash74 for the reminder to do this. I will work on the other magazines later to get them rolling too.
  8. I ordered a Kart easy fit barrel assembly and will attempt to fit it myself. I figure I gotta learn sometime.
  9. I just received 2 SPS 120mm magazines and they fit my pistol with the Dawson ICE magwell perfectly and hold 18+1. I also received several ACT mags for the Rock Island double stack .40 to try out, read that they will fit with Dawson base pads, but that doesn't seem to be the case for my pistol. I may have to find a way to get them to fit though.
  10. I purchased a Tomasi Custom slide online and am getting ready to order the parts for it. The slide can accept either a standard barrel with bushing or a bull barrel setup. I think in the interest of using this pistol in multiple games, I should probably go standard barrel with bushing. I am looking for information on barrels and what you guys think is the best way to go. Remember this will be a .40 upper to go onto my Black Ops .45 lower receiver. I intend to make an order from EGW for their HD extractor (once I figure out exactly which one fits in this slide), firing pin (0.68?) and firing pin stop (Firing Pin Stop Ser 80 38 Blue?). I will also pick up a guide rod and necessary springs for the slide (14 lb recoil and firing pin spring). So the last thing I really need to order is the barrel and I don't know which one to get. I do know it needs to have the Para/Clark ramp, but that is all I know. Can anyone assist?
  11. Anyone know if LimCat has a storefront? I live close by and wouldn't mind having a look.
  12. I was lucky enough to catch them on Brownells. I ordered several just in case I need them later. My hope is that Brownells or someone else will reproduce these for Para owners. Give it some time, if they don't come back up on the site, PM me and I will send you one of mine.
  13. I bought a Citadel 3.5 Officers 1911 single stack a couple of years ago on a whim. I think it was about $450. It needed absolutely no tuning, runs like a raped ape and is actually quite fun to shoot. Now, I would never suggest this pistol for any competition type shooting, but if I found a Citadel 5 incher with similar quality as my Officers, I would have no problem buying it and trying it out in competition.
  14. What specifically needs to be done to the SVI trigger to get it to fit?
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