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  1. great posts. When I found the skate board tape I was using too aggressive for my taste I painted over the grit. It worked very well for me. The paint softened the sharp edges and secured the grit better to the tape so it lasts longer.
  2. shadetree

    eerw trigger work

    Stuart really does nice work.
  3. 13 weeks in smyrna. Looks like it will cost me a little less than $230 to get my model 23 repaired. I don't have the paper work yet but this will include a new frame, all the small parts in the frame(springs, trigger assembly, mag release), a new barrel and I decided to replace the old trijicon night sight with a new set. With the exception of the amount of time it took I have no complaints.
  4. Week 4 still waiting.
  5. I have always used either plated or fmj bullets in my glocks. The failure was not caused by leadding. It looks to me like the failure was caused by a combination of an improper crimp (witch allowed the bullet to move back into the case)and old brass.. So far I have been very happy with the way glock has treated me. I was surprised at how little the are charging to repair my gun. The cost of shipping and the 6 to 8 week wait I could do with out but so far glock has been great to work with.
  6. Shipped my moddle 23 off to glock today. I hope the overestimated the amount of time it will take to return.
  7. Thanks! I've always had good luck following the instructions in the manual, but I still have to consult the manual each (infrequent) time. I've had mine for 11 or 12 years and I still have to look at the manual when reassemleing.
  8. is the empty case pulling out of the chamber or is it stuck. if it's pulling out but not ejecting you might want to check the ejector pin. mine loosened up after about 40k. ejection after that was kind of iffy the faster you shoot the worse it gets. my 22 45 is a mk II. The mk ii does not have the loaded chamber indicator so I cant comment on that. I can shoot 6 or 700 rounds before the chamber gets to gummed up. This seems to cause more problems with feeding than ejection though.
  9. I received basically the same response today from Fred. The bad news he told me is turnaround time is 6 to8 weeks from the day the receive the fire arm.
  10. I have personally witnessed three of these "cases". One in a Springer 1911 one in a STI 2011 and myown G35. I lost the slide stop lever. The other two were sent the local ER to have foreign material removedfrom their hands and several stitches. Could be anecdotal...I'm thinking not.Jim I had a similar event with my 23. I feel very lucky. All I got were a few cuts and burns, some bruising and a little nerve damage. I still haven't looked into getting the gun fixed. Mag release, slide release, one mag and the trigger are toast. The frame looks ok except for a little piece blown out the si
  11. Thank you for your service. Welcome home.
  12. I had a K 40 once. It was a well put together accurate gun. It refused to shoot reloaded amo. With factory new it ran like a top. Even with factory reloads I could not get it to run more than 80% I wish I never had to sell it.
  13. What a great Chritmass pressent
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