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Looking for a thin wagon


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I am looking for a “thin” wagon. Have the standard canvas wagon that everyone uses. Load up is a back pack, chair, medium cooler, and usually pistol gear but occasionally a rifle.

Present wagon has a width of 32 inches, including wheels. Looking for something at least 3 inches thinner for certainty. The wagons advertise interior dimensions and don’t include wheels.

“Problem” is I replaced my Wrangler with a Corvette.

Carrying cooler, backpack, chair and rifle in 90+ Florida heat and sunshine for 8 stages just doesn’t work for me anymore.

Looking for an idea to change wagons (not car).



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If your just looking for transport size this one is graet Amazon.com : Gorilla Carts GCSW-7P 7 Cu. Ft. Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon with Oversized Bed, Black : Patio, Lawn & Garden it folds both ways so it is a small square for transport but larger than the usual Academy wagon ready to use. I have one and really like it.


EDIT it folds like the one KMCA linked above but larger unfolded

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You can look into the Disc Golf pull carts. I bought a Zuca Transit Cart. I can haul two rifles/umbrella/water bottle/snacks/ammo. They have large foam tires that go over any terrain. No seat needed as the lid for the cart is your seat. They have different sizes of carts to suit your needs. The wheels can be removed if space is limited just attach them when you get to the range.


I just browsed their website, prices have increased.  They did a mil/leo discount of 20-25% when I bought from them. 


Zuca Cart build


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On 7/11/2022 at 1:14 PM, Balakay said:

unless you have a passenger, put the wagon in the front seat

 Yup, the measurements were from the front seat. Not much room there.

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