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  1. I have 2 boxes coming from BBI they have been at the Almo, TN post office since 8/4 I filed a complaint with the post office they claim "the shipping label must be messed up." I had some trouble getting them before covid I hate waiting. BBI did there job and shipped fast there is someone at that post office tired of carrying boxes of bullets.
  2. Just FYI according to the JB weld site it can be thinned with acetone
  3. I got my results yesterday I was 23 in April and went down to 14 now. I'm pretty happy about that. Hopefully it will continue to go down at that rate.
  4. That is an 8% reduction. It is my understanding that the levels are very slow to drop and any movement in the right direction is good. Don’t be too discouraged as long as it is lower every time you get it checked.
  5. does anyone have experience with water usage from the arctic cove fan? I would hate to have to add gallons of water to what I already carry.
  6. ^this for sure. I have read that vitamin C increases your ability to absorb lead. I stopped taking mine until I get rechecked. I'm sure many other factors make some people more susceptible than others. I am convinced hygiene is the way to combat it. I get mine rechecked in 2 more months.
  7. The cajun 15# p-09 spring and cut down p-09 guide rod uncaptured. I have around 3k through the gun now with no other problems
  8. Mine did that when it was new. The ejector was rubbing on the slide. The slide would go back smooth until it got back to the ejector and it would rub hard enough to slow the slide down. After fixing that and going with the 15# spring I love the gun it works flawless. David
  9. Mine was 23 a few months ago. I'm doing same as above and as soon as I get home from the range I wash all of my cloths in d-lead soap and shower immediately. I go back to be retested at the end of the summer.
  10. dr_boone

    p-10F issue

    My P10F after north of 2000 rounds and a #15 recoil spring is still very hard to operate the slide release. I don't think time and a lighter spring is the answer.
  11. the P09 guide rod is about 5/16" or so too long. it sticks out the front of the gen
  12. When I talked to them they only said they recommend the 15# or the 18#. They have lighter springs. I'm using the 15# and mine doesn't throw brass very far either.
  13. This doesn't answer your question but....I used a flat 15# spring ordered from cajun at the same time as the guide rod.
  14. I cut down a P09 stainless guide rod for mine.
  15. same for me. 147 DG Flat points 3.2 titegroup 135 power factor from an SP01
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