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  1. 171 since Jan. 2016 I didn't know you could do that-cool.
  2. Wrong BoyGlock, My gun is a lot better than me. It just needs a more capable operator.
  3. I've had mine for a couple of years+ and they are still fine. Although I could see them cracking if they hit a rock or something and the weather was cold, but.... But maybe those who have cracked them are the same people who have been told they could tear up a steel ball.
  4. I can't help with that much PF, but when I was working up a LIGHT load for steel challenge I started with 3.6 TG and went down from there. With that at 1.100 oal I was getting 113 PF, So I'd think 4.5 or 4.7 would put you where you want to be. Maybe even 4.3. Good luck.
  5. It's handy to have at least one goliath for those stages where there's things like stars, polish plate racks, and the other sadistic creations that designers come up with. At least when you shoot like I do anyway....
  6. Whatever spring came with the original 5 steel set-up. I don't have any others.
  7. I don't think it matters much, but I have used Ballistol for pretty much everything. Lately I've also gotten into airguns and reading the forums there they say Ballistol does not deteriorate rubber seals. So I'm guessing it's good for the rubber o-rings. My buffer system is always still lubricated whenever I take it out for cleaning, which isn't very often.
  8. The tuning process with weights need to take into account the PF of the load you're shooting also. There has to be a balance there and that is the tricky part. The way I understand it is the lighter the load -the lighter the buffer weight should be, generally speaking. My load was/is about 133PF, that's why I went with 5 steel. It has worked pretty good I think. HOWEVER, a few weeks ago a friend tried 4 steel and 1 tungston and said it made a difference. We're about the same PF. I tried it and it really has made a difference in mine too. The dot barely moves when I do my part and keep it
  9. Is it just with the goliath mags that you have the problem? I have one but only use it for rare occasions. I sort of agree with ZZT in that They probably do put a little more stress on the mag catch and over time they may wear just a few thousands and be enough to cause intermittent problems. I do think they are worth having one or two though, just don't use them all the time. I have good luck with ETS mags too. I just got some replacement springs for my +10 TF mag extensions and he sent 22 coil springs. FWIW.
  10. If you have another "new" 13 I'd try using it for a while, or at least the lower, and see if it presents the problem. If it doesn't then seems to me to be a safe bet to think it's your lower just maybe worn out. At least you could rule out the mags then, I think.
  11. I kinda remember the last thread. Something that just came to me. It's a 13 so I assume you've had it a few years and have probably shot thousands of rounds through it. Could the mag catch inside the gun (if that's the correct name for it) be worn and not allowing the mags to seat firmly every time, or wiggle a little while in use? Or maybe the inside of the mag well at the top is worn just slightly to allow mag movement? Or a combination?
  12. I've got one on mine too. You're right on all counts, lighter front end and balances much better.
  13. I need some new springs for them. I looked on the ets site but didn't see any to order. Who knows where to get springs for those mags? Thanks.
  14. I'm mainly a uspsa shooter, but IIRC, isn't the max distance for idpa 20 yds? Yes it does sound like two loads would be needed to reach your goal, although if only a few shots at that distance I'd think it would be a lot easier to just learn some holdovers.
  15. Since you're concerned with PF I'm assuming you are shooting competition. Do you have some outlaw type matches in your area that have shots that far? Might be fun. I shoot a 124 with 4.2 gr of wsf and I'm about 133-135 pf. My guess is you'd have to up the pf/speed to get the 115 to shoot that flat. But then dot bounce would be more, probably, unless you did some serious playing with buffer/bolt weight,etc., so that would negate the advantage of flat shooting I'd think.
  16. What kind of challenge, a shooting challenge or an acrobatic challenge? We are running a shooting course, not an obstacle course.
  17. The question for me is, why would anyone want to design a silly stage like that? This isn't idpa.
  18. I am not a builder of guns. A lot of folks are and like to experiment with all sorts of buffers and triggers. If that's your thing, that's good. If not be forewarned you can spend as much if not more chasing components that all work together just right as buying a JP or MPX where the Mfgr. has figured all that out already.
  19. Maybe it's just me, but I don't need a video to show me how to get an item out of the box or how it's packaged. Review the item, not the unboxing.
  20. Since you mentioned the goliath, what is your oal. They recommend no longer than 1.125, I run 1.120. Also did you de-burr the internal of the mag where it meets the goliath? TF has a video I believe about that.
  21. And they're the ones trying every new thing to get that extra .03 on splits.
  22. I like the Bass Pro range maxx line-3 different sizes. I use the middle one.
  23. 3 or 4 competitors who are really serious contenders, 3 or 4 thousand who think they are.
  24. Give'em hell ming. I agree.
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