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  1. Depends on your definition of dirty....
  2. Nothing special, just keep it oiled.
  3. FYI, for those interested. On my scale the Smoke handguard and nut weighed 5.9 oz. The JP handguard and nut weighed 14.45 oz. Haven't shot it yet, that will happen next week sometime. I bought the 12" pcc handguard with top rail from Smoke.
  4. But make it Virginia count!!
  5. I just ordered the Smoke handguard to lighten the front of mine. It should be in tomorrow or Monday. I ordered it with a rail on top so I could mount my laser out front on top and I may put an offset mount also. I have one from my previous pcc that I'll use if I do. If you call and tell them at Smoke you shoot competitions they will give you 20% off.
  6. That's something I have to continually keep telling myself. You'd think it would be habit by now, but noooo.....
  7. I went ahead and ordered a Smoke 12" today. Fingers crossed...
  8. What weights do you have now; Steel or tungsten? As a general rule the harder shooting your ammo is the more weight/stiffer spring you need. Between 5 different weights and different springs there's a vast number of combos to try.
  9. I believe they're talking about 135 power factor.
  10. Yeah, that's what I'm scared of. I don't really want to spend ~$200 and not like it.
  11. I'm pretty close to ordering a CF handguard to cut down on front end weight of my gmr-15. But am I jumping out of the frying pan into the fire? The lighter weight will allow me to swwing the gun faster, but will it also let the front end jump more with each shot? For those that have changed, did it make a difference? Is it worth the trade-off?
  12. Coming from someone who could tear up a steel ball, how durable are the carbon fiber handguards. I'm looking at the Smoke because it's price seems more reasonable and I like that you can get a top rail on it. But I wonder how it will hold up to competition and just wear over time.
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot that was in your op. I'm old! But is there a time limit on when you have to use it? Or sell it and buy a good gun--anything besides Glock.
  14. If you're just looking into it and you're doing it just for fun, why buy anything yet? Shoot what you have for a while til you see how serious you want to get into it.
  15. If the big ones drop why not just use it for your first mag then whatever to reload with? Am I missing something?
  16. I like RJH's take on this. It should be just for FUN. there's too many worried about how someone else would get some kind of advantage. This whole sport is supposed to be fun. Too many are worried about rules and competition. There's no new pick-up being awarded to the winner. Lighten up and enjoy the sport. ETA If someone does cheat they are just cheating themselves out of the chance to do something different and fun, so to heck with them.
  17. If I understand you right Sdlrodeo, you're asking, if the target is less than 10 ft. from shooter how close(or far from) to the target does the the ad have to be before it is a dq? For example, if the target is 4 ft. in front of the shooter but the shooter hits the ground 6 ft to the left of the target while swinging to the target, but still within 10 ft of him is that an ad subject to dq?
  18. Yes they sell parts. I can't say if you'd save any money in the end, but if you just want the pleasure of doing it yourself that's good.
  19. I was recently in the same boat as you OP. I was torn between the mpx and jp. I went with the jp mainly because everyone around here has one and I never could get an mpx in my hands to try. I really do love my jp and I only have about 1800 into it. As to changing out parts, order the magpul acsl stock, you'll love it. I was wondering about the trigger and whether to get the modular trigger they have. I went with the advice of the jp person I ordered from. I asked what I would be getting in terms of performance from the modular and he said "nothing". I went with the standard competition trigger and I love it, Works just as good as any trigger I've had. I am still not sure about the handguard. I may change it out later but so far it is ok.
  20. I'm 98% sure that, within sammi (sp) specs, the gun doesn't care. The mags are the main restriction.
  21. I have a Colt complete gun. I put an Armaspec Rhino R-23 magwell on mine. It is meant for an ar15 but it does help quite a bit with reloads. But nothing is really fast with Colt mags and lowers. That's partly why I just bought a JP.
  22. I made bold--- Would it be true then that if the pcc is unloaded the safety does not have to be applied?
  23. I know this is kinda "out there" but, the other day I saw a for sale ad here for a watch style timer. Maybe the host club could require the open shooters to wear one of them and the ro wouldn't need to be near him to record time. Might work well for 22 shooters at steel challenge also. Just a thought...
  24. Do you mean that after shooter is at start position and make ready command is given, THEN the shooter moves somewhere else. Why would he???
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