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  1. This age old argument of whether it's worth it to reload because of cost misses the point entirely. It's not the fact that it saves money per round, it's the fact that it disguises how much we spend on ammo. For us if we reload and keep a stockpile we just grab some each time we go shoot. When we only buy (supplies) occasionally in bulk it doesn't SEEM like we're spending money every time we shoot. And most importantly if the CFO of the household says something about the credit card bill, we can say, "But Honey that jug of powder will last me for months". ETA-supplies
  2. Was this comstock or virginia count? If comstock I think rm was correct. Just to throw a wrench into the works, what if he had done the reload then engaged the paper targets and THEN picked up that last popper?
  3. Good point. And as a PCC shooter who never worries about reloads I can verify that there are often several choices on how to shoot a stage. Picking the best is fun though.
  4. Couple of things. Like Beef says back and legs start talking to us older farts. Also, sometimes I just want to walk with the ro as he calls out scores so I can see how I did on certain targets, not be scratching around amongst a pile of brass trying to find one round that looks like several others lying there too. And if I can't loose 6 rounds, I'm in the wrong sport.
  5. I too was concerned about the cleaning of the Sig. Since I hate cleaning a gun that was a big part of why I want with JP.
  6. I'd say no on the SR primers. That would be the opposite way one would want to go IMO. I don't know how you got that much gunk in the FP channel. Sounds like just a fluke to me. I'd clean it and try again. I'd bet you will have no more problems.
  7. How to eliminate all the question marks about creeping/false start----just let everyone aim at their first target. If the gun goes off before buzzer=DQ. We wouldn't have to worry about practicing draws then also. Two birds with one rule.
  8. To me the thing about classifiers is, are they a valid test of uspsa shooting. IMO, some are some aren't. The ones where you can just stand there and shoot are relatively easy even for old farts like me. And now that I have a JP instead of the Colt pcc I did have, even reloads are SO much quicker and easier. If a person does mostly those that don't require much movement they can go up a fair amount in classification. But does that really test the movement and stage planning and execution of most uspsa stages? It seems to me--not. Of course, I don't have a better system. That's just my observation.
  9. egd5

    Is this a DQ?

    I didn't plan to respond to anything because I don't want an argument, but, respectfully, there's a difference between pointing a gun at something and letting your hand cross in front of it lying on a table/barrel.
  10. egd5

    Is this a DQ?

    Well, I'm going to stick my neck out and state my opinion. And it's probably contrary to a lot of the people here. I think we make WAY too much of this "sweeping" thing. I believe we don't use a lot of common sense when we get so paranoid about sweeping with an empty gun not even being touched. It's an inanimate object. It can't see a hand in front of it and decide to shoot. As for it being accessible, that means nothing IMO. We trust someone to stand beside us and load the gun and start shooting, so why can't we trust that he will not pick up the object and do something with it. What I don't know since it's unloaded anyway. I fully expect I'll be lambasted by some here, and tarred and feathered if they could. There'll be all sorts of reasons why I should never be allowed at a shoot again, but that's just my opinion.
  11. There, their, they're. Three different meanings.
  12. And a low recoil, no dot bounce PCC. Seems to be a never ending struggle to get the perfect combination of buffer, springs,quarters,weights,bolts, barrels, bullets,powders, and who knows what all else. For me, I'd just be happy to not have major brain farts during a stage. Just an observation--carry on!
  13. I guess you're talking about unloaded. But unless it's some type of gun that the hammer obscures vision of the sights, why would you even need to pull the hammer back just to get a sight picture? And for that matter, I read this a long time ago and thought it was funny and somewhat true, "Has it been so long since you looked at your sights that you forgot what they looked like?"
  14. The TF ones worked fine with my Colt mags. Sorry you have had bad luck.
  15. Thanks for the report. I know you waited a long time to get both guns. I was deciding what to buy at the time you ordered them. I've had my JP for a few months now and am really happy with it. I did put a Smoke Composites CF handguard on mine and it helped the overall balance for me, less front heavy. Happy shooting for you!
  16. At least there's no fishing vests. I do have a shooting shirt with our local facegroup groups name on it "Gun Dudes" But it is kinda funny how most sports seem to evolve into similar fashions.
  17. OK, just wondering why. But remember, things that make a difference to top level shooters usually don't mean that much to average guys like me. That 1/100th of a sec. doesn't mean much when we waste 5 seconds cause we move slow or forget our plan half way through.
  18. I'm not sure I understand. Have you shot it as is from JP and don't like it? Is it not performing as well as your MPX? It sounds like you are changing it just because you think it can be better. But maybe I'm wrong, just asking.
  19. I now use WSF with a 124 bullet. I did use 231/hp38 but changed. No real definite reason why though. Someone somewhere said something about slower powders being better. I never used TG because I didn't like its low margin for error in loading.
  20. Somebody on the B&S forum here has an ultralight barrel for sale. You might pm him for the specs. I saw it last night. FWIW, I have the smoke handguard on my JP and I really like it. I have the pcc version. It is a little smaller than the AR version.
  21. When I started shooting about 4 years ago with a pistol I tried 115,124, and 147. I was so new I couldn't tell any difference so I just went with middle of the road 124. Plus, I read that 124 was the original 9mm round. Since then I'm just too lazy to reset my reloader to try anything different. But also, for most all of us, I believe the bullet weight is the least of our handicaps. There's a lot of other low hanging fruit to improve our shooting to worry about first.
  22. Yeah, it is subjective for what is coaching. In this case I wonder, could you have added 'iiiiffff" ready to your beginning commands? Maybe he would have picked up on it. I'm just one who leans toward the lenient side.
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