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Is 113 Too Hot To Compete?


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I found out it is for me.  Yesterday we shot one of our monthly Steel Challenge Matches.  I do enjoy it and thought I was prepared for the day with plenty of water, Gatorade and Chilly Towels for around my neck.  I even had a vest filled with ice.


Still I managed to get cramped up with three stages to go.  I dredged myself along and made it.  Last stage is Smoke & Hope which is too much fun to not miss.


I ended up shooting 40 seconds slower than my average.  


Finally made it back to the car, turned on the AC and waited 10 minutes to cool off.  Drank another bottle of water and headed home.  When I got into the garage and out of the car I nearly fell to the ground.  Fortunately I held on for a few seconds, made it to my chair and started drinking more electrolytes.


Next week's match is only supposed to be 103.  Let's see if I learned anything.

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It would have been worse if it was USPSA. Some of it depends on the range you're shooting at. Shade available? Where I am we are usually finished before the hottest part of the day but it's still hot. Also if you barely make it through the shooting then still have to tear down the stages and put everything away, that'll tire you out. Less teardown in steel challenge. At some point I'll just skip some matches.

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