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  1. Very very very cool post/topic. Any chance you can post the various videos?
  2. That was the first thing that came to mind. There's others, but that's where I went first. Ordering a zillion primers from Eastern Europe isn't like ordering from Amazon, and I understand that.
  3. I spoke to them by phone late yesterday; seemed polite, articulate, reasonable. I am curious that they are no accepting credit cards for payment anymore; lots of possible reasons for that. BBB is not great, nor horrible. Yelp is the same.
  4. Anybody have more experience with them? Anyone actually received primers from Trifusion?
  5. It's varied over the years, but I can do some limited training at work in 0 minutes, or can drive 54 minutes for undisturbed/unlimited training. No kids, easy job, no other stressors.
  6. The best part is the "intermittent" element. Been there, done that on different guns/platforms over the years. How often is "occasionally?" The fact that it's intermittent tells me that it's a tolerance/fitment issue. If something was truly broken, for example, it would well, be broken and always happen. For fun, I would do the "mix and match" stuff you are talking about and take some notes as to what works with what. If it was me sitting there on the floor trying to cipher this out, I would replace the striker, and while doing that take a look at that striker channel. Maybe some dykem or Sharpie on the relevant parts to see if your theory is right, that maybe things aren't engaging when they should be.
  7. Nick why the long-ish time between M and GM? That progression to M was fantastic.....would have thought that tempo would carry on into GM
  8. Check your grip. Run some bill drills; given the ammo situation even 4 round strings will work. Make sure that sight is tracking straight up and down.
  9. 200gr at 168pf is about as perfect as it gets.
  10. Your video played fine for me; your plunk test sounded perfect. Where in Virginia are you? I'm local-ish and would be willing to meet to take a look at this stuff if you can't figure it out.
  11. Loading ammo right before a major match is fun and all.....but I would not show up to Area 1 with that ammo.
  12. What would cause or allow the guiderod to rub on the bottom of the comp. Gun runs fine until today; not 100% sure what happened, and couldn't diagnose the problem. Only oddball thing of note is the very slight rub marks on the bottom of the comp from the guiderod.
  13. I don't know that the word gets around. Too often students don't know what good training is. I spoke to a husband:wife couple who attended a training class by another top shooter; they prattled on about how great the class was. For entertainment I asked "Tell me 3 things you learned." They couldn't provide even one.
  14. I work for the .gov, and they sent us a class taught by a top USPSA shooter. Local-ish, so minimal travel expenses. We were getting paid overtime. Two of our group walked out. Literally walked out of the class. 80% of the people in the class were paying out of their own pockets; if WE were disgusted, I can only imagine how the paying customers felt. My job was to do an after action report on the class; lessons learned, instructor techniques we might be able to incorporate, and I had..........nothing. Shot a lot, though.
  15. Most of the time classes exist solely to make money for the "instructor." 26 students is obscene. A travesty. There are some great instructors out here; there are more horrible ones who assume that an M or GM card makes them an instructor. In basic LE firearms training we do a 1:4 or sometimes a 1:6 ratio. I can personally recommend Mike Seeklander and Frank Garcia. Mike offers a coaching program that is exponentially better than any class. Heck, your local GM can probably offer coaching.
  16. The shirt did not say the letter to spell out that particular word; it actually had the symbols I typed. There was no actual profanity on the shirt.
  17. Competitor wearing a tshirt at a match that says %$&^ Your anthem Your flag your statues. Violation of 5.3.1?
  18. When I shoot with lesser skilled shooters, I shoot "my" match. I shoot relaxed, feel good, and do pretty ok. When I shoot with better shooters, I get a little distracted, I shoot "tight" and make mistakes and earn penalties. I did, today, find a better way to break down a stage, based completely on watching a better shooter's stage analysis. NOT a new shooter, but still very new to Open and still mightily struggling with Open. Should I continue shooting with tight with better shooters, or shoot loose with lesser skilled shooters.
  19. Post some video from your next match. Might tell us something.
  20. You can, from the matchbook/stage diagrams see any oddball/peculiar stuff. If, for example, one stage is El Presidente and the other has 3 swingers and a drop turner, prioritize your time on the tough stages. It's always amazed me at how many people show up at a major and make no effort to prep/walk the stages prior to.
  21. IF it ran perfect prior to sending it back to Limcat, that's the variable that's changed. Call him and pick his brain. I understand that you didn't shoot it much prior to sending it off, but that's the variable in this equation.
  22. I've been using reading glasses for about 2 years now. Picked up an iron sight gun at work today and the front sight was a nice ball of nothing. For fun I put my reading glasses on and it made a huge difference. Any reason NOT to use $10 reading glasses when shooting irons?
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