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2020 PSA AR-9 Misfeed issues

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Which Gen PSA lower is it?  I have a gen 1, 2 & 3.  Sometimes they can be finicky with Mags.  I have one that hates OEM 33 round Glock mags, but it will run 17 round glock mags.  It runs like a top with ETS mags.  I had it back to the factory twice and they couldn't figure it out either.  I know it's probably not what you want to hear, but try ETS mags.

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Never fired before, very well lubed.

Bullets were slamming into the bottom of the barrel and jamming the bullet back into the casings.


One thing I noticed that was after clearing the jam, if I didn't slam back in the magazine, it seemed to work better.


I will try the ETS mags.


I thought I had read that OEM Glock was the best, but now hearing that they hate 33-round Glocks.



Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 9.55.23 AM.png

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7 hours ago, obsessiveshooter said:

Polish the feed ramp and ease the edge where it becomes the chamber. That's what I did and it runs perfect now. I posted about it, search and you'll see the thread.

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This will make it feed better with any mag. 

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On 8/6/2020 at 8:56 PM, Michael4843682 said:

Just received a new PSA AR-9.


Cleaned and lubed, and shot CCI 9mm 115 grain in a factory Glock 33-round stick.


5 misfeeds in the first 10 shots.


Really disappointed, and I was using Glock factory magazines because I had read that they were the most reliable.


Please help.

Truly sorry to hear of your misfortunes 

I almost bought a PSA 9mm AR last year but opted for a Ruger 9mm PC  as it was $120 cheaper

Glad I did now

Have ran 600+ rounds out if it using 17 21 and 33 round Glock OEM and Pmaags with zero issues.

Will stay away from PSA 9MM AR's

To bad have several of their Premium AR-15's and they have been nothing short of flawless for me

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My PSA 9mm PCC rifle ran fine with all my glock mags including some new 33's  until I loaded the 33's up to full capacity.  When breaking it in I didn't bother loading the 33's up to full capacity so I thought everything was fine. When I finally did  load the 33 up full I  had nose dive jams. Messed around with bullet shapes and OAL with no improvements.  I finally just installed the Taccom feed ramp and it started running everything with zero issues.  

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1 hour ago, bladewurk said:

sorry to hear this in a new rifle, but these often need deburring and smoothing of internal edges. Also very sensitive to bullet shape. Mag height should be ok. If it’s not I’d return it. 


It's interesting that they do sell a barrel that appears to be nicely polished and also has a smooth feed notch/ramp...


Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 10.55.31 AM.png

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I have a buddy who occasionally shoots PCC and was having this same type of feeding issue. He modified his barrel like the picture with a dremel & polishing and pretty much cured the feeding problem. I just put the Taccom feed ramp in to solve it. Our 2 PCC's have shot thousands of rounds now with no feeding problems. Best $20 I spent since building & shooting PCC's.



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