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  1. Sounds good to me. I found a stockpile locally for $30/k. Might go get a few more
  2. Anyone have experience using these for those calibers? I bought a few thousand because they were cheap and available, but have never used them before. Thoughts, suggestions, Save them for my 223 etc.?
  3. Maybe the ejector needs to be adjusted. If it’s tilted upward it will allow the mags to sit to high.
  4. Another thing I hate... when we made The rule that whomever drives gets to choose the music
  5. Especially when my wife drives the last leg home from vacation (this exact moment) and she sings along. It’s all keyboard synthesized hot garbage that makes me want to go shoot a match without earpro .
  6. Yep, still going strong. We both have taccom bolts and I hadn’t noticed any mag deformation. Her gun has only had sub minor ammo, but I have right at 1k 130+/-PF through mine and so far, so good (knocks on wood). A friend of mine recently brought over his PCC to look at because he was having multiple issues. It is an early model PSA Glock lower with a bolt that I don’t recognize and his mags look like chewed up dog toys. Could be the lower, could be the bolt, or might be both. On my kids gun the lower was fine and didn’t need anything. On mine, however, I had to take a few
  7. Well I liked my kids so much that I did another similar to hers, but didn’t go as extreme. I used a milspec buffer tube, modified MFT stock and my normal hiperfire 24c trigger. It comes in at 4lbs 7ozs. all the skeletonized stuff looks cool, but there’s no real weight savings as the metal is thicker and heavier to compensate for all the cuts. you can’t really go lighter on the bolt/buffer unless you plan on bunny fart only loads, otherwise it’ll beat up parts, your shoulder, and the dot will bounce like mad. In fact, my super light build bounces a bit much using 128pf loads
  8. Not much info to share other than whenever I go chrono my pcc’s I use my taccom ULW and my 16” upper. Using tight group I only average about 3 more PF from my 16”. Using n320 it jumped to about 8 more from my 16”
  9. What buffer system and does your bolt still have the weight? I tried this exact load on my PCC setup for steel challenge (no weight in bolt, taccom 3 stage buffer but with the Delrin plunger instead of the steel) and While my PF was also 136, I found the recoil to be rather harsh. However, the dot returned fairly quickly and my double tap groups were pretty good, not great, but good.
  10. I went one step further and built a PCC, a 22lr, and a 223 all virtually identical. They are purpose built to use in a special match that we do once a year and I find it helps to have everything feel the same. But, when i shoot the 22lr the dot doesn’t even wiggle. So for that reason I always shoot it last because I can’t run the trigger as fast on the other 2 guns and get the same hits like I can on the 22. what I have not done (and not really sure why) is run the 22lr for SCSA matches.
  11. I’ve seen guys apply skate tape on the carbon fiber handguard and it seems to work well.
  12. I’ve tried dozens of combinations, from light to heavy and The best of the bunch is almost identical to what you’ve landed on...100gr Berrys w/ 2.6g titegroup. I have a recipe for a coated 135 that is also ultra soft, but it’s just to slow. After shooting outer limits and speed option I retired it.
  13. That’s correct, they’re all identical with the large bottom and narrow top. No scrape marks or anything on the jackets...they’re brand new. I think I’m going to post them up for sale here and maybe a couple other places to see if I get any bites. If not I might start working up a load. But the part I can’t figure out is where and how to set the crimp...
  14. I’m fairly sure they were not pulled as I don’t see any of the telltale signs you’d normally see on the jackets of pulled bullets.
  15. Got 900 of these rem BJHP 147gr pills in an estate sale for pennies. My googling leads me to believe they’re primarily for self defense ammo, but was wondering if I should load them up for match shooting...or sell them. The bizarre thing about these bullets is that below the line the diameter is .355, but above the line it is .347. I’ve never messed with anything like this and I’m looking to see if anyone has ever loaded with these? Do they function okay at lower PF (130ish)? Any load data to share?
  16. Are the shoes interchangeable On the X-line, like the SVI triggers?
  17. Here’s my perception and my reasoning for choosing aluminum. I too will be shooting mostly minor, but also mostly for steel challenge. Therefore, I don’t wan the extra weight to slow me down and I don’t think I’ll need it to help offset what minimal recoil there claims to be with this gun. However, I will also occasionally be using it to shoot .40 for USPSA matches. But if it shoots as soft as others have claimed then I’m not to worried about the implications of the reduced weight of the aluminum grip. Also, if you’re worried about the aluminum breaking, stop worrying now
  18. One of my PCC’s has one and I can’t make it jam. It just eats and eats and eats.
  19. I have several different bolts and the only one, yes the only one, that has not had a single failure to feed, cycle, or eject has been the taccom. Tim has massaged and tuned his bolts in all the right places. Mine is not the one with the fancy nickel coating, because I’m a poor, but they are mechanically identical. Aside from that, Tell your neighbor not to cheap out on the parts that count (lower, trigger, bolt/buffer, mags) but to go full-poor on all the other stuff and it will still likely run (upper, handguard, barrel, buffer tube, shoulder stock, sights, lasers, ba
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