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  1. One of my PCC’s has one and I can’t make it jam. It just eats and eats and eats.
  2. I have several different bolts and the only one, yes the only one, that has not had a single failure to feed, cycle, or eject has been the taccom. Tim has massaged and tuned his bolts in all the right places. Mine is not the one with the fancy nickel coating, because I’m a poor, but they are mechanically identical. Aside from that, Tell your neighbor not to cheap out on the parts that count (lower, trigger, bolt/buffer, mags) but to go full-poor on all the other stuff and it will still likely run (upper, handguard, barrel, buffer tube, shoulder stock, sights, lasers, bayonets, gizmos and do-hickeys)
  3. Sounds like yellow jackets in a frenzy. Those little devils don’t calm down until their enemy is destroyed..or in my case, until my ear, my lip, my back, and my inner thigh (exceptionally close to the family jewels) were destroyed. Hate those things.
  4. The best combination I’ve found is the taccom 3 stage buffer and the rifle spring. And no, I don’t have a rifle length buffer tube. however, before you run out at purchase anything new, stay tuned because a brand new type of system is coming out soon and it’ll trump everything currently on the market, and it won’t be outrageously priced either.
  5. I’ll buy it off you if you make that switch!
  6. What handguard, barrel, and barrel nut is this?
  7. Well guys I think I completed my mission. It took some custom parts and lots of tweaking, but the finished product is 62.5 ounces (3.90 lbs). This gun is purpose built for steel challenge only and we were able to create a load/buffer/spring/trigger combo that runs 90pf ammo flawlessly. And best of all the dot barely even wiggles and the recoil feels about equal to my 10/22 shooting mini mags! When my kid opened her box Christmas morning and took it out she said “is this really a PCC daddy? It feels lighter than my 10/22!” Truth be told, it’s 3 ounces heavier than her 10/22, but the weight is balanced well to make it feel lighter.
  8. I’ve used 147 with 2.8 for steel and 3.2 for uspsa. with 124/5’s I use 3.2 for steel and 3.8 for uspsa 1.110 oal
  9. Tim, i finally see the light! I’m sure everyone already knows the difference, but I didn’t. The new style bolts have a plateau cut on top where the charge handle grabs them. This way, the heavy key on the first gen bolts can go bye-bye and a trimmed down key can take its place. In the case of your extreme bolt, it is a VERY slimmed down version. So, with the old version key it is heavy and it gets slammed forwards, hits the charge handle, and cranked backwards when charging. No wonder they fall apart, bad design. I ordered aomw some new grade 8 screws to repair my old bolt, but It’s going in my Range bag and I’m ordering a new style. Thanks for your bluntness...the world needs more of you ?
  10. Where’s the best place to buy food replacement bolts?
  11. I’ll try that approach and see what happens. Thanks for the tips!
  12. FTE seems to be the problem. Perhaps a new extractor? I will say the rifle only had about 3-400 rounds through it so far.
  13. Okay so I have in my possession a 3 stage buffer along with both a rifle and a carbine spring. My gun has an NFA bolt with the weight removed and the taccom ULW Barrel. I’m primarily using the gun for steel challenge and right now my ammo is about 115pf. anyone else have a similar setup? What spring works best, bolt weighted or non?
  14. My daughters 15-22 won’t run mini mags, they jam every other shot. Standard velocity seems to work great. Anyone else experience this?
  15. Standby ? actually, just using a milspec as my prototype for now.
  16. Update got my TN arms poly lower in yesterday. It weighs 7.8 oz stripped. found a way to save a $150. Spikes stripped forged upper weighs 5.8 and it’s only $80 at joe bobs part# SFT56M4
  17. I think if you added the taccom ULW Barrel you would see the most gains (weight-loss) of any other mid you could do.
  18. This is for my precious baby...cost is not a factor (as long as the CEO doesn’t know LOL)
  19. I didn’t know they were so light. I figured hogue stuff was heavy. Thanks for the safety tip, I’ll research it a bit, but also check out the seekins.
  20. Here’s a thought (that I’m sure will trigger more thoughts ?) why not do something that will take all the guess work out of correct aiming for starting position. Two ideas: 1 - have the start cone become the first target for any rimfire or pcc. Shoot that thing in the middle first, then onto the array. Or 2 - mandate lasers for all rimfire and pcc’s! Sure I supposed gamers would tweak the laser a little left or a little down to gain a few inches, but it would still be rather tacticool for everyone to have lasers! ? seriously though, I think RO’s (like myself) just need to be mindful and take a position behind the shooter at an angle that will allow them to see if the barrel is aiming at the cone/sign/stick/hubcap etc... and if it’s not pointed in that direction, don’t start the stage. I think of the starting sign as a strike zone in baseball. We all generally know where it is, but it usually varies a few inches depending on the batter (shooter) and the umpire (RO). If a ball is thrown on the edge of the strike zone sometimes it’s a strike (standby...beep) and sometimes it’s a ball (shooter, aim at the hubcap). If it’s a wild pitch and the umpire calls a strike, shame on him for not making the right call; same thing for the RO who doesn’t correct a wildly off target starting position prior to the beep.
  21. I’m in the same boat as the OP. My 10 y/o wanted a pistol to begin action shooting as well. Therefore, I bought her a full size M&p .22, a holster, and 5 extra mags to go along with it. She will train with that gun until she’s able to handle a 9mm, and then she will get my M&p 9 and She’ll be able to use the same holster. Her main problem is that she is a tiny little girl and she can’t rack the 9mm without making crazy unsafe moves. So, .22’s it is until she’s able to safely operate something with a stiffer spring.
  22. Tim, I’ve been on the fence, but you just convinced me ?
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