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  1. I switched to Kynshot/Blitzkrieg buffer many thousands of rounds ago , 1st of all nylon dpacer was always used in my Colt mag PCC and never broke a catch . I got an FM-9 and am using it without a spacer. Just Blitz buffer and AR-10 spring. Spacing seems good and it functions great
  2. JP Original Fire Control Kit with speed hammer gets my vote
  3. sorry to hear this in a new rifle, but these often need deburring and smoothing of internal edges. Also very sensitive to bullet shape. Mag height should be ok. If it’s not I’d return it.
  4. I have one and it’s ok, but more creep and heavier than my old JP full fire control kit which I compare all triggers to. Seems hard to beat a handfit JP still!
  5. PSA for Colt mag here, runs fine after normal tweaks. Foxtrot Mike for Glock Mags runs great also
  6. I have the lower and it has the best mag position for feeding in my opinion. it even feeds stubby flat points and HP
  7. My old Rock River has been running for years, got a spare FP but have never needed it. oh wait you mean Glock pattern ??
  8. I may be willing to buy the .40 dies if you will sell separate

    1. dapribek


      Probably not, but if the gentleman buys my press, I’ll ask him to pm you. 

  9. I have been happy with the Spikes Glock cut and a PSA Colt style, but if I were you I'd buy the GMR15 stripped lower.
  10. ya'll could try an ASC or Cproducts plastic follower, ASC sold me some separately a while back. Bright orange plastic and slightly smaller than the Metalform steel ones.
  11. I have an Adco ramped old style RRA bolt with about 3000 rounds thru and no breaks, but it does look beat up. I have a standard FCG, standard hammer with JP Hammer spring. A spare FP is on order JIC
  12. If these are Colt/Metalform they will be stamped and welded Steel , the crappy ASC/Cprod are plastic but can be made to work also ETA: NVM I thought this was a coupler
  13. I went to a 32/10 instead of 32/32. Less unwieldy and gets me 42 reloadable. Is that what you're doing here? I had to flip springs so they wouldn't slip past and jam "sandwiched lockplate thing", and it still took 3 assembly trial and errors.. But reliable now
  14. nobody wants to copy my plans unless its their 1st match and they don't know any better. I have seen some new guys led astray by last minute advice and they just get information overload and self-destruct.. But that teaches them something valuable also
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