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  1. Also case volume is a factor for powder burn with light charges, smaller combustion area is better. In my case the volume of the .44 Mag case I was using was a determent, case volume in a .38 spl is much better. As I said, I was a newbie and started using faster burn rate W231 because it was cleaner and got in the habit of using a small brush to keep things clean and never had an issue again.
  2. Funny story. Back in the 80's when I got my first revolver (Lew Horton 3" round butt S&W 629) I was shooting it a lot with reloads using 240 gr. lead bullet and Unique powder. One range session I reloaded and could just not get the cylinder closed? It was close but it would lock in and I couldn't see anything wrong that was causing it. I was a relatively new shooter at this point and this was my first revolver so after not being able to troubleshoot the problem I put it away for the session. Later I took at it to try and find the issue and looked it all over even looking at the part of the cylinder under the extractor star and found nothing. I kept at it and finally looked at the underside of the extractor star and found one perfect flake of unburned Unique stuck to the underside of the star that was causing a headspace problem. A quick brush off and everything was back to normal. It was then I realized than a small thing can put a revolver out of commission. At that time with no internet to consult I actually came to the same conclusion and took a Dremel cutoff wheel and grooved the backside of the extractor star to provide clearance for crud. It made sense at the time but because of this experience I also started regularly brushing under the star on the cylinder and on the back of the star. I also learned the lesson of using a clear burning powder. With the many revolvers that came after that, I never did the Dremel thing again, just kept them clean. Just a story to show that it can be a problem. Now if I had not had that problem back then and started cleaning my revolvers properly (and using cleaner powder) I would have never known it could be a problem. With the internet shortening the learning curve for shooters today, it is probably not an issue anymore.
  3. Typically seating stems are for round nosed or truncated cone bullets. Been awhile since I loaded on the SD but I assume that is what is on the machine. If you are talking about seating full wadcutters (not semi wadcutters) Then you typically want a flat stem. Sometimes you can seat WC's with the RN/TC stems but sometimes it doesn't work especially if you are working with soft swaged WC's. If they are cast WC's they will probably me more resistant to deformation but you have to try and see. Something I have done in the past to make a regular seating die work for full swaged WC's is to back the seating stem out and stick one of the WC's backwards into the seating die and then use it to seat some test WC's. The WC will get seated/compressed and now act as a solid faced seating plug to seat WC's since it will not compress anymore after the initial seating. You can still screw the seating stem up and down like a normal seating die. The good thing is since it is not a permanent modification you can just pop it out and keep it with the conversion and reuse it when needed.
  4. I just dropped one of my G20 10mm mags with the large Arredondo 140mm extension into the gauge and it dropped right in, perfect fit.
  5. Primers are two pieces and when the primer is seated to the correct depth it is "set" or "cocked" and then it is ready to get hit by the FP. If it is not seated correctly then it is not set so it doesn't go off when hit. That is why if it goes off with a second hit many times the first hit "set" the primer so the second hit will then set it off. Simplistic explanation but it gets the point across.
  6. I second this recommendation, but I also think it is the only real option available? I use mine quite a bit and it makes it real easy to load my 5x mags at a time.
  7. Collet style pullers don't work with coated or lead bullets, inertia is the only way to pull those without ruining them. Some profiles of 9mm fmj's are tough to grab with a collet unless you totally distort the bullet and if you really want them pulled you need to pull them it takes inertia.
  8. I had 2x gen 1's in .40 (sold off 1x off to a friend) and they both ran fine with reloads and some hot LE ammo I have laying around. I picked up a gen 2 in 9mm and it also have been running great with lead reloads and hot JHP ammo. I really like them, lots of fun to shoot. The only thing is being a big dude I have a hard time getting down on the sights. On the gen 2 I put on one of those Midwest Industries scope mounts so I could mount a red dot. It seems high on the gun but it turns out it is perfect for me and works well.
  9. A SAKO style pivoting extractor built into the replaceable breach face. Interesting.
  10. No, I have done it with the same mags. I have a 90's SV open gun with a bunch (3x170's & 3x140's) 1st gen mags that was chambered in 9x23. I had it re-barreled into 9mm and the mags run fine with no changes.
  11. They also made a nice adjustable rear sight that was an alternative to a BoMar. While the BoMar was square and sharp the Whichita had a nicely rounded body and rear blade. I had one sunk into a Tanfoglio back in the 90s and whish I had bought more.
  12. I have my bench set up with my Dillon 650 and 550 and a single stage. I have the holes drilled for my shot shell presses and Star lube sizer but it is a PITA to clear off the junk to mount them so I just don't use them like I should. I started using the Inline system and now it is easy to pop off my Single stage press and mount the lube sizer or one of the three shot shell presses.
  13. Was using my STI Spartan in .45 ACP until I got this a few years ago.
  14. I sent my Rem 11-87 Police to Hans back in the 90's when he was still in CA. It is a great shooting HD gun. Throughout the years I have used a lot of his accessories, I like his mag extensions and his big dome safety button. I was glad to see he finally got out of CA and came here to AZ.
  15. If you are using the small rifle plate (that is what I use) you need to slide the metal clip over in the drop opening so the cases drop correctly.
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