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  1. Yes these were "half jacket" bullets made by Speer. I have shot lots of these back when they still made them and still have some sitting on the shelf. These are basically jacketed bullets and should be loaded as such. Think of it as a jacketed bullet where the jacket doesn't go up above the mouth of the case when loaded. Other than that it has the jacket on the bearing surface of the bullet where it is important. When I shot these they performed great and I have never heard of any issues with any jacket separation with these types of bullets? From what I saw they were discontinued by Speer
  2. Honestly I do not know. I have had the tool for 20+ years (there was only one choice when I got it) and it is slightly different looking but works the same way. I would rely on Brownell's tech service to make sure you get the right one.
  3. I use this tool to safely tighten the rod on my revolvers without damaging it and have never had any of them loosen during use. When you need to loosen it for maintenance you have to tool and don't have to use vise grips. extractor rod tool
  4. 160 gr. Bayou @1.170" Win Case Fed 100 3.1 grs of N320 gives me 804 fps ave. (129 PF) out of my S&W929
  5. I load 160 gr. bullets for my 929. I mostly use N320 but since I use a lot of WST in other loads I tried it also for the 929 and it worked well. Both of these powders are very clean in the 929 loads which is important for me.
  6. Intel6

    Max Michel 1911

    Just measured both my .40 & .45 ACP MAX pistols (sorry don't have a 9mm yet) and found they both seemed to be the same at 0.255" It was a PITA because there are those little relief cuts around the blade but I kept coming up with around the same measurements.
  7. Aaaand the the 6 Grendel is much just a 6 PPC that has been around for may many years before that I have been shooting it since the early 90's
  8. ChuckS is right. I got my 650 in 1995 and it had that style of funnel. They had a plastic insert to fit inside for 9mm so it wouldn't do that. It worked but was a PITA to install and take out when going to another caliber. One Area 2 years ago I brought my 650 w/casefeeder with me and dropped it off at Dillon for a refurb. They replaced the whole case feeder (mine didn't have the metal plate on the side) and I noticed they did away with flat sided funnel and went with a round one which works fine without the insert.
  9. Your problem is that the CCI primers are slightly larger in diameter than other brands. They are still within tolerances, just larger. Learned this long ago when I used to hand prime all my reloads. The CCI were always harder to get in the pockets and almost impossible in Mil cases. I use CCIs on some batches of brass when regular primers start going in a little too easy. I found CCI primers have just a bit more friction and lets me continue to use the brass. Since the 750 is manually primed by you pushing the handle on the return stroke you should feel the resistance and know i
  10. I have a bone stock STI Eagle in 45 ACP and it runs lead 200 SWC's fine. I got new STI mags (had it for 10+ years so Gen 1 mags) with it and have used them with no issues, no tuning needed with mine.
  11. Down here near the border there is lots of .40 brass around from the Border Patrol. While they use the purple Winchester stuff now you used to find lots of Both the regular Federal and the FC 12 headstamp so I have used both types with no problems.
  12. My PSA 9mm PCC rifle ran fine with all my glock mags including some new 33's until I loaded the 33's up to full capacity. When breaking it in I didn't bother loading the 33's up to full capacity so I thought everything was fine. When I finally did load the 33 up full I had nose dive jams. Messed around with bullet shapes and OAL with no improvements. I finally just installed the Taccom feed ramp and it started running everything with zero issues.
  13. I have used FC 12 40 brass quite a bit and have had zero issues with it. I have a batch that I have loaded multiple times for practice and it has been fine.
  14. I use both the spray and the lotion. The lotion is good for getting a good base coat on the hands and then I use the spray for touch up during the match. Trying to use the lotion to touch up a few lite spots adds too much, the spray is just right.
  15. It is my understanding that it is some sort of Zinc plating on a brass case and then coated in purple dye. Being down here close to the southern border I see a lot of this stuff since it is used by the Border Patrol. When I first got my hands on some I immediately tried it in my wet tumbler and got the same crappy results. I do know that you can run it in a regular vibratory tumbler and it cleans up decent and loads good. The purple dye will get polished off and it will just be silver but it can be used. I lost interest when I discovered I couldn't wet tumble it plus I still have buckets of
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