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  1. https://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=GG-GPRS&gogun-ar-15-polymer-gas-pedal I got a few of these one year at the Nationals. Put one on my 1522 and it didn't work out well for me due to my large hands.
  2. My son is up just north of Austin and they got hit by the weather about the same time so it was big.
  3. I also have never had a primer detonation on my 650 (got the 650 in 1995) using all brands of primers especially Federals for my revolvers. The funny thing is years ago Lee specifically said they do not recommend using Federal primers in their hand primers. Not sure if they still do but I remember reading and looking into it before deciding that I was going to anyway.
  4. I have one on one of my 625's and Dawson's on all the rest. It works good but I prefer the Dawson's for the smaller FO.
  5. Nice! built on a Safari Arms frame, definitely old school there. I fitted an old Colt Ace conversion to one of my SA frames like that, very distinct.
  6. Sad news, the revolver world has lost a great one. Vic was always friendly and a great person to talk with. I live way South below Tucson and would come up to shoot a Rio a few times a year but every time Vic would remember me and chat like we saw each other all the time. Rest in peace.
  7. I got mine because I have always liked shotguns. I picked up a shockwave and a Tac 14 wood just because they were interesting. I didn't figure I would use them for anything other than fun. I have had a blast shooting them and after shooting them you can get more proficient with them enough to use them for something other than fun. I got an adaptor and put a brace on my Tac 14 and that really made it more useable, going to leave that on for a while.
  8. I have on of those also, great shooter but I would like one with a shorter barrel also so this is good news.
  9. I have done that also for different cases. I found a rubber "O" ring of the right diameter works well also since you can slide it up and down depending on your case length. When I started loading 7.62x39/6 PPC I already had the correct adapter because I was loading .357 MAX so I just used that.
  10. I load 7,62x39 and 6 PPC on both my 650 and 550. For the 650 my case feed adaptor is a modified orange one that I use for 357 MAX and the 7.62x39/6 PPC. For the powder funnel it would be the same as I use in 6 PPC. Not sure if there is a difference between a larger rifle caliber like 243 Win but I am guessing since the PPC/BR cases are shorter they may make a longer funnel for the shorter cases.
  11. I have been running the FART with the supplied pins for over a year now and have never had pins stuck like that? It was a concern of mine at first but when I saw I didn't have that issues I don't even worry about it any more.
  12. I was looking to cut done some .38 SPL down to Mid length (basically .38 Super length) for my 627 and I initially was planning on using RP because I had lots of it and it fits decent in the clips I had. Well I found out quickly that when cut down, RP had too much internal taper near the bottom of the case and would bulge with the 160 bullets I planned on using. I dug around and found I had a batch of Federal cases that worked the same in the clips and they had less internal taper so when they were cut down the 160 gr. bullets seated fine.
  13. Intel6

    Ron Avery

    I was sorry to hear of his passing. In years past I was fortunate to run into Ron at different times and squad with him at matches, the last being at the High Desert Classic in ALBQ years ago. I also spent a decent amount of time sitting around bullshi**ing in the hotel at one of the Vegas Nationals waiting for scores. Quite an interesting fellow who really was serious about shooting and being the best he could at it.
  14. They said at the awards since it was a level 1 match anyway they decided this year to make it an "Outlaw" match to see if they could get some more participation by opening it up to the ICORE guys and others.
  15. Intel6

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Went through this same thing back in 2011 and came to much the same conclusion. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/130879-new-magwell-for-shooters-with-large-hands/
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