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3D Printed PCC Magwell Designs Online?

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Hi all!  


Before I start this thread, I need to preface it by saying that I personally have zero experience with 3D printing, but I have access to printers through friends who are willing to work with me.  In other words, please phrase your answers for a total newbie...


I'd like to install a magwell on my PCC, but I haven't found any designs which fit my vision of a perfect magwell.  If I could find an open-sourced or purchasable program to print for an NFA lower, I think I could take it to my buddies and modify it with them from there.  This is especially true since my idea is more on the minimalist side and will likely involve subtracting from the design more than adding to it.  Really, if I can find one with an acceptable attachment point, we could probably handle the funnel modifications if the program will allow us to modify the design.  Worst case scenario, I might be able to just go old school and sand it down after the fact.


So... does anybody know where I can locate an existing 3D print plan (design, program... whatever it's called in 3D printing???) for an NFA lower magwell?  




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16 minutes ago, ABQautoxer said:

Check places like thingverse:




No experience but I was looking since I have several friends into 3D printing if I one ones I like for the FM9 and GMR15.


13 minutes ago, Aircooled6racer said:

Hello: That is the site he has posted some of his stuff on. When he wakes up I will ask him to look. Thanks, Eric

Thanks for the link!  I didn't see any PCC magwells, but maybe somebody else with a better search-fu can find one.

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2 hours ago, VincePalazzolo said:

I am looking for a magwell that will work on my M&P 22. Let me know if you know someone that has one available that will fit. Vince


  TitanRocket.com sells one for the M&P 22 and you can get it in custom colors and text on it if you want

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I have a 3d printer. I also have a cnc mill. I have been working on a pcc magwell off and on for a while and have yet to come up with a version I'm happy with. The downside is there are multiple pcc lowers out there so a different design for each is required. I have printed some magwells for 223/5.56 forged Ar lowers that are durable and look good too. Me and my friends have been using them on our 3gun Ar's for a couple years. 

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37 minutes ago, outdoorjake said:

we would be happy to help anyone interested in helping  with making a magwell for what ever lower they have if at possible with our designs

Jake, I sent Brandon a return email earlier this morning.  I'll PM you with the gist of my email.

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Hi all.


I  have been looking for a magwell for my Glock 9MM NFA lower and besides the TechWell offering that fits NFA, CK Arms and a couple of other lowers - i cant seem to find anything.


Trying to find an inexpensive solution and 3D printing seems to be the way to go.  I cant find any 3D designs online for my specific lower... but looks like they do exist: http://www.makereadyproshop.com/taccom-magwell-pcc-magazine-funnel/


Does any one have a file they could share with me?  Or a lead on where to find it? 


Thank you in advance!

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