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  1. I am using the stock spring. I put a fresh one in when I upgraded, went ahead and got a new spring as well. If I remember correctly it's the 10-110 (308) what they come with stock.
  2. I agree. I recently upgraded from the gen 2,, to the SS SCS. I'm also running 3 tungsten and 2 stainless. I'm anxious to try 4 tungsten. I know people that are running all tungsten with factory ammo. I've seen where they will possibly get one bullet that loaded lighter than the factory normal and their gun not cycle. The 3x2 seems to be perfect for 130ish PF. I also bought an all stainless for steel challenge light loads under 100pf the tungsten weights are 40 bucks a piece! Looking back wish I would have bought the SS/tung version for 20 more bucks over the all stainless. The stainless is pretty rough with 134 PF, and it's in a liTE weight PCC VS my GMR13. A lot of people complain about the GMR being heavy but I think that's part of why they shoot so soft. I think the lighter you go the more detrimental it's to the recoil impulse.
  3. I meant it makes sense as far as the muzzle being at the end of the shroud based in ATF.
  4. I have my mags up front but at a major skew becaus I run all 33's found it easier to grab big sticks
  5. Yes very true! You still have to negotiate the reload that's probably set up for the weak hand. I like the way your thinking. You got me thinking. Lol. I like to game too.
  6. That's an option but it's going to be Challenge pressing the mag button unless you do it with the support hand on the way to the magazine change.
  7. What 3D printer are you using? Parts look. Very nice.
  8. I have been running a GMR13 for 2 years with the oringinal 4 weight SCS. I just upgraded with the new SS. I think it's a l better recoil impulse. I also bought a complete SS SCS for a cheap build I put together. It was a complete lower with a standard traditional buffer and spring with a spikes aluminum spacer. It was a punisher until I put the new JP SS. It's a world of difference. It's actually fun to shoot now
  9. I'm running coated bulkets. If it's the same as what yoyour ve been running. I wouldn't expect any new issues.
  10. Quarters behind a SCS will most likely cause you issues considering your moving the whole mass forward. Basically you guide rod will be further into the reciver while in battery.
  11. How is it not a DQ if you put your hand downrange of the muzzle? Are they bending the rules here? Seems like it's a direct violation of safety rules.
  12. Your best is to make friends with someone that that proficient with a a few Program and modeling. Jo N thingiverse grabcad and make some friends.
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