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  1. I run a 510 and a 507. Don't have any problems with this setup.
  2. This was just a proof of concept to see if the lever would bind. The lever simply slipped over the top. I wouldn't make it the same way if I was making a lever for myself. Though I'm now intrigue to make one to make the gun ambidextrous. My would be different to clear my large magwell.
  3. So I 3D printed a lever that fits over the Stern's mag release button and spans to the other side as a test. Works fine, no binding.
  4. I don't think it would be an issue since the mag release rides in a slot almost the full length. I'll check with the extra one I have whether it would work out not.
  5. Make yourself a lever that spans to the other side so you can use your trigger finger.
  6. Carbine spring in a rifle buffer tube means there is less preload on the bolt so it will start moving back early. The big issue is a rifle buffer is longer than the carbine buffer in order to limit the travel of the bolt carrier. By using the carbine buffer, the bcg is probably hitting the charging handle.
  7. The technical answer would be yes. The layman's answer would be no. If you keep your eye position fixed and adjust the elevation, the dot will move. But it is not moving much, 60 moa is 1°. So visually it doesn't move. With a red dot, you are seeing the reflection of the dot focused at infinity. If you draw a line from the target to your eye, the dot will be where it intersects the lens. If you move you head up, the dot will "move" up on the lens, but still remain on target. If you move your head closer, the dot will "appear" smaller, but remain the same size relative t
  8. The endomags are limited to 30 rounds. Even if you download them to 20 rounds, it is almost impossible to insert with the bolt forward.
  9. But you are stuck with the stupid Endomags.
  10. Feeding issue isn't the problem. It's the flimsy ejectors. If the ejector gets bumped out of place like from your mag pouch, it's not going to seat at all with the bolt forward. With the bolt locked back, it'll just jam up the bolt. They are almost impossible to seat fully loaded with the bolt forward, making mag changes almost impossible if you didn't already bump the ejector out of place. Even downloaded is still difficult.
  11. Go with Stern Defense. Don't use Mean Arms. The ejector is crap. I have a pile of those things collecting dust.
  12. After shooting a few hundred SNS coated bullets with Titegroup, my comp was about 75% plugged. I tried soaking it in various solvents and also running it in solvent in an ultrasonic tank. Kroil was the only thing that manage to soften it. Took a week of soaking and scrubbing to remove all the lead. It doesn't do it with plated bullets.
  13. That's a pretty easy mod. I would need a few critical dimension just to verify.
  14. I can modify the files if someone tells me what to change.
  15. G10/FR4 is most commonly used to make circuit boards.
  16. Don't use PLA. Won't hold up on a hot day if you leave it in the car. PLA starts softening at 130°F.
  17. Not necessarily true. You can print things solid, just takes more time and money.
  18. The ejector is too flexible. When it moves on you, it'll prevent the bolt from moving forward. The mag is almost impossible to seat with the bolt forward.
  19. I just went through the same ordeal. CLP, Bore-tech Bore Cleaner, Kroil, hydrogen peroxide/vinegar. Tried soaking overnight with the first three. Tried all four individually in a ultrasonic tank. No magical cure found.
  20. There are a few issues with the Endomags. The ejector is too soft. Occasionally it would move in front of the bolt and jam it up. I'm thinking of either applying some RTV or epoxy to stiffen it up, making it almost permanent installation. 2nd issue is even downloaded to 28 rounds, it is super hard to reload with the bolt forward. If the ejector moves on you in the mag pouch, you will never get it to lock. Since the ejector is on the mag, ULSC is a different process. You need to leave the mag in place, lock the bolt back, then remove the mag. If you don't do
  21. Jamie posted his service history here http://community.history.com/topic/34444 Definitely not a frogman.
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