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  1. I like to use jack chain. The stuff used to hang fluresent light fixtures. Can be bought at home Depot or Lowe's. The best part is you just use a pair of needle nose pliers and open the links to add or subtract length. If it gets shot just take out the damaged section and relink back together. I use cabiners to connect to props. Instead of drilling holes in poppers. I made a L out of 1 inch flat steel and bolted that to where the popper bolts to the base and attach the cabiners to that.
  2. I have a 3d printer. I also have a cnc mill. I have been working on a pcc magwell off and on for a while and have yet to come up with a version I'm happy with. The downside is there are multiple pcc lowers out there so a different design for each is required. I have printed some magwells for 223/5.56 forged Ar lowers that are durable and look good too. Me and my friends have been using them on our 3gun Ar's for a couple years.
  3. No tripping issues so far Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  4. We have indoor uspsa matches here. We use flexible conduit from Home depot http://www.homedepot.com/p/Carlon-3-4-in-x-100-ft-ENT-Coil-Blue-12007-100/100404116?MERCH=REC-_-PIPHorizontal1_rr-_-100569078-_-100404116-_-N .It can be easily cut to any length. We attach it to the wooden target stands and wall supports with clamps. Its flexible so you can create some interesting curved fault lines. When a fairly long straight run is needed I use 1/2 inch rigid conduit and slide it inside the plastic stuff. we also use sandbags when necessary to hold them in place. Both types are cheap and available.
  5. Supermoto hit the nail on the head. Wink Wink
  6. Here's a few pics of my stock II in a Blackhawk Serpa holster for a sig 226
  7. You could swap out top ends but im willing to bet poi would be different. I spent some time working on a fellow shooters open glock and during the process just changing comps changed the poi even with the same load. You could run a slide ride optic to solve the poi issue..
  8. I have the same setup as you. I tried to use the gun for uspsa major and steel challenge, However I could not get the gun to run reliably or shoot flat enough with steel loads and the 11 port comp so I gave up on using it for steel and just use it for major loads. It does run like a top when running 8.5 hs-6 with a 124 at 1.66 nice and flat.
  9. We been using this app for a local steel match and it works great. My question is how do you use this app when scoring with multiple devices? Is it possible to sync with other devices like practiscore does? Thanks Joe
  10. Listen you got all good info here so far. I too have a open glock and after ALOT of load development I settled on 8.5 of hs6 with a mg 124 loaded at 1.166 I'm using a kkm barrel and a 11 port sjc comp and a 11 pound ismi flat recoil spring. I tried all the 4 port comps, sjc, jagger, carver etc and couldnt get the gun to shoot the way I liked. In my opinion in 9 major you need the 11 port to get the glock to shoot flat. However it does slap the hand pretty hard but that just means the recoil is being transfered back instead of up which is a good thing. The glock is a light gun compared to most other platforms so it takes a little more to get it to behave. You may want to consider a different barrel, comp combo. Hope you don't give up on the glock. If you need any more help feel free to ask. Joe
  11. jmnjoeyd1


    Wow. That guy has some time on his hands.
  12. Very interesting. Keep us posted on how it works out. I have a stock 2 and would love to get rid of some takeup.
  13. The 2 parts that fell out on you are marked "A" and "B" The one marked "A" goes in first followed by "B". The other thing is not a tool, its a powder die for the hornady powder measure.
  14. Theres a gun shop in Ipswich Ma. called Patriot arms. He has them in different calibers made by a local machinist. I bought a couple a while back. They were like 8 bucks if I remember right
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