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Anyone use the Mean arms 5.56 to 9mm mag conversions?

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17 hours ago, Friction said:

_20180626_182909_91539729ffbb.jpgAnyone have any experience using Mean Arms 5.56 to 9mm mag conversion kits?  I’m not looking at them for competition use, but I like the idea ditching an adapter block to more easily share SBR lowers. I’m just curious if they actually work reliably.   TIA


I got a three brand new ones that I didn’t end up using because I bought an MPX. It was pre-ordered, opened it but didn’t use it at all.


I actually forgot all about it until I came across your post. Let me know if your interested. 


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Some good points addressed in the link to the other threads posted by MoRivera.  The key one that stood out for me is the process for clearing it on anything but an empty mag.  Since the ejector is part of the magazine, if you dump the mag before you pull the round out of the chamber you wind up having to manually remove the round from the bolt face.  The only way to ULSC with a partially loaded mag is to lock the bolt back and then drop the mag.  That's pretty much the opposite of any habitual technique.  I could see that being a problem for people.

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I have been using these for 9months now. I have had a few feeding problems. After great customer service I changed barrels and fixed the issue. The MEANArms guys really sound like they know what they are talking about. I haven’t broken any part on the insert. I am using a Palmetto state complete upper. I put over 1k through it with out cleaning and it still ran flawlessly. 

they said to pay attention to a Shot Show 2020 for some really cool new products. 

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I only have a couple hundred rounds through mine (Foxtrot Mike upper, SBR'd lower) but they've been pretty reliable.  As to the issue with being hard to seat with the bolt closed, I've heard that if you trim more off that tab in the back (the one you cut to set mag capacity when you first install the Endomag into the mag shell), that helps with that issue. Haven't tried it myself, though. 

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Joe dirt199 email them if you are still having problems. They are really knowledgeable and will do just about anything to help you out. 

they also have a lifetime guarantee. A buddy of mine messed up the ejector on one of his(not sure how) and they replaced it. 

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