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  1. Just to follow up. I just shot a match with the MecGar mag kits from the BSPS. (TTI Extensions, GramSpring and follower) and they were flawless with 23rnds of Zero147 JHP loaded to an OAL of 1.125. Thats about .040 longer than I would typically load my CZ ammo but I had a bunch leftover from a different batch of ammo so I gave it a shot and it worked fine. None of the mags required any tuning/tweaking.
  2. Has anyone had Primary Machine cut the slide without re-finishing the slide? What did that cost? Has anyone used Lone Wolf?
  3. Who cut your slide? Thanks
  4. Friction

    Accu Shadow 2 for CO?

    Are optics cuts possible on an original SP-01 slide? Has anyone done the same math with them? I'm using a dovetail to FFIII adapter on it now but I would rather have it cut in. Thanks
  5. Some good points addressed in the link to the other threads posted by MoRivera. The key one that stood out for me is the process for clearing it on anything but an empty mag. Since the ejector is part of the magazine, if you dump the mag before you pull the round out of the chamber you wind up having to manually remove the round from the bolt face. The only way to ULSC with a partially loaded mag is to lock the bolt back and then drop the mag. That's pretty much the opposite of any habitual technique. I could see that being a problem for people.
  6. Your 2nd issue is a huge point. I hadn't considered that since all the test footage always has the mags run dry.
  7. Anyone have any experience using Mean Arms 5.56 to 9mm mag conversion kits? I’m not looking at them for competition use, but I like the idea ditching an adapter block to more easily share SBR lowers. I’m just curious if they actually work reliably. TIA https://www.meanarms.com/products/detail/endomag-9mm
  8. All the good points about N320 have been made already so I wont repeat them. The only thing to considered is that while clean, it is also a very fast powder which makes it fairly innefective at providing enough gas pressure to a comp for any drastic effects. I use it with 147s and an 8” barrel and my brake is mainly used as a “loudener” so the timer doesn’t miss anything.
  9. No kidding, the 17 round mags probably wouldn't make the gauge if I wrote my name on the bottom with a fat sharpie.. I went with the Mecgar kits from the BSPS and am very happy with them so far.
  10. Have you seen any differences in loading difficulty/reliability based on the brass being used? Are you using typical range pickup resized in a press or something fancy like matched head stamps or roll sized brass? Thanks
  11. The Henning kit is $84, the TTI kit is $68. Both have the Grams spring and follower. The descriptions on the site are confusing but my understanding is that they both result in 23 round in the mag, 22 reloadable.
  12. Thanks for the info, I just tried to source those parts and with the CZC extension and the Gram Spring/follower I wind up at almost $60 per set after shipping. The Mec-Gar kit with those things and a 17rnd mag is $67 at the BSPS. As much as I don't want to get more mags, at an extra $7 it seems to make sense.
  13. A bunch of the extensions I can find online (TTI, Henning) reference only being usable with Mec-Gar mags or the Gen-2 (Shadow 2) mags. I have way to many original CZ mags as it stands to justify buying the Mec-Gar mags unless that is my only option. Any suggestions?
  14. Forgot to mention, the see through cover that comes with a FFIII is also a nice addition if you are using it on a non reciprocating mount. If you ever have to shoot in the rain or a real low angle sunlight condition you can keep the cover on while shooting. It would probably fly off on the first round if you kept it on and fired an open gun, but even then, the site would be dry until that point.
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