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  1. Patrick Scott

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    Probably the biggest winning gun- Quarter Circle 10 Glock lower Non-forward assist regular upper Shooting Innovations ramped 14.5 barrel Hiperfire trigger like the Eclipse Full weight bolt Blitzkrieg 9mm hydraulic buffer JP 308 carbine spring 140+pf ammo. The rest doesn't really matter
  2. Patrick Scott

    Mr. Bulletfeeder tips

    Sarge if the PD 115s are like the PD 124s I think its the shape of the HP opening. I think its so flat that it can actually ride along the ledge instead of falling off to get tipped upright. I tired moving the ledge more and adjusting the angle, still can't avoid one or two per loading session.
  3. Patrick Scott

    static cling

    One think that helped for me was to ground the powder measure. I just ran a wire from one of the hopper screws to the main copper water pipe coming into my house.
  4. Patrick Scott

    How common are broken AR9mm firing pins

    I have an Eclipse model that came with Blue, Yellow and Silver(no paint) the silver ones give the lightest pull and provide the hardest hit. Last time I measured it I got about a 2lb pull.
  5. I hooked a $3 makeup mirror to a $7 flexible desk lamp that is clipped to my 650 press frame. This is basically the view I have while loading. Not sure with the stations on the 1050 if you could work this, but it sure was cheap.
  6. Patrick Scott

    New Barrel Shopping

    No, I havent shot my 16" barreled upper in a long time. All I can tell you is that the SI 14.5 is faster than my JP 14.5. With the same loads the SI is about 100fps faster depending on the weather and ammo temp.
  7. Patrick Scott

    PCC technique

    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mike+seeklander+daily+dry+fire+challenge Seeklander has some pretty good PCC primer stuff here along with his pistol stuff
  8. Patrick Scott

    USPSA App

    Looks like its working now using some of these tips. Thanks ChuckS
  9. Patrick Scott

    USPSA App

    I had opened the app and looked at the rule book several times while connected to wifi. Maybe it's a phone issue?
  10. Patrick Scott

    USPSA App

    Are you android guys getting the rule book to work offline with no cell service? I was unable to yesterday at a match. IIRC the error said "No cached data available"
  11. Patrick Scott

    PCC start position ?

    Yup. It's up to the MD. Any MD that wants to slow his/her match down by not allowing it is free to do so.
  12. Patrick Scott

    PCC start position ?

    As far as the OP goes. It does not bother me as a competitor that a MD or stage designer chooses to make PCC do something different than the hand gun shooters. While I think it should be reserved for safety issues only, as long as its equal for all shooters in the division its not an issue in my eyes. It does bother me as an RO having to deal with who starts where or who starts in what condition. It does bothers me as a USPSA member to know that my fellow members are singling out a division based on their personal feelings and/or agendas.
  13. Patrick Scott

    PCC start position ?

    The rules have allowed unbagging and bagging at the side berms for quite a while now. If PCC shooters are not doing this, and are not standing at the starting area gun in hand as soon as scoring is done, they are doing it wrong. Unless of course the bay/stage setup does not permit it or the RO's don't understand the rules. I am still seeing ROs make PCC shooters unbag at the line and then bag at Range is clear. Such a wast of time that is not the fault of PCC or its shooters. Its the fault of those particular ROs
  14. Patrick Scott

    Whats the new hotness for the 9mm AR Bolt Carrier?

    I emailed them a couple weeks back about a custom barrel I was wondering if they could do. Took them a week to get back to me, but they did.
  15. Patrick Scott

    Whats the new hotness for the 9mm AR Bolt Carrier?

    I am currently using a Taccom Extreme bolt with a SI ramped barrel if that helps you.