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  1. Patrick Scott

    Aftermarket mag release

    Wouldn't say I was having trouble, did have to shift my grip a bit though. The Odin did put the release in a better location for me with my gun/grip/hand combo.
  2. Patrick Scott

    Aftermarket mag release

    I installed an Odin on one of my QC10 Glock lowers. It did tighten up the mag a bit, not that I ever had an issue(malfunction) caused by the original set up. I did however have to stiffen up the mag release spring by adding a black neoprene insert. The slightest touch/bump while moving would cause a mag drop due to the increased leverage the Odin provides.
  3. Couldnt stand the looks of the rubber band. Dillon 650 index return spring and Dillon primer tube clip.
  4. Patrick Scott

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    Glock mag vise blocks https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=glock+vise+block+
  5. @RaylanGivens This is the Firing pin I was talking about that Tim sent me as a "stop gap" between changes. This is the one I want more of. 4-5K on it and still trucking along with the hardest hitting Hiperfire spring combo.
  6. Looks about the same color as what I am talking about. I think, not certain that the big head causes some hammers to hit the pin off center(hits the bottom of the head first), canting it in the firing pin channel/bore. The tip gets beat up trying to make it through the breach face. I have seen somewhere where Taccom suggests taking some material off the bottom of the head so that the hammer strikes the pin on the center line more like how a traditional pin takes the hammer hit. I know why Taccom builds them this way, but it doesnt play nice with my fire control group. That is why I had asked for more of the normal style pins with the new hardening like these here.
  7. What color are the pins you are having a problems with? I found the silver big head ones were junk, talked to Tim about it and he sent me a sorta bronze/copper colored one with a small head that I have 4-5k on it now. I asked for some more, but that pin was just a "stop gap" he told me IIRC. He then told me the new big head ones would be that color(its a heat treat thing). I havent tried one of those yet.
  8. Patrick Scott

    Quest for the best non-mag PCC Optic

    I used to love the view from behind a Cmore slideride, but after running a Holosun 510 Im sold on that optic. The view is almost as good as a Cmore, but the 510 doesnt chew through batteries, is waterproof, more durable and gives you some reticle options. The only down sides I see(when compared to the Cmore) is that its heavier and the dot shape is not as perfect to my eyes. I tried a lot of tube style optics from Aimpoint, Vortex, ect. Never liked tubes for USPSA.
  9. Patrick Scott

    PCC Flag

    I used one of the cheap Tapco ones from Amazon. I put a small/light carabiner on it and I have a key ring hooked to my belt about where you would wear a pistol holster. At Make Ready I just pull it from the gun and clip it to the key ring. Reverse procedure at the Flag command. Simple, cheap, no fumbling.
  10. Patrick Scott

    TTI +10 magazine extensions for Glock mags

    I bought one when they first came out. Got about 600rds problem free through it. I have since ordered 4 more.
  11. I saw some stuff like that and decided to try it even though it looks like I got the issue sorted out. I rigged up something similar to that using a 650 indexer return spring and a primer tube clip. Cheap and it seems to work well.
  12. Patrick Scott

    How to Determine Best LOP for an AR9 PCC?

    Practice enough to find what works and what doesnt for you.
  13. Patrick Scott

    Blitzkrieg Buffer ????

    I broke the head off of my Blitz buffer right after Area 7. When I called to get a replacement, I was told they were seeing this type of failure from time to time and asked if I was running it with the bolt weight removed as that is starting to seem like a common factor. I was at the time running with the bolt weight removed, but after the conversation I had with them, I'll be keeping it in.
  14. Patrick Scott

    What lower is best for 9mm AR?

    Dont know if they are the best, but I have had great luck with the two QC10 Glock lowers I have.
  15. Patrick Scott

    TTI +10 magazine extensions for Glock mags

    Id be careful with that, go too much and you could create a step(the mag body) that the follower has to jump over to feed. Basically the reveresing the issue. Ill take a mag that is finicky to load but feeds fine over the opposite of that any day.