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  1. Ive used two different manufactures of bolts and 3-4 of pins and springs in my PCC guns, never had this happen. I'd send the company an email.
  2. @NickBlasta I get that, but how to get past the fact its stated that hovering over the grip is legal when its not specified? Or that DNROI said a PCC shooter could have been touching the gun when I asked if that was OK when hand position was not specified?
  3. As I said before I posted that document just to show that hand/arm placement is not a WSB requirement. If its not specified and there is no default, then yes do what you want within the rules. For handgun that means whatever you want as long as you are not touching the handgun or ammo source. For PCC that means do what ever you want as long as you are not touching the ammo source.
  4. Yeah, its reason enough. It was just a curiosity thing and if it does reduce effort its something that could help sway me into getting one.
  5. I do use case lube, but I have seen at least one review stating lower handle effort. I was just looking for some more input on that.
  6. Im mildy interested in a roll sizer, but I have a question. How much, if any does running roll sized brass through a manual machine (like a Dillon 650) reduce handle effort using a Dillon or Lee sizing die?
  7. While I almost agree with you, 8.2.3(if thats what you are talking about) can not apply to PCC. If you think about it. Table starts are the only(that I can think of) time that a PCC shooters is not touching the firearm in the stand by-to-beep time.
  8. I would think so. Just like a lot of handguns, a lot of PCC guns wont allow the safety to be applied when in the unloaded hammer down position.
  9. I dont think so, that document mentions only handguns where there is a rule in place to prevent touching(stand by-beep). No such rule is in place for rifles. I only used that document to highlight the fact that hand position is not required in the WSB.
  10. "Since the rule change, I have seen many WSBs that specify where the handgun competitors are standing and where their feet are, but the hand position is missing. If you don’t specify a handgun start position, savvy competitors who know the rules can have their hands hovering right above the grip of their pistol. This is now legal, providing they are not touching their handgun or magazine/speed loader, but it usually takes stage designers and MDs by surprise because that is not what they intended." source-https://nroi.org/stage-design/to-wsb-or-not-to-wsb/
  11. Shot a club match yesterday. Stage 3 was an unloaded table start. The WSB did NOT include any instructions for hand/arm placement or ammo placement for handgun or PCC. It was only stated that the shooter needed to stand behind the table. Here is my question: Could a PCC shooter be touching his/her gun and/or ammo after "stand by" and before the beep. I know in the rules its a no-no for handgun shooters(8.2.3), but since PCC generally starts while touching the firearm(ie no rule against it) and this particular WSB had no instruction for hand/arm placement, what say you? FWIW, I did not start touching the gun or magazine. I don't care either way, but as a PCC competitor this is something I would like to know.
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