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  1. I think 45* safeties are neat and I do like them. Because of possible compatibility issues and the fact that I really doubt it makes any difference on the clock they are not important or neat enough to stress over it if you don't have one.
  2. in my experience A DAA magnet will hold Glock mags pretty well up to about 25rd(if that) capacity, any more and it seems to be too much weight for moving around.
  3. Using range brass, no sorting, lanolin type lube and a Dillon sizing die my reject rate is under 1% or less with the hundo.
  4. I havent had any accuracy issues with RN bullets in the past, and the gun feeds JHPs fine. This more of a reloading equipment experiment/test.
  5. Looking for sources for 124gr jacketed(NOT plated) round nose bullets with no exposed lead. I have found that Montana Gold does it, but what else is out there?
  6. In my experience with a few different JP barrels I found them to be a tight bore. I was getting a lot of comp leading with coated bullets and after recovering a few out of some snow I could see why. The barrel was really stripping the coating off more than some other barrels I have. I switched to jacketed bullets. FWIW I was using N320 and WSF at the time.
  7. There is nothing on my gun for the stuff to eat up. If its an issue throttle body cleaner for fuel injected cars works well and can be had in "plastic safe" flavor.
  8. Whenever I get around to it, usually twice a year(I shoot 20-30K a year) I just hose the lower out with carb cleaner(not brake cleaner), blow it out with compressed air and lube the trigger, safety and take down pins. I prefer to use carb cleaner, because unlike brake clean carb clean normally has a bit of lube/corrosion inhibitor built in.
  9. For every glock mag I own with an extension on it I chamfer all the sharp edges on the follower, paying special attention to the lower edge on the rear of the follower. I also clear out any plastic molding flash inside the bottom of the magazine tube. I have put together about two dozen different generations and lengths using three or four different makes of extensions. I have no issues loading any of them to rated capacity. I did find with the TTI +10s out of the box with an untouched mag/follower they would hang up around round 35/36. Easy temp fix is just fill the mag til it hangs up, grip the mag in one hand with your thumb putting down pressure on the top round and smack the baseplate into the palm of your other hand. this will get the follower past the sticking point. Keep that thumb pressure applied and continue loading. If you do this enough times the follower will eventually wear down and the problem will go away.
  10. As a previous club BOD member and now 2yrs VP I have tried, but unfourtunatley the intrest within my small northern VT club doesnt seem to be there. Doesnt mean Im not going to try again this year
  11. In my area(2hrs drive)there are no other options to shoot a rifle.
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