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What are you shooting this year?

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I'm trying to plan for a few out of town matches this year. Unfortunately, I can't attend the IRC. I'm considering shooting the following matches, but can definitely change to meet more revolver shooter:

Arkansas Sect. April 29 - May 1

OK Sect. May 28

Double Tap. June 3 - 5

Area 4. Sept 2 - 4

MCC - Sometime in October

I hope there will be an ICORE match in Misissippi this year, but I haven't heard anything.

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My wheelgun will be slowly turning at ....

South Carolina Sectional May 7-8

VA/MD Sectional May 21-22

Georgia Sectional Sept 10-11

Memphis Charity Challenge Sept 31-Oct 1

North Carolina Section ??????

Maybe throw Area 8 (Aug 27-28) in.

Now the smart money says I have at least one set of dates wrong!

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Let's see...

-USPSA NC Sectional, ???

-IDPA East Coast Championship, October 14th & 15th

-IDPA NC Championship, May 7th

-Memphis Charity Challenge, Early October?

Maybe some others.

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Tenatively looking at:

Area 1 through 8 with the exception of 2 (I doubt I'll shoot all of them with a revo though)

IRC if I can fit it in

ICORE SOUTHERN Regional (gota defend the 6gun title)

ICORE MID WEST Regional (gota defend the match title)

ICORE EAST COAST Regional (gotta get out that way)

ICORE Major match at Caswell Ranch !!!! ;)

USPSA Nationals


Others as they fit in.


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Area 3, 4

Arkansas section

Memphis (might as well call it the revolver nationals)

maybe double tap pretty much the Nebraska and Memphis matches will be as far as I will travel.

I'm cutting out some of my local match travel and focusing on skills this year at my own range, allowing me to free up those resources for bigger matches.

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  • 1 month later...

Ga. Steel Challenge Feb 4-5 Griffin Gun Club

Area 6

SC Sectional

GA Sectional


Minor and speedloaders.

Paul Beck

I will make most of these matches with Paul. Only problem is GA and MCC are the only ones I will be shooting the round gun in. Will most likely go with 625/Major, but have been shooting all the local IOCRE Minor/speedloaders.

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Any local ICORE or USPSA matches..

SW regional


Trying to talk myself into trying to get a slot to the Revo Nats.. if I can swing it..

Show up at registration with money. It's how I got in last year. Shot a gun that I had just bought the week before, with minor ammo. I didn't shoot great, but it was a great experience.


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