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  1. I bought some of the spire point molds to cast 38 and 40 cal pointed bullets.. they seemed to want to feed better but when it came down to it, they were about equal.. the pointed bullets did look a little meaner..
  2. It's worked pretty well for us.. It works out for the extra prizes that seem to crop up after everyone has "walked the table" and no one is left to walk and what do I do with the rest of this stuff?
  3. I will suggest that a hybrid method is what I use for major matches we hold at Richmond.. Match prizes are order of finish, by division if the divisions are large enough.. Money Plaques go to Winner in Divisions. Smaller money plaques go to Category winners. Every competitor has a single raffle ticket and can win prizes from a separate drawing pool. There is no way to get added chances and the raffle is only open to competitors (no way to buy in).. The top prize is usually a gun or valuable prize, every subsequent prize falls in value.. so that the person drawn first gets a chance as the top prize, and then it trickles down as people are drawn and prizes are given out. MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN... My $.02
  4. That was a post I made over 11 years ago.. and was with the pre-Federal/CCI merger. Since they merged companies, I no longer have any issues as stated in a more recent post above.
  5. Speaking as an MD for both Multigun and Single gun matches.. I've tried a few variants over the years.. I've never tried the one on-one off style and it seems that it would create more problems with what others have said.. too many people on the range, parking headaches, needing to keep 2x as many people fed, hydrated, and if it's hot, under tents or some sort of shade structure. Multi-day matches where you might shoot 4-6 stages in two half days or a 4-4-2 format over three days seem to work out best. I'm helping coordinate a match that will have a hybrid format.. 4 stages on Friday with AM/PM squads, 4 stages on Sat with AM/PM squads and 2 stages on Sunday doing the 1 on, 1 off format. We figured it was okay to do the one on, one off process on Sunday since everyone is likely to be at the range anyway for side matches and visiting the vendors in between the last two stages. The RM wants a 65 minute per stage time (squads of 12) and with the limited amount of time we could be on the range (Hard 8 am start, hard 5 pm quit), there was no way we were going to get more than 2 - 4 stage relays in within the required time period. We have about a 20 minute window to allow for broken props and stage backup issues. Time will tell if the 65 minute turn around time is adequate or whether we will get the capacity needed to hold the match. For last year's Golden Bullet Sectional I experimented with small squads and the shooters did not have to reset at all.. just show up, shoot, and scoot. I ran 5-7 person squads in 9 - 30 minute relays (Chrono was it's own stage) and competitors were done with the whole match in 4.5 hours. It was also sort of a hybrid in that I asked for Volunteers to shoot the 8 stages plus chrono on Thurs afternoon. I had 4 staggered 10 person squads shooting 8 stages in an afternoon (1p-finished), Friday and Saturday I had AM and PM relays of 4.5 hours each with a lunch 1/2 hour. Sunday had one final relay that was done by noon. If that format is done again, I will insist that the shooters reset.. I had 3-5 staff on each stage to do reset.. with the 6-7 competitors, there should be no issue having them do reset also (shooter, on deck, and the competitor who just shot are the three who need not immediately reset). We got 343 competitors through in basically 3 1/2 days.. I did not have any time restrictions at my range, we could have shot in the dark if we wanted to (Several bays have flood lights installed). It was a marathon and I and several staff members stayed on the range in our RV's. Many competitors liked the format since they could shoot the entire match and either go home or enjoy a weekend with family in the area. I also felt that since all the competitors had to do was shoot and scoot, that the competition level was actually higher. It wasn't the same as being on the range for 9 hours or more, having to wait large gaps between shooting stages and they were still fairly fresh on the latter stages as they were on the first few. My single long gun format matches tend to be one day with up to 7 stages.. usually with 12-15 person squads and dedicated RO's. While those tend to be hard on the shooters, it just makes sense to make them single day matches so that if the competitor wishes, they can shoot the whole thing in a day and not have to stay in a hotel and they can designate a representative to pick up any prizes or awards. I usually have a Staff/overflow day on Sat and a general match day on Sunday with awards to follow. The Staff/overflow day can be a bit longer since we usually will iron out any stage issues. Bottlenecks and stage time sinks are not usually an issue since we try to iron out those issues during the build and design process. The Sunday general match usually goes a bit faster since we've sort of figured out the issues on Sat (unless we break props). Please pick apart or comment all you like. This has been an informative thread. I'm sure I'm missing something here
  6. It seems there might be a conflict with the Rocky Mountain Regional.. though I have yet to see anything in writing about it either on BE.com or on the ICORE page.. Also there is talk about Fallon hosting the match, when details become apparent, Richmond might not host it after all.. at this point, it's on the Richmond Calendar, but don't schedule days off or travel plans until I get word from the higher ups at ICORE.org.
  7. Well darn.. if that's the case then I guess we won't be hosting it.. that's the only date we have available. I made my plans last year. I didn't see their announcement here or I wouldn't have posted.
  8. sargenv

    Primers CCI

    I'll share that sometimes Midway USA has primers on closeout for a better deal than Powder Valley... though you'll have to snag them before I do..
  9. The Richmond Hot Wheels are hosting the 2018 ICORE NW Regional. We are proposing 8 stages (which includes a classifier) to happen on July 21st, 2018. Practiscore link available HERE. This will be a one day match. If you have an RV or trailer, you can stay on the range (no hookups besides basic power unfortunately). I will at a later time post information about a match hotel and other details will be emailed to you once you register on Practiscore via the email address you provide when you sign up. Th hosting venue is Richmond Rod & Gun Club and they are located at 3155 Goodrick Ave, Richmond, CA 94801. Correspondence can be emailed to richmond hot wheels at gmail dot come (compress all that together with no spaces to email the MD for questions).
  10. Added: April 28-29: 2018 California Action Shotgun Challenge - Richmond, CA Added: June 23-24: 2018 Bay Area Rifle Championship - Richmond, CA JANUARY January 13-14 - The 2018 IPSC WS -Shotgun Prep Match- Atlanta Ga LINK: https://practiscore.com/smd-offers-the-2018-ips-ws-prep-match-atlanta-ga/register FEBRUARY 3-4: 3GN Regional – February 3-4 – Frostproof, FL – Universal Shooting Academy February 24-25 - The 2018 IPSC WS -Shotgun Prep Match- College Station Texas LINK: https://practiscore.com/the-2018-ipsc-ws-shotgun-prep-match-atlanta-presented-by-smd-clone/register MARCH 2-4: Rock Hard – Rockcastle Shooting Center, KY 17-18: 3GN Regional – March 16-17 – St George, Utah – Southern Practical Shooters 17-18: Missouri 3 Gun Championship - Lead Farm 3 gun Range, Versailles MO mo3gc.com 23-25: X-Treme Bullets Texas 3 Gun Championship March 23-25, 2018 23-25: Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun 2018 at Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Mesa AZ March 23-25, 2018 APRIL 7-8: Hi-Lux PCC Championship, Rockcastle Shooting Center, KY 13-14 : The Empire Strikes Back ! ( for any one) ,Canada,England,NZ,South Africa v USA :$25000 Vortex prize table https://practiscore.com/3gn-uk-sups-colonial-3-gun-match/register 20-22: Vortex Shooters Source 3 Gun – Triple C Range – Cresson, Texas Web-http://northtexasmultigun.com/vortex-shooters-source-3-gun/ Enos Thread - http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/254673-2018-vortex-shooters-source-3-gun/ 18-22: USPSA Multigun Nationals, Pro Gun Club, NV 27-29: JP ENTERPRISE PCC Championship will be April 27th- 29th at Silver Creek Conservation Club. Sellersburg, IN It will be a level 2 USPSA PCC only. 28-29: Southern Illinois PCC championship Newman's Gun Club 5704 Valier Lake Road Sesser, IL 62884 website soon NGC Action Shooting on FB 28-29: 2018 California Action Shotgun Challenge - Richmond Hotshots range - Richmond Rod & Gun Club, 3155 Goodrick Ave, Richmond, CA Registration via Practiscore HERE MAY 5-6: Gadsden Shotgun Championship, MO 5-6: 2018 3GN Ohio State Championship Match May 5-6, 2018 8 Stage Match Prize table + cash payout $150 Covington, OH 18-20: Babes with Bullets 3 Gun Challenge, Shootout Lane, LA 19: Lead Farm 3 Man 3Gun - Lead Farm 3 Gun Range, Versailles MO - May 19 Cash payout to top 10% Basic rules here mo3gc.com will be tweaked to fit the 3 man format. 19-20: He-Man 3-Gun Nationals - NRA Whittington Center Raton, NM - May 19-20, 2018 http://heman3gun.webs.com/ 26-27: 3GN Regional – May 26-27 – Talladega, AL – Civilian Marksmanship Park JUNE 7-10: Safariland Expedition Multigun 9th-10th Mid-Atlantic, York PA 22-24: Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun - Forest Lake Sportsmen's Club, MN - June 22-24, 2018 http://nordicvortextrigun.com/ 23-24: 2018 Bay Area Rifle Championship - Richmond Hotshots range - Richmond Rod & Gun Club, 3155 Goodrick Ave, Richmond, CA Registration via Practiscore HERE 30-1: Nightforce 2-Rifle Match - NRA Whittington Center Raton, NM - Tentative Date June 30-July 1, 2018 http://johnson3gun.webs.com/ JULY 14-15 Trijicon, Inc. Trijicon 3 Man 3 Gun Championship, Topton Fish & Game Association, PA AUGUST 3-5 : The Wyoming Governor's Match built by SMD - UML Rule 2 Gun and 3 Gun Division INFO HERE 9-12: JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun - NRA Whittington Center Raton, NM - August 9 - 12, 2018 http://rm3g.com/ ? Rockcastle Pro-Am SEPTEMBER 7th-9th Generation III Gun 15-16: Fort Sill Multi Gun Championship 15-16 September 2018 Fort Sill Army Base, Oklahoma! 22-23: 3GN Regional – September 22-23 – Forest Lake, MN - Forest Lake Sportsmen's Club OCTOBER 18-20: Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun Championship, Rockcastle Shooting Center,KY NOVEMBER 9-11: 3GN Nationals Regional – November 9-11 – Clinton, SC – Clinton House Plantation Nov 15-18 Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge DECEMBER
  11. Oddly enough, that necro-post was with primers from that time period (2006).. I've tried CCI primers lately and had no issues with them.. I know a few people who I've suggested they try the Fiocchi primers on their 650's only to have them tell me they are having the same feeding issues I used to have with CCI primers.. I have no issues in either my 20 year old 650 or my 2016 created 650. it wasn't an alignment issue at all, they would not feed in the primer assembly, the primers were just a tad tall. it wasn't that they would not seat at the time, they just would not feed and would bind the machine. I've not had this issue since Federal and CCI became the same company.
  12. At Richmond, we have so few ICORE matches (at least in the coming year) that we will allow semi-auto shooters in addition to offer an additional weekend for the PCC shooters to play. Since ICORE is such an accuracy dependent sport, they soon find out that any advantage they had in speed negates their platform if they can't get good A zone hits.. so it actually helps them to improve their accuracy game for other sports and injects a bit more money into the coffers.. It also makes things a bit more fun since we can use certain targets in ICORE that are not legal in IDPA or USPSA.. so we have that going for us too. This only applies to club matches.
  13. Had a great match at the ICORE SW regional.. Definitely a great new venue and despite the sand condition, well, this range has a lot of potential.. I enjoyed my brief stay and look forward to more matches at this range!
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