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  1. The last place we were shooting AP in SoCal was at Prado, but stopped a few years ago. The range tore out our mover and recut berms for the USPSA club, which has over 100 shooters each weekend. Kyle Schmidt at Rio Salado, used to run about 4 matches a year from Jan to April, but the Superstition Mountain and the JP PCC championships has interfered with his matches the last few years. Seiichi
  2. I think Mike and Mike got rid of Flying M 2000 because the stage ran slower than the others, causing a backup. It was the only stage other than Outer Limits that required movement, and we shot 5 strings, instead of just 4 as we do for Outer Limits. It also required the shooter to holster and turn/move uprange to get back to the starting position. It was a fun stage though. Lot's of stutter stepping, just like in Outer Limits. Seiichi
  3. Bob includes exact measurements with the zig racker, on where to cut the slide. I just had one put on my Steelmaster. Seiichi
  4. itchy

    Bul Armory?

    Mark Itzstein is sponsored by them. I think he goes my pinshooter on the forums. Seiichi
  5. Are the magazine capacities the same? Is the CZ big stick 170 mm? One of my friends is trying to convince me to try open with a CZ. (I currently don't shoot open at all for USPSA.) I do, however, have an open steel gun, and limited minor gun for 3 gun, so I'm already invested in 2011 based mags, holsters, and accessories. Seiichi
  6. I have it download to my phone, but can't find any directions on how to analyze video. The help link sends me to an old wordpress site, that doesn't have any information. Is there somewhere else to get directions? Thanks, Seiichi
  7. But, could the act of being caught with illegal magazines be enough for a search of a residence? Just like the whole high cap mag permit thing. Does the permit only cover the named, or all employees, and only at place of business, or at matches? I don't want to be the test case. Seiichi
  8. The host country, range, staff, club members, and volunteers were all amazing. The entire Munt family went well beyond what would be expected! Richard's father, club president, ran the mover during practice and the match. His mother baked snacks for everyone during practice, then baked and decorated two amazing cakes for the awards dinner. Richard, facilitating the storage of our firearms, and providing gunsmithing and ammunition loading services for the match. It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones. The trip was too short, just when I got accustomed to driving clo
  9. Could someone build a range in Tahiti? I hear the water is nice there. Seiichi
  10. Max Michel and Jessie Duff both shoot Tacsol 2011 conversions for Steel Challenge. I have 4 of them, that I've gathered over the last 5 years. Use good ammo and you should be happy with it. I use whatever is cheap for practice, but shoot CCI standard velocity or minimags for matches. Seiichi
  11. Does anyone know if there are forms required to be submitted in the USA, before taking firearms to New Zealand? I'm just about finished with all of the New Zealand Police and mfat forms. Thanks, Seiichi
  12. Has anyone registered and paid recently on the WAPC2016 website? I've been receiving Paypal errors for the last 3 days. Clair Salter says the page is now functional, but I can't seem to get it to work. Seiichi
  13. Can you please post some information on the required paperwork to take pistols and ship ammunition to New Zealand. I'll be traveling from the US. Thanks, Seiichi
  14. Safariland GLS or ALS (I think the model is 6390/6378) seem to be popular. The GLS has the retention release under the triggerguard, while the ALS holsters have the release by the thumb. Seiichi
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