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  1. Nope, Rigger - that was with AA's. Your post does honestly make me interested in trying the tac 12, but then I read the one about them not answering the phone and having a full mailbox and it beings back the old feelings. It is a shame. The open shotgun market is ready for a reliable option.
  2. Sorry, apparently something changed and I don't know how to quote a post anymore. in response to Rigger's post - I can see where you would give them some slack as they are friends of yours. I understand that they have lives outside of their business. That is something that I would not take away from anybody. I can honestly tell you that when I got Jim on the phone, he had a real desire to help. He offered many possible solutions, all of which I deemed overboard for what I was willing to put up with. (keeping my shells in an ice chest filled with ice between stages etc). I was turned off by the unprofessional way they they conducted themselves and the unreliable manner in which the run performed. I am sure that they have worked out a lot of those details with a few more years in dealing with the platform and with the introduction of their own uppers and lowers. They are, no doubt, better than they were at it when I had my dealings with them. However, the "call back because i can't find a pencil/pen" comment, forever cemented them on the wrong list for me personally. If there were a better open shotgun solution, I would suggest it, but I don't know of a good mag fed shotgun option. "running" tends to have a different meaning for those mag fed shotgun guys than it does for everybody else. If they didn't have to disassemble it and the only hangups were cleared with one pogo stick and a few tap rack bang's they tend to think of it as a successful stage. I do not think that way. If I had to pick one now, dissident arms would be the one that I would pick. I know those guys and I have seen their guns run more than not. They are both solid dudes and I know they they would answer the phone and have a pencil handy when they did it.
  3. I had an early 1919 from Firebird. Not only did the gun not run, the customer service was unacceptable. At that time, they were nearly impossible to get on the phone. Like, call for days and days and leave messages and never get a response from phone or email. One time after calling for days, Nancy actually told me to call back later because she couldn't find a pen to write anything down. I would stay as far away from them as possible.
  4. There are a few differences that matter with receivers. I have seen a few features that I like but in the end don't "matter". Seekins has a set screw for tightening the upper and lower fit. That is nice, but the three that I really like are that they use a set screw to hold the safety detent spring in instead of using the grip itself. Same thing with the rear takedown detent. Knowing that those aren't going to go flying when you take the grip and the buttock off is helpful. They also use a screw to hold the bolt catch in instead of that silly roll pin that I hate so much. Those things are nice during assembly, but once you get it built, you really aren't changing those things that often. I'm sure that they're are others that have these options, I just know about Seekins having them. My 3g rifle is built on a PSA blem upper and lower and holds 1/2MOA with my distance load.
  5. I also had a lot of fun at this year as well. The targets were easy to find and in the right proportion as far as the breakdown per gun. It is pretty difficult to come up with a criticism for the match as a whole, but the one thing that I noticed was the simplicity of the stages. I know that with natural terrain, options are not always easy, but it seemed like the stages were set up so that pretty much everybody had to run them exactly the same way. There were very few opportunities to vary your stage plan from what everybody else was doing. I would like to see that changed next year. Stage planning is as important as every other skill in shooting competition and this match took away the need for a plan. Just watch the guy in front of you and try to do the same thing only faster. Other than that, it was top notch. Thanks to Jim, the staff, and all of the sponsors - especially DSG for my awesome prize table pull.
  6. A club that I shoot at uses conduit for legs and they slide down on a foot made out of rebar welded to a piece of angle iron. Due to it being round it can pivot and because it fits inside, it can be placed very close to another wall.
  7. My open gun came with the original RTS mounted to one of the custom mounts that everybody was building when they first came out. I switched back to a full size Cmore and I now need the clamp part of the sight that was removed when it was mounted to the custom mount. Does anybody have a RTS 1st generation that you are using on a mount and aren't using the clamp? Cmore says they don't have any and all they can do is trade it in on a RTS2 for an additional $239.00. Thanks
  8. Stick with either of the tried and true options that are out there. http://www.infinityfirearms.com http://www.ptrinity.com Both have GOOD reputations in the industry.
  9. When I was there I assumed that everybody would feel the effects of the sun/wind on at least one stage. I know that my squad did on at least three stages. Bad enough that some targets simply couldn't be engaged. It appears from that video that your squad didn't experience the same issues in any of the stages. Would you agree?
  10. Are you sure that it was their decision to leave benos, and not one that was imposed upon them?
  11. I use a flip camera. One power button and one big red start/stop record button. Very easy to hand to someone and have them video you. I also use a contour hat cam and I have a go pro on a rubber legged tripod that can wrap and hold onto anything.
  12. That's why you are my hero buddy. Keep kicking the asses of all of the nascar shirts. You are an inspiration to the rest of us overweight ugly jackasses.
  13. So following your advice, for a guy like West Chandler, who is an awesome shooter who beats most of the guys with the big name gun companies on their shirts, needs to practice more to get better so he could get a big name sponsor? Lets assume for a second that a guy like West would even WANT to be sponsored by a bigger name than he currently has, IMO, the part that is missing from his game is not the shooting. It is the marketability. You (Jesse) are a good looking guy with (from the rumor mill) plenty of disposable income and a job that allows you to take time off and travel to lots of matches. Those things coupled with the DESIRE to be very visible. i.e.: lots of product, and technique videos, lots of match exposure, not to mention, the DESIRE to have a lot of names on your shirt, make up for the difference in your level of sponsorship vs West's. It makes sense that you would get more sponsors than a guy like that, but based upon your rise and West's, I hardly think that telling someone to practice and get better is good advice on how to get sponsored. It seems like you should be telling shooters to get a camera, get lots of FB/twitter followers and spend hours online growing your audience would be better advice to get sponsored.
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