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  1. No match the last 2 weeks, but once the system updated I made A in Limited 10, and ended up about a half a percentage short in Limited. I had to take a few days off of dryfire last weekend as I was out of town, but I plan to hit it pretty hard over the next few weeks in preparation for A5.
  2. I'm less than 10 minutes from Brownell's. It's great to not pay shipping and hazmat anymore!
  3. Excuse me for my noobish poll, but was wondering what everyone thought about running dryfire drills that utilize more than one skill per repetition vs. working a single skill? I was looking through my dryfire routine and realized that the majority of my drills incorporate multiple skills per repetition. (EX: Draw-2 shots on 4 targets-reload-2 shots on 4 targets) When I first started shooting USPSA, I worked with a local guy and he always preached that you should only work on one skill at a time. Typical drills would be draw with 1 shot, shoot-reload-shoot, shoot-move to another box-engage 2nd target with 1 shot, etc... These were mostly live fire drills, so I just assumed that working a single skill was a way to conserve ammo. I can see where working on a single skill would be beneficial, but there is sooooo much more to our sport than just draws and reloads. I was just wondering what everyone else thinks, and how everyone tailors their own specific routine. (Steve and Brian, I would LOVE your opinions!)
  4. We met in high school late 2000. Dated all through college until finally getting married in 2008. I always joke with her that I've "wasted" over 1/3 of my life with her(I'm 29). She doesn't think it's as funny as i do....
  5. Got the results from Sunday's match. Ended up 1/12 limited and 2/12 limited 10. I'm going to be real close to making A class in both divisions. I'll find out next week when the update rolls out. It's funny.......I've been trying to make A for 2 years now, and suddenly it seems like when I switch divisions and go into a match with zero expectations that it will likely happen. It makes me wonder. Would I have shot the same if I decided to try and make A in production? I've read a lot of things about how people finally moved up when they "stopped caring" about classification, but this is my first taste of it(I hope)
  6. I try to get a friend at the same match and volunteer to video them in return if they video me. As a way to say thanks, I edit all the boring stuff out and put it on my youtube channel with a private link and send it to them. In the end, we both benefit from being able to critique ourselves. But like Carlos said, don't let it be a distraction from shooting. I've shot in several matches where I just leave the camera in the bag and forget about videoing that day.
  7. I like to use the grip cream stuff. Especially when it gets hot and humid. Many department stores sell it advertised as tennis grip or something along those lines. Never tried a rosin bag.
  8. Shot in a special classifier match today and although I am only one week into my dryfire routine, I think it is helping. I shot through twice, to earn a classification in Lim and Lim10. I felt great all day. I dropped more points than I would have liked, but the speed was there and everything felt smooth. I was consistent from stage to stage. I had a few minor hiccups with reloads, but nothing that killed me. Most of my runs were high 60% to low 70%, with 3 above 80%. Before today, I've only had 1 score above 80%(shot a few weeks ago) I am very pleased with my performance.
  9. After 3 years in the sport, I've decided that I'm stuck in B class unless I get serious and commit to making myself better. My goal is to use this diary no less than once week to record my thoughts and observations on my journey to awesomeness. I've dryfired in the past, but nothing consistent, and definitely nothing structured.....until now. Today was officially day 3 of my dryfire routine, and I'm slowly finding out what works and what doesn't. Today I typed up a structured routine to follow, though it is not set in stone. I set up 4 targets at various distances in the "man cave" and tried it out. I set up my video camera just for fun and here's what I learned: 1. Oddly, as a RH shooter, I seem to be a bit faster and have smoother reloads on the move when going from my right to left(short distance 1-3 steps). It "feels" much more comfortable for me to go left to right during a reload, but the difference on video is pretty clear 2. What feels like a "decent" reload, really doesn't look that good on video(especially in slo-motion). I seem to have the angle of the magazine compared to the gun off just enough that it doesn't slide right in. At speed it isn't that noticeable, but I can definitely see it when I slow it down. 3. Not sure if I should do this or not, but I have been drawing the gun without a magazine and reloading to a full mag for weight purposes(dummy rounds of course). This is mostly because I don't want to drop my mags on the cement floor. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to tilt the gun before the magazine drops in a match, so I think I may be reinforcing a bad habit. It's makes my routine sooooo much faster to start with an empty mag, and I have been trying to consciously keep the gun vertical while I press (and hold) the mag release during a reload, but I think I should dedicate 1-2 days/week to start my drills with an empty mag. That's it for today....
  10. +1 My wife says supposebly all the time and it drives me nuts.
  11. No problem. I'm just glad you weren't hurt. I have never had a KB, but a couple years ago I was loading up a mag when I found a pretty severe stress mark on the web of the case. It kind of shook me up as I wondered how I missed it during sorting, reloading, and last inspection Needless to say I'm quite a bit more thorough on my inspection now! Do a quick Google image search for "split case reloading" and "case head separation" and you'll get a good idea of what to look for.
  12. It's hard to tell, but the primer looks fine to me. Your load data sounds reasonable too. Looks like it might have just been a weak case. It's a good idea to inspect all your brass (not just range pick-ups) before loading. Look for cracks/stress marks anywhere on the case....especially the base where your case ruptured. Brass is relatively cheap, so if you have anything that looks questionable toss it! You were lucky there was minimal damage. I throw all FC, Fed NT, and A-Merc regardless of what they look like.
  13. Awesome post. I'll add one thing (for very new shooters). Reload before you run the gun dry! If you have to move from one port to the other, reload if you need to. A while back there was a discussion of what separates each division and the biggest thing I have seen to separate D from C (and sometimes B ) shooters was just planning reloads (as long as the shooter had the basic fundamentals down).
  14. KyroWebs

    610 vs 625

    That's one aggressive chamfer Mitch Don't want to steal a thread, but how much can you take off safely?? I bought a 6.5" 610 because I already loaded .40, but I'm in the same boat as you Chris. Reloads seem to make or break my runs, and while they are getting smoother, I still have an occasional hang-up. Even though I've always believed it's the Indian and not the arrow......I still think maybe it would have been smarter in the long run to go with a 5" 625.
  15. Plyo days were my worst enemy....especially at first! After a few weeks everything gets a bit easier. My only gripe is the ~90 min/day requirement. It's not so bad at first, but it quickly started to get old (for me at least) Good luck with it
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