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From the look of your new avatar you are well on your way brother. Remember that negative thinking doesn't just impact your shooting ability. Concentrate on the things that went well and build off of those.

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Actually, 2009 was pretty decent all 'round. It was 2010 that brought extended-stay unemployment (and a few other annoyances). :angry2:

However, I usually look forward to New Year's because it does, indeed, offer a new beginning and I am NOT a person who believes in "giving up." After all, what good would THAT do...? :rolleyes:

The very best to ALL of you this year. :cheers:

And I think the $5/gal petrol is just hype. However, the local founding fathers have seen fit to tack on a $0.06/gal :surprise: tax to our petrol HERE, so... not good.

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