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  1. R-Bros_JLR

    H335 vs. 8208XBR

    I use TAC for all my 223 stuff currently, but am going to try the 8208 for a bolt gun trainer I'm building.
  2. R-Bros_JLR

    KMW hardware

    Joe does awesome work. I had him put KMW hardware on my wife's Manners T7
  3. R-Bros_JLR

    Rifle choices..getting back into it.

    The 6.5 Creed is a way better option for shooting 700+. As you said, the new Ruger is a pretty tough gun to beat since many are selling for less than $1k.
  4. R-Bros_JLR

    Chameleon Fabrics load 2 belt

    I've never had an issue with retention on any of the 4 I've had and I've probably been running them as long as anyone here. I've shot multiple Ironman and NWMG matches with them in 90-100 degree weather without any issues.
  5. R-Bros_JLR

    6mm Creedmoor for LRP-07

    Flatter isn't always better here boys. If you're getting 3000fps out of a 6mm 105 and 2750 out of a 6.5mm 140, it's going to be a wash in wind....which is what really matters. The 6.5 will yield longer barrel life and lower pressures which would likely make it less finicky in a gas gun. Don't get me wrong though, I am a big fan of 6mm and have seen some pretty impressive results from the 6mm gas guns. Good luck with the project Doug, you know you can always give me a buzz if you need anything.
  6. R-Bros_JLR

    N320 Berrys 147gr load data

    Not sure how much this applies, but I use 3.5gr of N320 with a Bayou 147 at 1.14. I was loading them at 3.0, but bumped it up recently to help work the bugs out of a new 2011.
  7. R-Bros_JLR

    6mm Creedmoor for LRP-07

    What are you running out of your 260 Doug? If you can get 140s anywhere close to 2800, it's a wash in windage against the 6mm.
  8. R-Bros_JLR

    6.5 - 284, Creedmoor, or 47?

    6.5x47 will give a bit better velocity than the 6.5 Creed, but not really enough to justify the brass cost difference. Accuracy is a wash between the two, as is barrel life. We've built/shot a ton of 6.5x47s, yet I built the wife a Creedmoor and I'm building one as well for a backup/practice gun to my 6x47 match gun.
  9. I have the same problem and the only solution I've come up with so far is to keep the propane tanks inside so they stay warm. Seems anything under like 25-30 degrees gives them trouble.
  10. AR-10 in 6.5 Creed would be the way to go for a long range bonus gun.
  11. R-Bros_JLR

    Best shooting quote and advice

    "stop sucking" and "suck less" .... both were given out as advice to me during Ironman Our group of guys are pretty ruthless
  12. R-Bros_JLR

    Suppressor recomendation wanted

    POI may or may not shift depending on the can/barrel combination. My 7wsm has no shift between when it's braked and when I screw on my Thunderbeast 30PS, but is around .5mil with the SilencerCo Specwar. I know a few guys that have no POI shift with their SilencerCo Harvesters as well. For the most part though, I'd agree with what you've said.
  13. R-Bros_JLR

    New 3 Gun Gear from Shot Show

    Has anyone had a chance to look through one yet? How is the clarity and eyebox? I did make sure to look through this scope and for the money it's going to be hard to beat. Eyebox and FOV seemed pretty good for a scope that's not too much more than a Millett DMS. Illumination was plenty bright indoors, but not sure what it'll do outdoors. Glass clarity was good and I think the reticle is usable although not my favorite. They should sell a pile of them though!
  14. R-Bros_JLR

    Great CS and 1000fps Shipping.

    The last order I had was the quickest....5min from order confirmation to ship confirmation