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  1. Merlin by definition, the "front" of the carrier is the opposite side of the belt attachment. That would be the opposite side of the mag carrier in your first picture where the tape is.
  2. Gotcha. OK. So, that side is fully enclosed, but not the forward facing side. Where does it say that it has to? BTW Merlin, nice picts. FROM IDPA: Magazine carrier must: A. Be designed for concealed carry and suitable for all day continuous wear. (subjective, yet CRSpeed does meet these criteria) B. Be worn on a standard belt of no more than 1 ¾” width that must pass through the belt loops on the shooter’s pants.(CRSpeed meets criteria) C. Hold the magazine with enough tension to allow it to be turned upside down and retain a fully loaded magazine. (CRSpeed meets criteria) D.
  3. I put velcro on mine, doesn't that make em tactical?
  4. This one is Tough. Shot open 7.38 68pts., dropped 2 and looks like 85%...
  5. markm

    Which one?

    gulf side timex rolex
  6. INTJ or ISTJ depending on if I'm drinking when I take the test.
  7. When leaving for a hurricane you load only the essentials: guns, range bag, ammo.
  8. Shot this one OPEN this weekend, bobbled the reload changing sides and pushed me to a 7.5 sec run..... HF 8.5333 should be about 82%. Tried shooting left side first back to front three targets, and changed to the right side shooting back to front the last four.
  9. Thanks for the input. Looks like other areas are also calling it differently. We now have a basis for review of the calls. However we still have to deal with the safety rules are subject to arbitration. Scott, see you at the range. Mark
  10. After searching the threads I'm still confused, and every match calls it differently. When is the course of fire over. Some ranges say when comand of "range is clear", others when "if gun is clear, hammer down, and holster." If you drop a gun at any time during the course of fire, loaded or unloaded, match DQ. This past month have been at two different matches when hammer down and holster command given, guns were dropped while holstering. One was a DQ, and one was O.K.? Both had "reasons" in the book for actions taken. Any Ideas?
  11. Shot this one yesterday, Open HF of 8.7015.........Looks like 84.6195% This has got to be a mistake?
  12. We shot this one today. According to Flex's handy dandy calculator Lee had a National percentage of 100.64% and I had a 81.74%. Damn, Just shoot with a GM every match and you don't need a calculator! Started on right side, drew to the far right target and shot right to left. Thru the port and around the left side, shot left to right. 1 Dimaculangan, Lee 24 GM Open 54 0 7.35 7.3469 60.0000 100.00% 2 Moseley, Mark 17 A Open 58 0 9.72 5.9671 48.7316 81.22%
  13. Hey guys. Area 4 coming up next month with 2 obscure classifiers in the match, 99-36 and 99-43. Not much info in the threads as "how to". Any ideas or hints out there? Thanks for any help. Please move or delete if in wrong area. Mark
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