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  1. markm

    Our best friends

    field bred Springers
  2. I paid good money for these things just want to be able to use them again, and dont care about quality as long as usable. Have to look at the dual units.....or find a 10 vcr at a garage sale and get the "dongle"
  3. Is there an easy way to do this? I just found the full set of the burner series tapes sitting in the closet that I had forgot about, hell I dont even own a vcr anymore....
  4. markm


    Thought that way too,,,,,,,,, its Jan 2 and this year is worse already....................................................
  5. Thanks, Dave. I think I just changed my mind about training my GSP as a hunting, bird dog. I want him to run free in wide, open fields, and retrieve, but I don't think I could stomach watching a bird die. I KNOW! I'm such a girl. Is there such a thing as retrieving decoys? I call that a Stick..... Sorry I raise Springer Spaniels Nothing better than watching them do what they are breed to do.
  6. markm

    Whale Wars

    I hate it, and that it made me pull for the japs, after my Grandfather kicked their ass in WWII.
  7. +1 to Firebird mount, just got it on, perfect spot, great field of view.
  8. Sorry you lost your best friend, we'll all miss him at the range.
  9. I think yall are nuts, Flew in Monday for work and snow was at least 12" deep in that area when I left Wednesday. Hope to meet and shoot with yall when the weather gets right for a southern boy.....
  10. markm


    Anybody know where we could do dual citizenship and start a team, only way I know of ever going to Olympics!
  11. my buddy and I take turns when in Houston an people cram the elevator full Me: so how did your doctor appointment go? Him: Doc says its just a nasty rash, don't touch it, scratch it or it will spread, use the ointment, and in a couple of weeks it'll clear up..... People start pushing buttons to get off!
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