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Got to be one of these!


I DELETED your guesses.

- 1st...you have already won in the past year, right?

- 2nd...one of my favorite sayings is PICK ONE and practice.

Only one guess at a time folks.


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So far, a lot of people seem to think it was JT's dog. Nope. (but that appears to be a "People's Choice")

Tom Freeman's clown was a good guess.

It's not Brian's.

For some of the others mentioned...post a link if you can (to their profile at least)...then we can all get a look-see.

Hint: It is not Glock related. Glock is a tool of the trade for me. (not the love affair many think it is wub.gif )

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A common misconception people have is that a link to a user profile will bring up that users "avatar". This is not necessarily true. While it may be accurate if that user posted their avatar pic as their "profile pic", it's more likely that a user has a separate and different pic for their profile, than they do their avatar.

In order to view someones "avatar pic" from a link to their profile, simply click on the "FIND MY CONTENT" tab in their profile, then click on one of the resulting threads. That should bring you right to their post, along with their avatar.

For example:



(although I can certainly see why you posted the link you posted Sarge! ) ;)

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Was that one of Duane's creepy offerings from some time back...?

The human face superimposed on a dog (or something like a dog)...? :surprise::ph34r:

No it's some sort of animal, i'm looking for it. Another one up for contention has to be Wildkow's:


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It's got to be that really creepy avatar with that hairless dog/rat/possum looking thing....really disturbing.


I think if you asked the creature it would tell you it is a cat.


Never doubted it was a cat. It's just that it's a totally creepy cat.

Weirds me out every time I see it!

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No, it's a hairless cat--a special breed. They're actually normal in every other way, I believe. You just can't let them get too cold (seriously).

In the photo: I got the impression that the cat was swiping food off a table somewhere...

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I still think the dog-with-the-human-face photo was one of our all-time creepiest images ever! Very hard to look at. And that assessment was pretty much unanimous at the time. :ph34r:

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