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  1. I just finished the first season, and won't watch the 2nd. I can't figure out why this show gets so much praise.
  2. I've always been confused by what exactly that wording allows. I started a thread on it several years ago, but didn't get much clarification. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=148858&hl=otherwise#entry1669913
  3. This would require all clubs to paint steel after ever run (Not going to happen). Lots of stages at major matches depend on activators. You would also need practiscore to make edits to their current program to allow designated target types depending on division selected. 3 rule changes: 1. Steel does not have to fall to score. 2. Timer RO will call hits on steel. 3. All targets activated by falling steel do not need to be engaged and will be scored 2 alpha. That was easy.
  4. I'm not sure either. . Who decides what qualifies as vis? I'm sure the founding fathers would be rolling in their graves over the mouse fart 9mm loads we shoot these days.
  5. Go to Liveshots. There's enough pics of Max there to convince me his gear wasn't in compliance. ETA: It looks like the basepad might be behind his hip bone. Maybe that's good enough.
  6. With all the talk of new divisions, why not consider rimfire. As everyone is saying about PCC, it would be a hell of a lot of fun. I can only think of 2 changes required to the rulebook: Steel doesn't have to fall to score. Any targets activated by falling steel are not part of the COF for rimfire division. Possibly a 3rd. Timer RO will call hits on steel. (Of course he would have to stop scoring the paper targets and pay attention, but that's a different discussion.)
  7. it would work great if our entry fees were as high as rodeo entry fees and if we had hundreds (maybe thousands) of people willing to pay to spectate. I don't see that happening anytime soon. A jackpot isn't that much more money than a local match, yesterday was 35 a run. Granted most people do both the AM and PM runs, but what if we came up with a sliding payout based on number of participants/entry fee? Only pay division and class winners or something, don't pay out nearly as deep as rodeo. Most of the matches around here pay back your entry fee, in "range bucks" if you win. Payout is based on # of competitors in each division/class.
  8. It is also why I hate matches with self RO "Staff day." Every squad has at least 2 CRO's. Lots of room for inconsistency there.
  9. You've been waiting on the flight for 31 day? Might want to try a different airline.
  10. Thanks, 6! The shooter also has to take part of the responsibility. It isn't the clubs fault that he doesn't know the rules of the game.
  11. No more of a joke than PCC is. PCC is cool not just a redefined pistol division. Correct. It is a rifle division, and as such, has no place in a pistol match. I don't care what caliber your rifle shoots, it's not a pistol.
  12. That's a 3-gun match with 3-gun rules. We're talking about a pistol match, with established safety rules. I have no doubt we could re-write the rulebook so a person could complete the COF with any number of weapons. I just don't think it is necessary, or a good idea. If PCC is so popular, hold it as a separate match.
  13. I bought a JPoint, but only because I needed the lightest optic possible to keep my CZ75 below the old weight limit.
  14. Normally comments like that are met with a chorus of "It's either a USPSA match or it isn't. You either follow the USPSA rulebook or you don't." I guess enough people like the idea of PCC so it's OK.
  15. According to Phil, it wasn't about the shooters who wanted Production Optics, it was about giving the plastic gun manufacturers a place where their guns were competitive.
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