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It's Skywalker's Birthday!

Vince Pinto

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Since I live on the far side of the planet, it's my honour to be the very first to wish my young Jedi friend a Happy 37th Birthday.

And I hope you have many, many more to come. I'll be toasting a drink or three to your health and in your honour this evening.

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Thanks a lot buds, to all of you.

I can't imagine a better place than this: do you know another place where people, even if they don't know you in person, will take their time to wish you a happy birthday? thanks again folks.

I didn't answer y'all in due time because I was recovering (and de-frosting) from this week-end celebration (see my post on topic) ;) !

Vince, ya definitely need to adjust your timer: it beeps almost half a day before the stand-by command! :lol::lol::lol:

BTW, have another toast for me, it won't hurt!

Sig Lady, those dots before the birthday word look really promising! :D

3QT, that country is not that far away: I've been there for a month some years ago and I wish to come back, sooner or later.

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I had a wonderful weekend in Nice, and right now I'm taking pictures of my wife and kid (4) baking a tart for me.


LOL, someday you'll have to reveal your infinite source of smilies! :D


thanks for saying it in italian.

It's time,

let's all have a toast and celebrate!


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Never met Skywalker, but I did read a lot of his posts and inspite the fact that I'm a Trekkie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Skywalker, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!I wish I could be 37 myself once again!

DVC, Henny (D2R2), NPSA, The Netherlands.

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Thanks guys!



next time I'll be in Nice I'll bring in Champagne, seems you already have got there plenty of ice... :D


as I stated B4, despite what our ID card might say about actual age, we're all kids at heart (where did I read this? looks like it was once where MX5 now resides ;) ).


buddy, don't worry, with the 3rd child incoming, you'll reach age of 37 and more in a couple of months, without you even noticing it! :P

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Damm! I missed it.

That's what comes from spending too much time on the boring serious stuff instead of the important stuff. I sometimes forget there's a normal life to lead as well.

Anyway, a very happy, if belated, birthday.

baking a tart for me.

And as for "baking a tart for me" - Wow! Nows that's a birthday present. And from the wife too! :D

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never mind. I'm glad you took your time to wish me a happy B'day; I (unfortunately) know how distracting that boring serious stuff can be, since I almost forgot twice to buy presents for relatives' birthdays.

Concerning the baking: I guess she still bakes cakes for me because we haven't already hit the 7th year of marriage... :lol:;)

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