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  1. Do you happen to know if there will be a side-charging version, like on the other JPs ? Thank you.
  2. Hi all, I'm currently planning a trip to the US with my PCC and hi-cap mags. Some options include a stop over in Washington Dulles or Chigago O'hare. Are there any specific gun-related problems in those states/airports ? (I'm used to flying into Florida or Georgia with no problem at all, and I know not to go to California or NY) Thanks for your help !
  3. Hi all, I'd like to put a laser sight on my pcc, in front of the DeltaPoint (on the same picatinny rail). DeltaPoint sits over a .5" riser. Can someone tell me the max height (from top of the picatinny rail) of the Crimson Trace CMR206 and the Laser Max Micro 2 ? Thanks a lot !
  4. Are you using 308 or 223 springs ?
  5. Hi all, Does anybody know the dimensions (with length) of the SV trigger set screw ? It's the overtavel screw that also holds the trigger insert in place. Thank you
  6. Thanks Matir. How do you make your mags 10-rounds legal ? Would a wood dowel inserted inside the spring be enough ? Or must they be "permanently" limited to 10 rounds ? I never heard about the no constructive possession thing. Do you know what would be the official legal authority to get an official quote on this ? Jack, about the same as flight to Vegas.
  7. Hi all ! Need your help here. I'm a foreigner, going to shoot a match in Nevada. Flights to Los Angeles are 1/3rd the price than to Vegas. Travelling with a regular PCC rifle (with pistol grip, threaded barrel, etc...), hi cap magazines + 2011-type pistols with 19 & 21 rounds magazines. Already got the ATF Form 6 NIA to enter the USA with my gear. Plan is to land in L.A., rent a car at the airport, drive directly to Nevada. Same thing when returning. No stop in California. Is this allowed ? If yes, is there any advanced paperwork, special requirements, etc ... ? Who would be the final authority to ask ?
  8. Thanks Tim and BigBamBoo. I haven't got any reply yet from AR Gold, so still don't know which trigger to order...
  9. Thank you for the tip. I checked their website and FB but couldn't find anything (no blog there). Maybe I'm not looking at the right place... So I sent them an email. Btw, TRUBL, do you work at Taccom ? Should I get some extra firing pins ?
  10. Hi all ! With a Taccom (or Faxon) 9mm bolt, which AR-Gold trigger should I use ? The 223 or the 308 trigger ? Ar Gold say on their website that some 9mm bolts require the 308 model, but not all. Dooes anybody have some experience with them ? Thanks
  11. It's an airsoft ipsc target (2/3?), fitted with a mechanism taken from a VERY cheap Ikea clock (http://www.ikea.com/...oducts/70098989) And yes, there are two .45 alphas in the head box BTW, Saul sells his own design http://www.doublealpha.biz/fun-items/ipsc-clock.htm
  12. Damn, looks like you beat me for the 1000th post ! Anyway, as the OP of this thread, I'll get the 1000th reply with a soon-to-be finished new room:
  13. I happened to buy some of them earlier this year. Below is a copy of the PM I sent to Fastshooter03 (Nick) who is the manufacturer. You can tell I'm happy with the product that work just as advertised. Nick told me before I bought them that they might need some filing on the flange to fit them in the press, so there was no surprise either. I recommend this product, as it solved a recurrent problem with my XL650, and I'm not affiliated in any way with the people making or selling it. Copy of the PM to the manufacturer: Hi Nick, I was finally able to use the tool heads last week. They work great. No more problem with 38 Super cases not aligning in station 1. At first, the tool heads would not fit in the press slots. So I filed them down a little, in order to get a tight fit. Now they don't move at all, and the cases in station 1 all go straight into the sizing/decap die everytime, which was not the case with original tool heads. I'm very satisfied, thank you.
  14. Hi KP, Which set up puts the dots the lowest ? (I mean, the closest to the slide). Thanks.
  15. Let's share our reloading benches... Yes, mine is in the kitchen (or what used to be the kitchen... )
  16. Next time, I'll go there directly http://www.sviguns.com/manual/index.html
  17. Quote: from Skywalker67 on 12:39 pm on Jan. 17, 2003 But I wonder, if it is possible to retract the slide enough to engage slide stop, and the take-down hole is clearly visible (at least enough to insert the Ltool), how is it possible that slide won't go all way back in battery with Ltool inserted (thus allowing the alignment of slide stop and slide notch)? The Ltool only serves to lock the recoil spring compressed, but cycling of the handgun shouldn't be prevented. You're right. Dam... me. This is the best procedure so far: 1. retract the slide, 2. engage slide stop, 3. insert L-bent tool, 4. release slide stop, 5. push slide forward to align slide stop and notch, (slide moves freely) 6. push slidestop out. Thanks Skywalker. I missed step 5. (Edited by Jerome Poiret at 3:38 pm on Jan. 17, 2003)
  18. Erik, Sounds like a good idea for the second part. I still have to push the damn thing out first, though. Skywalker, In my gun, I need to drill another hole in the guide rod, because the one that's already there is too far from the muzzle end. ie, once I've locked the slide back with slide stop and insert the L-bent tool, then when I release the slide stop, the slide can't move enough forward to line up the hole.
  19. 2alpha, I'm considering it. Singlestack's method works, even with small hands. I just tried. Skywalker67, on my gun, the slide is too much rearward when the L-bent tool is inserted in the guide rod, the removal hole is not lined up. (?)
  20. Skywalker67, Julien told this to me this morning. I just need to check that the slide stop removal hole is lined up when I put the L-bent tool in the guide rod (hopefully, it should be). Singlestack, I need to try this (holding the gun and the slide back with one hand), but I have small hands. Now you tell me, I have seen that done in the past, but I didn't remember. Thanks.
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