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  1. Not trying to badmouth anybody here, but when it comes to grip cracking, it's mostly a fitting issue. I've installed and used quite some SV grips using factory procedure and no one ever came back with a crack. I saw some cracked SV grips, in all occurences they were second hand fit, other brand frame and /or shot without the front screw in place (Yes, I know some people claims there's no need for the front screw with X or Y brand). I'm not saying it would not happen, i'm just saying that the variables are numerous to reject the fault on the product.
  2. My SV IPSC Standard guns are 5.4 with the same magwell shaved to fit the IPSC box. It's never been an issue , never get cut or never ever feel those two "spikes". Just shoot it !
  3. My Infinity 5.4 bushing barrel is reliable as hell. WIlson mags is my go to match mags and I run both Metalform and Dawson mags for training. Those requires a little bit of tuning and especially adjusting the feed lips width from time to time.
  4. I shoot 5.4 SV pistols since 2014. If the USPSA box dimension is the same (or close) as IPSC box, the gun fits the box very easily. As for the weight, I would have to put it on a scale but I bet Brandon made them USPSA legal too
  5. I'm running three different brands of magazines in my 9mm SV's. Wilson mags are my match mags and have been 100% reliable since day one. Only thing I had to do was to cut two coils off the springs for them to be seated with 10 rounds. Dawson and Metalforms are my training mags. I had to tighten the feed lips on them because it was too wide. I occasionaly had one live round jumping off the mag when ejecting the fired case. And for unloading those mags , I designed and Angus Hobdell made this very nice tool which can also open beer bottles : https://czcustom.com/9mm-1911-ammo-stripper.html
  6. Did some weight measurements : Bolt itself is roughly 12 Oz. Insert is around 3.2 Oz. Buffer is 5.6 Oz. It seems that JP bolts runs without any added weight but has to be used with their Silent spring system.
  7. Hi all, I Recently put my hands on an Angstadt 9mm carbine. I noticed that the bolt carrier have some kind of weight pinned into it. What's the purpose of this ? Is it something to dampen recoil, or add mass to help feeding ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Is there anything specific about the 9mm trigger group ? If my memory is good, the Colt 9mm had a specific hammer.
  9. Hi all, It's been a long time since I posted here. What would you guys recommend as a good trigger group for my upcoming Stag ARms 9mm Carbine ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Stripping the first rounds out of a Metalform/Dawson mags is very difficult. That's why Angus and I designed this small piece : http://czcustom.com/9mmammostripper.aspx
  11. Here are my latest toys. Built by Brandon Strayer at Infinity Firearms. They are 5.4 9x19 IPSC classic division pistols.
  12. Now you need a stirup cut on that gun
  13. As Roy pointed out, the extra .4 on the sight radius helps with tight shots and/or small targets. The longer sight radius helps a little bit if your sight picture is not perfect, unless you completely screw up in sight alignement and trigger pull. My own pistols are short framed and light nose, this is the way I like them, so balance is not an issue because I have shot short framed guns since 2008. That's a different story if you go with a full profile or butler cut pistol. A Team mate of mine got his frame chopped to lighten his gun. BTW, which country do you live in ?
  14. The thing is that if the grip was not installed correctly and according the SV specs, unfortunately there are great chances that any warranty coud not apply. I Installed one on a SPS frame a couple of years ago, following Brandon's guidance and so far, so good.
  15. Jason : What frame you have ? SV or STI ? And who fitted the grip ?
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