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  1. I used to fall in this category when I was a younger shooter, but now totally agree with shootmove's statement. I learned it from the one and only Jerry M, he said you can only shoot as fast as you can see what you need to see. Your eyes and sights are your speed control. And even though I knew that and it made sense it was so hard to execute it. So I tried to incorporate this in my dry fire sessions with different drills and focus on your sights and seeing. That helped out in a number of other ways also, but I recommend you work on seeing and reacting to what you see, don't force it, if
  2. I have heard all kinds of ways to grip the gun, some say like you are griping a hammer, some grip the ***** out of it. I have tried them all, and found the recoil control for me is much better when I grip the **** out of it, but then I find my self pushing the red dot off target by tension, I would try it many different ways and see what works best for you. As you shoot over time you may find that you need to adjust the grip also. Good Luck
  3. I agree with a number of the others, I had the same problem a while back it was attributed to the placement of my finger on the trigger which caused me to milk the gun and sights to the left when I shot it. Good Luck
  4. I have read these posts and agree with a lot of things that others have said, First most open guns today are great guns and run pretty well. Second try to get your hands on as many different types of open guns that you can, then ask to shoot them. Third pick a builder that not only has been around a while but that seems to work well with clients. (If it breaks you want help, because it is a real pain trying to trouble shoot a open gun. They are like women a little temper) Fourth get one of the best you can afford, even if it means a wait time. You will be happier in the long run. Fifth
  5. I purchased a spring tester from Brownells and use it all the time it really makes a difference in how your gun functions. Try one and see for your self.
  6. I usually try to get the port away from the RO standing there, slowly rack the slide and let the round fall on the ground. I fell very good about doing it this way after almost having the same thing happen to me. A loaded round got bound up and the primer was on the ejector and I saw it and almost freaked.
  7. With out a doubt you want a fiber optic, what Bill G Jr said is true, you don't have to have perfect sight alignment to shoot this sport especially on mid range and in targets, with some practice you will learn what you have to have to get the hits you need. Perhaps the biggest thing for me is what color, if I use red then it is way too much like open and I tend to pull the trigger when the red dot in on the target creating a miss. So I use green. I also have several guns that have dawson rear fiber sights and have found I much prefer the solid black rear and only fiber in the front sight.
  8. Very nice looking gun, it looks like they are using some quality parts and their finish work is getting better. The slide cuts look clean and symmetrical, the only thing that gets me about them is the two port comps. How ever that being said they seem to work very well have a couple of people out here shooting them very well.
  9. I used to shoot open a lot, and was very good at it, but then it got in my head and I didn't know what to do???? After a lot of thought I started to shoot limited for 4 years, with my age and eye sight it was tough and I really enjoyed the having to focus more. When I came back to open it was so easy to shoot I cant believe it, and right now I am really enjoying it more than ever. I find that I cant just change most divisions and do well at the drop of a hat, I usually make the decision to shoot one or the other about a week in advance so I can practice draws and mag changes.
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