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  1. WxGuy

    SAO vs DA SA

    You can take a Tanfo extra weight sear spring and bend it to fit the CZ. Increased the SA on my former TSO by 1lbs.
  2. I have a 75 Shadow CTS LS-P short dust cover. It fits in the new box and makes weight. Stock, CZC, and Springer base pads all fit and make weight. Mine does not have the magwell and I also have the adjustable rear sight. I run a combo of 16, 17, and 18 round mags. Good juju. That's a great thread Souperman!
  3. Like the title says, looking for data from folks who shoot the gun. Thanks!
  4. DK Custom rolling for me. Lyman digital at 2.6lbs. Perfect for one handed shooting in the games.
  5. I started my 17 out with 200 rounds of hot ammo. Then a RSA. Glockmeister makes a SS recoil assembly with an 11lbs spring. Then adjustable LPA sights. Ultimately put in a DK Custom trigger kit. The thing shoots awesomely! I'm about to add a 34 slide to it with all the goody slide parts using the same frame. It's fun!
  6. WxGuy

    new shadow 2 recoil spring

    I took a 10lbs spring and cut 3 coils off of it also using the small buffer. Cycles 109PF just fine and runs well at 130PF. I keep two 10lbs as spares in the bag.
  7. The Target 2 rear sight is not milled like the first series and fits in the regular rear sight slot. The USAF base near me has one at the counter and I took my box in to see if it would fit. Yep, no problem with 3 different mags.
  8. WxGuy

    CZ SP-01 Shadow Target 2

    I answered my own question today. The Target 2 is IDPA legal as it fits the box with the stock basepad, a 18 round mag with CZC IDPA basepad, and a 17 round MecGar with a CZC colored basepad. I found one on a military installation's BX gun counter. Good to go!
  9. All, Is the Target 2 legal (fits the box) in IDPA/SSP? I see it has long base pads. I searched and found nothing on other forums. Thanks
  10. I took my 18 round Canik mag to my LGS yesterday to fit in the SF. Also took the IDPA box. All fit. The one thing that didn't fit me was the grip. I pinched my hand on a reload with the stock mag and no problem with the 18 Canik. My hand was as high as it could go. I'll stick with my CZs. Good luck with your Walthers!
  11. Does the Target 2 fit in the box? I know the rear sight is very tall. Change to a slimmer basepad to make it fit?
  12. Yes, a pic or two would be money! I have 6 mags left over from my SFX with CZC colored basepads.
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