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  1. Tuning buffers and springs is a really fun time. I ended up going the A5 rifle tube route with a Blitz 5006 buffer and JP 308 rifle spring. I like it so much that the other 2 lowers I have sport the exact same setup. I like reading about all the different combos but the A5 rig is my one and only choice. Thanks Max!!
  2. I have a friend who is left handed and is looking for an ambi lower. What do you folks recommend? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Update...it wasn't the Stern bolt that failed with the PDI. It's 100%. However, the Wilson FP tip was missing!! I guess that would make a difference! It still doesn't change the fact that in my gun, the PDI trigger pull is too light.
  4. Well, the PDI doesn't like the Stern Echo bolt. Primer does not get hit. Firing pin and spring are new. Both of the Taccom bolts work fine. Shot 115-124-147 ammo thru a Brekke setup. I put the Eclipse back in because I like the Stern Echo bolt the best. With the shoe on the bottom setting, I had a 10 pull average of 1.137. Way too light and staring at a match DQ! Pushing the shoe up 2 notches resulted in 2.0lbs average. Too light of a setup for me.
  5. I just installed my PDI RG. Average 10 pulls under 2.0lbs with no rounds on it. It's in an Angstadt lower. The trigger shoe is on the lowest setting.
  6. Found my problem with the ECL. The disconnector spring was worn out. There is Hiperfire ECL's Achilles' heal.
  7. Same thing happened to me in practice; bump fire with an ECL. See A and B above.
  8. This one. I worked with Brekke and my 3 builds have been 100%. I'm trying the 5020SS buffer next in the A5 tube. Current buffer is the 5006 and JP 308 rifle spring. Have fun!
  9. I have both, the ECL and 24C. The ECL is lighter.
  10. I filed/sanded inside the magwell then lightly wet sanded all the mags with 600grit. Every mag drops quickly and the insertion is trouble free. Running a Techwell too.
  11. I have one and it took a little wet sanding with 600 grit paper to smooth everything out in the well. Now G mags drop as intended. I also use a dry lubricant on the mags no matter what lower I use.
  12. All 4 of my uppers sport Holosun optics. 3 x 510C and 1 x 512C. They work for me.
  13. Wow, 10.5. Better start eating your Wheaties and supplements! Thanks for the info.
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