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  1. Ditto on the 3 pouches for me. 2 on the side and one up front.
  2. Ejection is a little different but not much to tell from our view. How did they feel to you? I ran a 9lbs on my S2 w/o optic so I think the 9 might be a little weak over time cycling the slide w/optic. A slightly stronger spring might work better/last longer. And a 10/11lbs spring is cheaper to replace when needed. Run splits and see if the holes are close or far apart. Holes close together and you are probably good, far apart you might be sprung to high. Of course you have to do your part! You want the gun to do the work for you. Stick with the same load as the spring weight may chan
  3. Why not build one? I'm about to finish build #3. It's addicting and I've learned a ton.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply!!!
  5. With the short stroke, do you still maintain the bolt catch action or simply get the trigger reset to function and not worry about the bolt catch? The above picture implies (to me) the bolt catch will not engage.
  6. And that is why I ordered the HG/barrel nut last night after your email!!
  7. My question for the group: Will the current Taccom Ultralight carbon handguard fit over their 16" ULW barrel shroud?
  8. Will you be offering a 12" model? That's the length that would most interest me.
  9. Coda handguard and Smoke Composites handguard/stock if you are NOT on a budget. I have both and a big fan of carbon.
  10. I have Techwells on a FM-9 and Angstadt lowers. Feeds great without modding the inside.
  11. I also have a FM9 bolt, about 3000+ rounds on it now without a hiccup. I figure it's time to replace the spring. How many rounds on your bolt do you think you have? Might want to email FM and see what Paul says. OOps, if I could read I would have seen 1500.
  12. Just placed an order for the ULW (red) and the bolt carrier! Great thread!!
  13. I have one of these beautiful "Dragon Scales" triggers from twong. I had to wait until the disco arrived and when I ran the calipers, I found I already had the right part here! Will be installing soon and will report back. It will go in a nicely tuned CZC SP-01 Shadow. twong, you rock!!
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