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  1. Stuart, I initially had the 10.5/6 combo tuned for a righty. I liked it so much I bought a second setup. Brekke offers the black Stern bolt (I have 2 of the Echo shiny ones). I can't speak to the 12.5/4 setup. From the Brekke site: Because 9mm velocities tend to drop in between 10-12″, I remember Max stating (on a video?) he wanted to run the 10.5 but Aaron didn't have one for him so he ran the 12.5 in 2019. I'm 5'7" and my support hand reach stays behind the comp. This is why I opted for the 10.5 barrel and run 115g pills. Shooting wise; it's fa
  2. I'm an old guy shooting PCC and I wouldn't do it or might opt to not shoot the stage. Unsafe. I would take the procedural(s) if I were to shoot. This is supposed to be fun? IMHO, a stage like described is pistol only and expect to see it in rule-rich IDPA.
  3. Thanks for the update and glad you like the results!
  4. It should keep it under weight, it did on both the SP-01 and 75B but all guns are different. If you have to use the poly rod, wet sand it with 1500 grit to smooth it out and place the drop of oil. I think my SP-01 S came in at 41.5 with the SS rod. These forums are awesome!!
  5. When I did my SP-01 Shadow/ Shadow 2, 75B Shadow....... 1. Follow the Mr. Atlas guide and polish/smooth everything he recommends! You will get to know the pistol better this way. 2. Extra long CZC firing pin. 3. Rami firing pin spring. 4. 11.5 CGW Hammer spring. With all the smoothed out surfaces, able to reliably run CCI primers. 5. CGW Reduced trigger return spring with their easy in/out pin. 6. Check the slide to frame rails and take out any burs. 7. If you have a SS guiderod, polish this too and throw a drop of oil on it when assembling th
  6. 1. Bench rest test. Stick with the same ammo. 2. Change your grip. Support side should be stronger. 3. Have someone else shoot it. 4. If it continues to shoot low, change the front sight heigth. A gun set up to shoot POI/POA at 25 yards will shoot low the closer in to the target. Do you know the ammo used and distance for the sight setup? 115, 124, 147? Report back please!
  7. That's because he has an open gun too. Too rich for me, have fun!
  8. What did JP say? I would ask for their guidance before loading up the charge.
  9. Contact him direct. brekkecustom@gmail.com
  10. Yes, I have the Brekke 10.5/6 and it has a nice ramp too. We found the Brekke barrel was pretty quick on the chrono and allowed my buddies to use less grains to achieve 130PF. I found the Brekke to be the best feeding with all kinds of reloaded (friends) and commercial ammo. I do have the 5.25 Taccom ULW and both have their place. I prefer the Brekke for the primary and will have the backup gun running one too. Like I stated earlier, I like the comp tunability of the Brekke.
  11. I have shot both. I own the Brekke 10.5/6 (second one on the way!) and my buddy owns the Taccom 10/16. Both shoot well in our experiences. I prefer being able to tune the comp on the Brekke to my shooting hand. To me that makes a difference in how I drive the gun with my support hand. It's only money.
  12. Build one. Taccom 5.25 ULW barrel, their 10/16, and any carbon handguard. Under 6lbs likely increases dot movement so load tuning and buffer choice plays in to the mix. So going "light" comes at a price for 125pf+. Smoke makes a nice light carbon fixed stock. My gun is 6.5, complete Brekke front end, and this is all personal preference. I too found "off the shelf" heavy when I got started.
  13. WxGuy

    CTS stupid question

    It's a 75B frame mated to a Tactical Sport upper. CZC does a great job with this one. I own a CTS LS-P DA/SA and it is a phenomenal tack driver. LS-P stands for Long Slide Pistol. It won't disappoint you with a 124/125g pill.
  14. Ditto on the 3 pouches for me. 2 on the side and one up front.
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