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  1. I have to ask...what division in IDPA is the Accu legal? I just don't remember. Real nice gun.
  2. WxGuy

    SP-01 FTF Out of the Box

    I'll go one further than Stuart. 10lbs recoil spring and 11-12lbs hammer spring. Been a real good USA ammo combination. EU guns are sprung too tight from the factories.
  3. I received an email back from Walther about that trigger today. "Unfortunately a release date has not been announced yet." The cool part is they responded on the same day!!
  4. I don't think so. It would still have to fit within the rule of .20 from the frame or something like that. CO division in USPSA - yes. Member Waktasz came up with a brilliant solution for the IDPA mag release button in another thread. The trigger "should" be good for both games. I'm sure IDPA will try to find something wrong with it. Legal for USPSA production and CO.
  5. Mag release looks good too! No optic plate on that baby. Interested in that trigger.
  6. I still may order one and give it a whirl for the S2. Just something about if it works for me or not!
  7. Nice job!! Those straight trigger numbers won't work for me. The curved 85 trigger will work and stay in my CZ CTS and S2. 5mm difference is a lot.
  8. My SF slide is now routinely going forward on reloads.
  9. That Walther trigger is a no go in the US. What is coming soon is a trigger from both Apex and Overwatch. Both of these have the trigger safety. Probably see them either at Shot Show or right after.
  10. Ran approx 200 rounds of below 130pf ammo this weekend. No issues with the setup. I was looking at my chrono data for the Syntech 150g. It runs at 140PF out of my barrel. I have a 15lbs spring coming just for loads above 135PF. I could just put the stock RSA back in but I like to know what really works. I also got all the info from this forum. Thanks guys!!
  11. For you guys running the ZR rod and 13lbs spring, any issues? Any problems with 127-128 power factor ammo? I'm taking mine out today for the first time with this setup.
  12. Yes I see that now. Wrong rabbit hole.
  13. Has anyone tried to do this? I would be interested in your recoil assembly spring weight. Could shoot it DA/SA or SA.
  14. Copy on the beveling of the slide stop catch. I have my CZs tailored to auto forward but on this gun I want to be very careful since parts are expensive and not so readily available. I'm also going to modify a follower to see how much I can take off making the slide stop not have so much area contacting the slide. That's what I mean by a "puzzle". I'll go slow and put a lot more rounds down the pipe.
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