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  1. Let us know how the 12lbs works! My LGS has a SF in stock and I'm watching the different forums for certain fix actions, extractor tension modifications, recoil spring tension, and wiggly mags. All my CZs have lower tension recoil springs and run just fine.
  2. WxGuy

    Shadow 75 vs sp01 shadow

    You will notice the slight beaver tail difference but not as much as the heavier frame of the SP-01. The 75 has a lighter front end and to me balances better with a one handed grip.
  3. Yes, eat it and send it to CZC or CGW. This is how we learn.
  4. WxGuy

    Gen 5 G17 Triggers

    DK all the way!!!
  5. Jeff, What division were you shooting in? ESP or SSP?? All, It comes from the factory with the extended mag release; why do you have to take it off? I shoot IDPA EX.
  6. Jeff,

    Where was the Shadow 2 work done for IDPA SSP?  Instead of buying another gun (Walther SF), I'd like to lighten my S2 to play across the games.


    Bob Curry


  7. Maybe try a new barrel?
  8. It's only money, spend it!!
  9. I had a few 10s laying around and instead of buying new springs cut 2 coils off one and shot it. It feels real good, cycles the gun with different ammo, and is still in there after 5000 rounds. I also use the slim buffer.
  10. Take it apart first, learning the guts and interactions, and polish everything. Shoot it stock for awhile before spending $$. Springs will be all you need when you are ready. I run for springs; 11.5 hammer, 9 RSA, extended CZC firing pin with their lightened FP spring, and CGW TRS with their trigger pin. After all the polishing, less than 6lbs DA and 2.3lbs SA. Very nice weapon to shoot!
  11. I'm like Tok36, what is the coolfire kit? Website or something?? Oh, I see it's a CO2 training kit? I thought you were playing with live ammo! Now I don't think you have a problem with your S2.
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