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  1. WxGuy

    Shadow 2 recoil spring any preferences/

    I had a few 10s laying around and instead of buying new springs cut 2 coils off one and shot it. It feels real good, cycles the gun with different ammo, and is still in there after 5000 rounds. I also use the slim buffer.
  2. WxGuy

    Just picked up a CZ Shadow 2 - now what?

    Take it apart first, learning the guts and interactions, and polish everything. Shoot it stock for awhile before spending $$. Springs will be all you need when you are ready. I run for springs; 11.5 hammer, 9 RSA, extended CZC firing pin with their lightened FP spring, and CGW TRS with their trigger pin. After all the polishing, less than 6lbs DA and 2.3lbs SA. Very nice weapon to shoot!
  3. WxGuy

    Shadow 2 new thing happening

    I'm like Tok36, what is the coolfire kit? Website or something?? Oh, I see it's a CO2 training kit? I thought you were playing with live ammo! Now I don't think you have a problem with your S2.
  4. WxGuy

    Have a Shadow Lite. Do I REALLY need a Shadow 2?

    Just do it. If you don't, you will always be second guessing your decision!
  5. WxGuy

    Mec-gar magazine question

    I found the 16 rounders drop freer and faster for me in the S2. YMMV.
  6. WxGuy

    Adjustable rear sight for P10-C

    Found it on CZC website.
  7. This 147g: http://blackdotammunition-com.3dcartstores.com/9mm-147gr-cartridges-br-1000-ROUND-CASE_p_16.html Makes 129-131PF in my S2. I don't reload and these are awesome folks!! This is my match ammo.
  8. WxGuy

    Adjustable rear sight for P10-C

    Has anyone added an adjustable rear to the P10-C? If so, what is your setup?
  9. WxGuy

    Stern Defense

    Got the upper and mag block a few months ago as a package and couldn't be happier! Mates right up with my 24C trigger.
  10. WxGuy

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    That's a very nice looking gun!! Congrats.
  11. WxGuy

    S2 users: is its heavy weight still alright?

    Don't think, just do it.
  12. WxGuy

    S2 users: is its heavy weight still alright?

    It is the one you want to shoot! I practice my draw stroke with 5lbs dumbbells at work. Solid. All you need to do is change some springs (recoil, trigger, and hammer) and maybe a little polishing. I've added an aftermarket disconnector, etc, and prefer the stock setup.
  13. WxGuy

    +10% Springs for Mec Gar Magazines

    Ditto on CZC.
  14. WxGuy

    Primer or firing pin issue CZ Shadow 2?

    What the others have said and make sure the FP channel is clean!