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  1. Makes sense if the bullet mold was redesigned when the lube groove was removed. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Interesting. Slightly faster due to the reduced bearing surface area...is that the thinking? And with lube groove more accurate? I've heard that the no lube groove versions are more accurate because of the increased bearing surface. It's interesting discussion but I don't think it matters enough for action shooting sports in regards to accuracy or velocity to have a discernible impact. Lube groove or no lube groove, they work well for me. No lube groove allows one to load to a longer OAL in some cases and that can be beneficial in 19/2011 style pistols. I also like the no lube groove for the slightly added extra weight (a grain or 2) at the chrono station.
  3. Just curious as to what you feel needs to be corrected?
  4. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/mr-bulletfeeder-powder-funnel Install one of these in place of your Dillon powder funnel die. It is similar to the Lyman M die, instead of flaring per say it creates more of a seat for the bullet to sit in. Great for coated bullets.
  5. I like them both. In case it matters Wilson has a lifetime warranty on the magazine tube. If the feed lips ever spread or crack Wilson will replace the tube; followers and springs are considered consumable items, replace them annually.
  6. https://pullmanarms.com For micro and laser welding. http://www.innovativecustomguns.com. Jim is also very talented.
  7. The plunger tube is the weak link in the 1911. I recently had one come loose after 50,000 rounds. I had a new one installed (properly staked) and silver soldered in place. I don't think it will come loose again. Yours came loose a little quick, may not have been properly staked. I don't think you are doing anything to contribute to the problem. S&W makes a good gun; shoot it until something else wears out or breaks, hopefully it will be 10's of thousands of rounds from now.
  8. I think that the plunger tube has loosened up and is sliding away from the frame. As suggested above find a good gunsmith and have it looked at.
  9. dsa

    Excellent service

    I recently ordered a box of SPP .45 brass, shipping was prompt, packaging was excellent and the brass was ready to go into the case feeder. Price is fair and I'll be ordering again.
  10. http://www.egwguns.com/bushings/ I would find a good "smith in the area and have it inspected. According to your avatar you are in AZ, you shouldn't have any trouble locating someone who could handle that. Stop by a range and ask around; below are a couple: http://www.glenncustom.com http://www.thegunsmith.com/price_list.html
  11. CHA-LEE, out of curiosity what radius are you using on your firing pin stop?
  12. Where? What club does this? I have some friends in the area and I would love to squeeze a SSTK match in next time I visit.
  13. http://www.innovativecustomguns.com
  14. I know we are in the 9mm section but does anyone have any first hand experience with Sport Pistol and 45/200gr coated SWC?
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