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  1. Bummer, glad I got to shoot it once before it closed.
  2. dsa

    TIG welding

  3. dsa

    Sport Pistol Powder opinions? A year later

    I know we are in the 9mm section but does anyone have any first hand experience with Sport Pistol and 45/200gr coated SWC?
  4. dsa

    Sport Pistol powder

    I believe it was made for coated bullets, to smoke less. They just happen to be cast.
  5. dsa

    Sport Pistol powder

    Outstanding! Better than VV N320 (which is excellent).
  6. dsa

    2018 powder scale recommendations ?

    I have a GemPro 250 and it is awesome.
  7. dsa

    VIHTAVUORI N320 VS Titegroup

    Good to know, thanks. I think I'll give it a try.
  8. dsa

    VIHTAVUORI N320 VS Titegroup

    What bullet and charge weight are using with Sport Pistol?
  9. USSR, I'm going to give that recipe a try. Thanks for sharing.
  10. USSR, cool pics. I have always tried to keep the tin/antimony at a 1:1 ratio for best expansion.
  11. dsa

    Kydex holster for my 2011 limited

    http://www.hoftac.com/ Give Nick a call. Chances are he will ask you to be bring your gun with you and he will use it to mold the holster. He did mine while I waited.
  12. dsa

    Riggers belt?

  13. dsa

    Zombie green bullets?

    http://leatherheadbullets.com These guys do zombie green on special order.
  14. dsa

    Jem 1911 frames??

    What didn't you like about the frame? I have heard that they are dimensionally correct but fresh out of the CNC, meaning that they they are a little rough. I have not handled one personally. I am waiting until they start making slides and plan to order a set. Curious as to your thoughts, thanks.
  15. dsa

    2011 Gunsmiths

    http://www.gansguns.com Website shows he is still doing business.