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  1. Got to shoot it today - WOW!!!!!!!! Outstanding!
  2. My kit came in today - there were two trigger return springs included, a silver one for stock connector & a red one for aftermarket connector. I used the red spring with a Ghost connector - will go test fire tomorrow but so far it is sweet dry-firing it!
  3. Got notice it shipped today. I ordered 21 March.
  4. Told me 3-6 weeks _ but could be longer - about two weeks ago - ain't heard anything since.
  5. Yessir, my order totaled $340 - I emailed him a few minutes ago and will post up his reply.
  6. Gonna do exactly that in a couple o' minutes! Have not received anything from him to date which does seem unusual.
  7. Ordered two cases of 180's from BBI on 03/12 - ain't seen or heard anything yet.
  8. I shall indeed heed your advice kind sir - thank you!
  9. I've got pert near three boxes of shells through mine - zero issues so far! How many more shells should I put through it in order to consider it good to go in competition?
  10. I thought mine gave up the ghost a couple of years ago but it was just something loose inside. Shimmed it over with a piece of cardboard and it's worked fine ever since. I'll post a pix of it tomorrow for you and the fix - assuming your problem is the same as mine.
  11. Dang! Hope you still had some left to shoot before your order gets here!
  12. Remove the comp if possible then fire your rounds to see if they are still key holing. I'm bettin' they won't!
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