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  1. Tony Bork passed away 16 Oct in Ashely, N.D. Anyone who shot in the La Grande, OR, eastern Oregon/western Idaho in the '90's & early 2000 would remember Tony as a great guy and a pretty fair gunsmith
  2. What all came with the 650 you sold Trace? I'm contemplating upgrading to a 1050 but need to determine a price for my 650 & accessories.
  3. I believe the top slide is how CZC mills the firing pin blocked slides, the bottom one is how they mill the slides without the firing pin block. Maybe Stuart can chip in with more info as to the why.
  4. Dunno - it was a Chambers Custom "Black Mamba" and that was his price on it.
  5. This one was $9500 a few years ago:
  6. Not quite - The following was copied from the July 1, 1990 Board of Directors meeting minutes found on the USPSA Members web site. "The BOD entered into executive discussion of the .38 super and .9mm and put together the following resolutions which were unanimously passed. WHEREAS one of the principal obligations of the Board of Directors of the United States Practical Shooting Association is to encourage the development of equipment and techniques that will safely advance the craft of practical shooting in a sporting atmosphere, and WHEREAS empirical evidence has been presented to the Board of Directors that raises serious questions of safety regarding the loading of 9mm (9X19) ammunition so that it can achieve the major power factor of 175,000, NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the use of 9mm Parabellum (9X19) ammunition with an overall length of LESS than 1.250 inches AND LOADED TO THE MAJOR POWER FACTOR CATEGORY is specifically prohibited and will not be allowed to be used in USPSA events until such time as the Board of Directors can be assured by clear and convincing verifiable evidence that such ammunition can be safely loaded to achieve the major power factor category." I followed up the discussion with a quick email to President Voigt and he stated: "1990 BOD decision is in effect at this point"
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