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  1. titandriver

    YOUR evolution of buying competition handguns

    Dunno how many I've bought since I joined USPSA in 1989 but it has been a LOT!!!
  2. titandriver

    Weird trigger "freeze" issues.

    I'd try to get ahold of Eddie, bet he'd figure it out pronto!
  3. titandriver

    Dan Wesson Elite Mayhem comments?

    Smart choice!
  4. titandriver

    Dan Wesson Elite Mayhem comments?

    Hey Matt - I can not truthfully say it didn't run, it ran fine with the 18 round mags that came with the pistol. It's when you try to up the capacity to 20-21 rounds that failures occur on a fairly frequent basis. I could never find a combination of followers/springs/mag tubes/base pads or OAL that would run even 90%.
  5. titandriver

    Dan Wesson Elite Mayhem comments?

    Decided to test Rishiis' fix for feeding problems - dunno if his unmodified frame looked like mine or not but second pix shows the "over-insertion" ledge of which he spoke. The right side of the mag lip hits the bottom and stops the mag at that point. First pix shows a K10 mag (from Henning) with 40 S&W rounds and inserted into the frame - no way those rounds are hitting that shelf! Mystery remains unsolved as to my feeding issues!
  6. titandriver

    Dan Wesson Elite Mayhem comments?

    Dadnabbit Rich - where were you with that "hack" 4 or 5 years ago? I just checked that DW frame - as I had an Open top end built on it - and sure as shootin' that ledge is still there. Wish I had known about grinding that ledge down a few years ago, sure would've saved me a lot of $$$ and aggravation!
  7. titandriver

    Dan Wesson Elite Mayhem comments?

    Oh yeah, Greg Krebaum -Fred Craigs partner - was the 'smith that built these pistols for DW and we shared many an email regarding the mag issues and potential fixes. In the end I had Lone Star Innovations put the top end on an SV frame - never had a mag issue thereafter. Dunno how many of these pistols were made but there's a reason - aside from price - why they didn't catch on.
  8. titandriver

    Dan Wesson Elite Mayhem comments?

    I still have some of those tubes & parts and while I could get them to hold 21rounds, they were never 100% for me. I'll sell 'em to you if you'd like Rich, sounds like you know how to make 'em work.
  9. titandriver

    Dan Wesson Elite Mayhem comments?

    I went to a 6" cuz I'm old - joined USPSA in Jan, '89 - but I never noticed much of a difference under match conditions between my plastic gripped 5" and the Caspian framed one. Could see the sights better on the 6" though!
  10. titandriver

    Dan Wesson Elite Mayhem comments?

    Oh yeah, mine was serial # 11.
  11. titandriver

    Dan Wesson Elite Mayhem comments?

    Could never get mine to run 100% unless I used the 18 round mags from Caspian - those were 100% but were capacity-deficient compared to a 2011. I tried a bunch of different followers/springs/tubes but had little success . Now this was before MBX was in business so things could have changed dramatically in mags since I owned - and subsequently sold - mine. To say I was disappointed in mine is a vast understatement!
  12. titandriver

    Akai, CKarms, Eddie Garcia, limcat

    Not been my experience over three of Shays' pistols!
  13. titandriver

    P320 X5 Thread

    Thank you!!
  14. titandriver

    P320 X5 Thread

    Hey jaep1911 - what is the difference in weight between the GG fat guide rod and the SP tungsten one?