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  1. Not quite - The following was copied from the July 1, 1990 Board of Directors meeting minutes found on the USPSA Members web site. "The BOD entered into executive discussion of the .38 super and .9mm and put together the following resolutions which were unanimously passed. WHEREAS one of the principal obligations of the Board of Directors of the United States Practical Shooting Association is to encourage the development of equipment and techniques that will safely advance the craft of practical shooting in a sporting atmosphere, and WHEREAS empirical evidence has been presented to the Board of Directors that raises serious questions of safety regarding the loading of 9mm (9X19) ammunition so that it can achieve the major power factor of 175,000, NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the use of 9mm Parabellum (9X19) ammunition with an overall length of LESS than 1.250 inches AND LOADED TO THE MAJOR POWER FACTOR CATEGORY is specifically prohibited and will not be allowed to be used in USPSA events until such time as the Board of Directors can be assured by clear and convincing verifiable evidence that such ammunition can be safely loaded to achieve the major power factor category." I followed up the discussion with a quick email to President Voigt and he stated: "1990 BOD decision is in effect at this point"
  2. 'Nother oh yeah - the brass that bulged was all PMC.
  3. Oh yeah - my barrels were all marked differently, one had no markings on the rearmost part of the barrel, one has "Sig" marked on it, and one has the letter "C" on it.
  4. To be fair, I never contacted Sig. I had a 'smith lengthen the chamber a thousandth and have had no problems with that barrel since. I have two other 320's that never exhibited the problem with bulging brass so left those alone.
  5. titandriver

    P320 X5 Thread

    So you're sayin' you don't think a Lee "bulge buster" in 9mm will straighten that brass out & make it reusable again?
  6. titandriver

    P320 X5 Thread

    Did your brass look like this:
  7. Dunno how many I've bought since I joined USPSA in 1989 but it has been a LOT!!!
  8. I'd try to get ahold of Eddie, bet he'd figure it out pronto!
  9. Hey Matt - I can not truthfully say it didn't run, it ran fine with the 18 round mags that came with the pistol. It's when you try to up the capacity to 20-21 rounds that failures occur on a fairly frequent basis. I could never find a combination of followers/springs/mag tubes/base pads or OAL that would run even 90%.
  10. Decided to test Rishiis' fix for feeding problems - dunno if his unmodified frame looked like mine or not but second pix shows the "over-insertion" ledge of which he spoke. The right side of the mag lip hits the bottom and stops the mag at that point. First pix shows a K10 mag (from Henning) with 40 S&W rounds and inserted into the frame - no way those rounds are hitting that shelf! Mystery remains unsolved as to my feeding issues!
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