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  1. Rugerglock

    G17L match grade barrel

  2. Rugerglock

    Glock heavy base pads ?

    http://taylorfreelance.com/shopping/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=8 Take a look at these base pads
  3. Rugerglock

    Glock heavy base pads ?

    Try taylor freelance base pads
  4. Rugerglock

    Ruger Announces Pro Shooting Team w/ Doug Koenig

    He shoots open division at the bianchi cup
  5. Rugerglock

    Need sights for SP01 tactical

    Check out cajun gun works
  6. Rugerglock

    New CGW adjustable sights

    nice sights, I can hardly wait until P-09 version comes out
  7. Rugerglock

    What optic is everyone using for Carry Optics?

    Probably a dovetail mount
  8. Rugerglock

    Source for a single-port compensator?

    https://tbrci.com/product/tbrci-mandp-micro-comp/ Take a look at this comp
  9. Rugerglock

    So I'm thiking about Nats....

    I think it would be legal. If it meets the weight requirements. If it doesn't look at a sig p227
  10. Rugerglock

    So I'm thiking about Nats....

    How about a cz97
  11. Rugerglock

    Acme code

    enos10 is the acme bullet code
  12. Rugerglock

    Slide Milling/Optic Cuts

    Nice looking gun
  13. Rugerglock

    Carry Optics Thread

    Nice setup. I will running a Glock 19 with a dovetail mounted trijicon rmr.
  14. Rugerglock

    Revolver Holster for USPSA Production Division

    Varminter, are you shooting a 4" or 5" barreled 627?
  15. Rugerglock

    10/22 front sight

    http://shopruger.com/10_22-Sight-System/productinfo/84149/ I found this sight on shopruger.com