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  1. I'm surprised you can make major pf with 4.7gr at 1.20. What kind/length of barrel are you shooting? 5.1 was about what I was thinking though, so I think it's probably the best option. Interesting. The only thing that has saved me the last two times I chronoed was my bullet weight. Both of the ones they pulled were over 181. Opf, right? Now, for some unknown reason, none of my friends want to loan me theirs either!
  2. I love my SNS coated bullets and have had zero issues with them. They're family owned, and customer service is fantastic. I've tried another coated brand and found them to be more inconsistent in their coating thickness, leaving me with rounds that don't pass case gauge. As a newer shooter, I prefer the 200 grains out of my 1911 just because they give it more push and less snap. I shoot 180s regularly out of my 2011 though, and they work nicely in both. 165s tend to be much more unpredictable in various major guns. I've heard they're great for minor though.
  3. I've given up on buying chronos temporarily after I shot two in a row. I've been just over that 165 mark at the last two majors that measured (though one was area 3, so I don't think that really counts). I had heard the plated were supposed to be better than the coated, so I'm kind of surprised more people don't like them. I've had zero issues with my SNS though, so I'm not really looking for something to be better, just the same.
  4. I typically buy SNS coated bullets and load with either N320 or sport pistol. 40S&W 180gr .401 with 4.7-4.8 gr powder and an OAL of 1.175. I haven't had any problems making major power factor with them out of my 5 inch 1911 and 2011. However, I recently picked up some plated bullets for a really good price. I have zero experience loading with these, but I was told they need more powder to achieve the same thing. I have a large quantity of Xtreme plated hollow points (180gr .400) and also some Rainer plated RNFP (also 180gr .400). I assume both could use the same load. I need to keep the OAL long for feeding reliability. My 2011 especially is a bit... particular. Anyone running anything similar they've had good luck with?
  5. I'm a recent 1911 convert and I bought a (very) used STI Trojan as a backup. Being used, it needs a little work, and I'm a little shocked by how many variations there are in everything. I'm trying to determine how to tell what kind of dovetails I have on both the front and the rear so that I don't waste a lot of time and money trying to install something that won't fit. I've tried comparing it to my main gun, which is a newer generation of STI Trojan, and I feel like they might be different. My best guess is that the chrome slide has a bomar cut, since the adjusting screw is behind the dovetail and the dovetail is set more forward in the slide, while the blue slide is an LPA, since the adjusting screw lines up with the dovetail. Do you think that's accurate? Is it likely that the same model of gun would have two different dovetails? Then there's the front, which I can find even less information about. I'm assuming they're both STI cut, not KV, since they're both STIs. Is it that simple?
  6. So, it looks like the Tartan Tactical ones are 1.6 ounces, the Glockstore are 1.4 ounces, and the Springer Precision are 1.0 ounces. That has me leaning towards TT for the weight, BUT... the springer ones are half the length at only +0.25 inches compared to the +0.5 inch TT ones, making the Springer ones more likely to fit in the box. Unless I'm interpreting that incorrectly. I don't see any kind of measurement on the glockstore ones. And Springer is half the price, which is a significant savings when buying at least 5 of them...
  7. Thanks! I'm not worried about adding capacity, since I'm already only putting 10 rounds in a 17 round mag. Just looking for some weight
  8. I've been considering investing in some heavier base pads for my mags to add a little bit of extra weight. I can't tell based on the description though if they actually will add more length to it. Has anyone tried them? Will they make the gun too big to fit in the box? I'm running a G17 gen 4 with a large backstrap. I was considering either the Tartan Tactical +0 or the Glockstore. The glockstore ones look big... Also, if they do fit into the box, any recommendations on one over the other?
  9. I have a gen 4 G17 with a Lone Wolf UAT trigger with a reduced striker spring, Zev connector, and a heavier trigger spring. It has a nice rolling break without that crisp wall. It's definitely light for a Glock, though I don't have the tools to measure it. No problems with light strikes using a variety of factory ammo. I like it, though the internet has me lusting over a Johnny Glock...
  10. I broke down and just went for it. Installed the whole duty/carry kit. It made such a huge difference! It still has good weight to it (which I'd want if I ever decided to carry it), but it's so much smoother and cleaner! It has definitely made me decide to keep it. Especially since it looks cool too
  11. Thanks everyone! I have really small hands, so I'm not sure it's a grip issue, though, honestly, if I were to sell it, I wouldn't replace it with another compact. I'd just buy something else full-sized (I don't carry, so I don't really have much need for it). It's a 1.0. I have enough attachment to it that I'll probably try to upgrade it before committing to selling it. I hate to just get rid of it if it could be better.
  12. I impulsively bought a 9mm Shield, and I honestly just don't like to shoot it. I can't quite put my finger on what it is that I don't like, but I don't find it enjoyable to shoot and I don't shoot it well. When I practice dry firing, I really feel like the trigger is to blame. Most people seem to recommend replacing the factory trigger with the Apex kit. I'm interested in doing that, but I'm concerned it won't solve my problem. If it does, great, I'll keep the gun. Otherwise, I'll probably want to sell it. I'm concerned, though, that I'm dumping $150 into a relatively cheap gun that I might turn around and sell. Is the Apex trigger likely to increase the selling price by anywhere close to what I'll spend on it? What is the likelihood that it'll actually solve my problem with the gun? Does it make a significant impact on how it feels to shoot? Selling the Shield, modified or not, will also add to my competition gun budget, so there's that to consider. But.. that's a whole different can of worms
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