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  1. I've heard very specific complaints about DVCs. Especially in 40. Don't personally know anyone who hasn't had at least one barrel break. Edges seem to be better. I have one. It doesn't excite me, but I also have no complaints so far (knock on wood). It's not a primary gun for me, so it doesn't get quite the round count, but it does alright.
  2. He should buy a lottery ticket
  3. Opf, those are VERY pretty. It might be sacrilege to put one in a kydex holster though...
  4. Sure, you can. However, I'd argue that any worthwhile gunsmith has their own style. Infinity even maybe a little more so since they only use their own parts. Now, I could order something really simple and it'd be pretty style-free. But I'm still paying the Infinity price, and honestly, if I'm buying an Infinity, I want it to look like an Infinity. I'm also sure that even though they only use their own parts that they could design and machine anything that I possibly wanted as long as they thought it'd be reliable, but, unfortunately, that's way beyond the capacity of my budget. Inf
  5. lol, smh... that would be a great question for STI. It's a 40
  6. Ugh, I have a curse. I love that gun of Kyle's... If you ever want to sell one of those six, you just let me know... I'd love an infinity, but it's just not the style I think I'm looking for on a 1911. Hopefully a 2011 someday. I'm very excited to hear back from Mark. I think it's going to be a really good route and that he can create something that I'll want to hold onto forever instead of recycle every couple of years. To be fair to several of the other posters, I would buy a Dan Wesson for the right price and still may someday to replace the
  7. It depends on how much you want to shoot it. I've known several people who had them for USPSA and all of them broke barrels in them. However, all of these people shot 10-20K rounds a year for multiple years. They did like them otherwise.
  8. Man, I wish I had bought Dawson mags instead of Tripps...
  9. Thanks Joel. I've actually already been in contact and am waiting to hear back on a quote. I'm just super indecisive and was wondering what else was out there. He did some work for me after one of my catastrophes and it's been awesome since.
  10. A. That's part of the reason I'm looking to upgrade. B. I shoot limited more than I shoot SS. My limited gun is significantly nicer than a Trojan.
  11. I feel like this whole LB argument is the problem with buying out of the box. Sometimes it's awesome. Sometimes it's not. If you buy from a real guy and not a company and something happens, you can take it back to him and get your problem resolved. Unless he's a shithead. Which is why you ask for recommendations first
  12. I was going to respond to someone that my local gunsmith uses my slide for a hammer, but I didn't want to call you out in public like that
  13. Do you want to sponsor me? I'll put your face on my shirt
  14. I do hear smith and wessons are shooters. I'm good enough on reloading supplies and won't be buying more until prices come back to normal anyway just on principle. I currently shoot USPSA with an STI Trojan, so I have all the equipment. I'm looking to make that gun my backup and upgrade the primary
  15. It'll be a 45ACP exclusively for USPSA
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