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  1. I'm hoping it's a break in thing, but I've heard various thoughts on whether guns really need broken in. I do actually have some of that ammo, so I'll run it all through the next time I'm at the range
  2. Yeah, I've actually only run the 12lb spring. I switched it out before I shot it
  3. I shot 300 rounds through my brand new X5 legion the other day and had 3 rounds not eject. I'm new to the Sig platform, so I'm not really sure how to go about correcting this. The brass isn't moving at all. It stays it the chamber and the slide returns to battery. Any thoughts?
  4. Ooooh, thanks, I never even thought to look there. February 13, 2020
  5. I have a CK beavertail grip plug that I like a lot. My grip is higher on that gun than any of the others, and I don't have to deal with that high grip not engaging the grip safety (small hand problems)
  6. Which basepads will give the most capacity to the standard 17 round magazines that come with the P320 X5 legion that will still be CO legal? I know I can buy the TTI +2 and a 21 round mag to get the most capacity, but it seems like a waste not to use the 17 round ones at all if they can get close to that with just a basepad.
  7. A striker fired trigger is never going to compare to a hammer fired trigger. The factory legion trigger is very good for a striker fired gun, but expecting it to feel like a custom 2011 is just setting yourself up for disappointment. I shot a CZ and a legion side by side. The CZ trigger was obviously better, but overall, I liked the way the legion felt in my hand. I could shoot it better because it fit me better. Obviously, that's going to be different for other people
  8. I can't speak to when this was manufactured since I purchased it second-hand, but it arrived today and has all these holes. So... I'm guessing they are now compatible with more stuff?
  9. Interesting. Still crossing my fingers, as it hasn't arrived yet!
  10. Most people seem to say a standard length 1911 spring works perfectly well and not to worry about the extra length. I'm curious as well if anyone is running anything lighter than 12 with an otherwise factory set-up...
  11. I'm hearing the adapter plates can cause issues with the sights maintaining zero, since it raises them. Anyone know anything about this? Is there an actual disadvantage to using an adapter plate other than having to buy another piece?
  12. I ended up finding a DPP used locally for a decent price. I'm hopeful it will meet my needs. I'm very excited for the gun to get here so I can try it out!
  13. This sounds like a great idea for someone on a budget who still wants to be competitive. I'm not looking to seriously compete yet, so I'd rather start with the cheaper option and upgrade if I decide to move out of limited
  14. That's fair. The other person was talking about a totally different model, so it's good to know they're different!
  15. Yeah, 6-800 rounds is so low for it to break. That's my concern. The few people I know running slide mounted holosuns don't shoot much. A 500 round practice session is pretty standard for me. And... I'm not set up to reload 9 yet, so whatever I get is going to have to deal with a higher power factor than most people shoot in USPSA
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